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Colorado city officials forbid “Jesus” on cemetery grave marker

From Todd Starnes at Townhall: City-Owned Cemetery Refuses to Engrave ‘Jesus’ on Preacher’s Wife’s Headstone The family of a Colorado preacher’s wife is still fuming after the director of the city-owned cemetery refused to engrave her final resting place with … Read More

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Here’s an idea

In my reading today, I discovered that the website for Obamacare – you know, the one that doesn’t work – has cost taxpayers over $300 million dollars. $300 million.  For the website alone. It could actually be a lot more … Read More

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Christmas vandalism

From The Catholic League: Christmas Vandals Never Quit December 19, 2012 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Christmas vandals: Every year at Christmastime, incidents of vandalism are rampant, and while this year was not as bad as last year, … Read More

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A couple news notes about expected and unexpected consequences

Occasionally I see news stories which leave me momentarily puzzled… but then I come to my senses again. For example…  this one in Harrisburg, PA. DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — A Harrisburg woman is recovering after being bitten by a Bengal … Read More

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Freedom: the right not to be offended?

From CMR: Sorry UK. It’s all over. Either emigrate out of there or be assimilated into the stale horrific world of rampant political correctness. This is amazing. And by amazing I mean sad yet completely predictable. A pub singer named … Read More

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