Thanks to readers

I am very grateful to those who have recently used the donation button on the left sidebar and on some posts.

Also, I received from AN a nice little jar of Mostarda di Cremona.  I will plan a meal around it soon.

Many thanks also to JW who sent a copy of The Hymns of the Roman Liturgy by Joseph ConnellyI am inspired to make a new PODCAzT for this next Advent hymn, Vox clara

In the meantime, the Pine Siskin Eating Team is around giving competition to the Goldfinch Eating Team….

Sheesh!  Can these guys eat.

Sigh… time to get more birdseed…

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075 08-12-04 An Advent hymn dissected "Conditor alme siderum"; Fr. Z digresses far afield

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  1. craig says:

    I have loved the Gold Finch, they are so light hearted, and their song, glorious.

  2. Michael R. says:

    Father, those are a team of Pine Siskins (Carduelis pinus), rarer cousins of the Goldfinch. Great photos, and you are blessed to have them visiting you. You must be in a northern neck of the woods.

  3. Pine Siskin Eating Team is too good not to write … Often.

  4. Mike D. says:

    Right now I have about 25-30 brown sparrows, two grey pigeons, and three doves in my front yard, as I do almost every morning, devouring the seed I just put out there. I go through a bag of birdseed about every 5-7 days, so I know what you mean Father!

  5. Tina in Ashburn says:

    The birds are ravenous mobsters…I get my birdseed in bulk at Costco in a big big box for about 17 bucks. They like it just fine, as [sigh] do the squirrels.

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