Detroit: Bp. Athanasius Schneider at Assumption Grotto – 20 & 27 July

This just in from frequent participant Diane :

Bishop Athanasius Scheider, an auxiliary of Karaganda, Kazakhstan will be in the US and is spending time at Assumption Grotto this Sunday and next. You may recall an article discussed in many Catholic blogs some months ago that appeared in L’Osservatore Romano: Historical-Liturgical Notes on the Rite of the Eucharist by Bishop Athanasius Schneider (full length article, translated from the original in Italian, in the L’Osservatore Romano). The article was about Bp Schneider’s book, Dominus Est, which was published in Italian by the Vatican’s own publishing house, Libreria Editrice Vaticana

In it, the Bishop carefull lays out the case for a return to reverent reception of the Eucharist. In a previous interview, I had heard him talk about several common objections we might hear about reception of Communion kneeling, and on the tongue. His Excellency has a PhD in Patristics and draws in his knowledge to deal with these objections. We commonly hear about reception in the hand taking place in earlier centuries. But, Bishop Schneider explains just how that was carried out, for example, with hands having to be purified afterwards much like sacred vessels are today. Not everyone could receive in the hands.

Bishop Athanasius will preach tomorrow (July 20) at the 9:30 AM Holy Mass (TLM) and will celebrate the Noon Holy Mass.

He is scheduled to talk after the Noon Holy Mass next week, July 27. The topic will be his book, Dominus Est. Fr. Perrone said we should schedule the talk at 1:30 to make sure it is as soon after the noon Mass as possible. There will then be a second talk afterward, probably around 3:00 PM on the Bishop’s work and other issues related to the Church in that area of the world.

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  1. Brian Sudlow says:

    Rtas! Looks like I’ve missed him by about four weeks. I was at Assumption Grotto a few weeks ago and was mightily impressed by what I saw. Well, let’s hope the bishop makes it to England one of these days.

  2. Thanks so much for posting it Fr. Z. I know it will be too late for tomorrow and it was unexpected that he would speak this Sunday, as well as next.

    It is not out of reach for people within several hours radius, by car or train (cheap!)

    Please spread the word through blogs and emails!

    God-willing, I will be posting some pics after this weekend and next.

  3. Brian: What a pleasure to see you here! Cheers!

  4. Mark M says:


    Slightly off-topic, but you haven’t heard when Bp. Schneider’s book will be published in English, have you?

    Best wishes,

  5. Brian Sudlow says:

    It’s always a pleasure to drop by, Father. Don’t leave it too long until you drop by Fareham again!

  6. Diane says:

    Mark asks: you haven’t heard when Bp. Schneider’s book will be published in English, have you?

    Newman House Press was awarded the contract to publish the work. I received an email last week from Fr. Peter Stravinskas of Newman House who is working on the translation. In it he states that he and Fr. Gregoris have gotten about 2/3 through the work.

    Translating is one thing. Coming up with the funds for the initial publication is another. If there is a delay, it will be related to that. If anyone wants to help Newman House Press, see the contact info here.

  7. Diane says:

    I have updated my post with book status. Follow the link (my name in Fr. Z’s post) or just click here to see further info.

    Bp Schneider at Grotto

  8. Father Zuhlsdorf,

    It would be great if you could post the Bishop’s homily. Thanks for all you do.

    God bless,
    Fr. Jay Finelli

  9. Mark M says:

    Thank you, Diane!

  10. Dr. Robert E. Lee says:

    Thanks for posting the notice about Bishop Schneider being at Grotto this week.
    I had never been to your fine website till I came to it last night in a rather
    unexpected and circuitous manner. After seeing your posting, we went to hear the bishop preach at the 9:30 Tridentine mass today. The bishop’s homily was a most inspiring story of his life experiences growing up as a Catholic during the years of tyranny and communist oppression.

    I would encourage all who have the opportunity to hear Bishop Schneider speak during his stay at Assumption Grotto to do so. You will not be disappointed!

  11. InOurLady says:

    I was blessed to hear Bishop Schneider’s most beautiful homily at Assumption Grotto Church today. I highly recommend taking the time to come and listen to him on July 27th. His gentle spirit in the midst of such turmoil is an inspiration to all! I drew strength from his obvious great love of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, Our Holy Father, and his priesthood.


  12. Here are pics on Bp Schneider’s visit:

    Photopost: Bp Athanasius Schneider at Assumption Grotto in Detroit – Week 1

    If you have a blog, feel free to post some, or in Catholic forums, but please provide a link back to the original photo post url.

    I’ll have more after next week’s visit.

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