This image is clearly aimed at discouraging panhandling.

However… could it have another application?

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  1. Inigo says:

    This picture would be really nice on a mug, don’t you think Father?:)

  2. TC says:

    Maybe my dyslexia extends to images.
    I saw slash + “woman hands ring to man” = anti-divorce.

  3. Philangelus says:

    The hand on the bottom seems to be wearing a shirt with cuffs like a man’s dress shirt, so I guess this means no more corporate bailouts. ;-)

    Based on the context, this could mean just about anything.

  4. “Do not hand the ring of power to anyone.”

  5. teechrlady says:

    I didn’t catch it until I read the first comment. Now looking at the picture, that’s all I see. Can I get one for my church?

  6. cregduff says:

    Ban Communion in the Hand

  7. Darren says:

    Spot on!

    No more Communion in the hand. Lapel pins for our suit and sport jackets we wear when we are at mass.

  8. alexandra88 says:

    LOL. This exact sign is in Lourdes near the Pius X Basilica. I pointed it out to my boyfriend when we were there this past summer and said, “Wow, they really are enforcing orthodoxy here”. I assumed it was concerning that because there were other pictures referring to covering shoulders, removal of hats, and silence. He was in stitches as her explained it was aimed at panhandlers. :D

  9. Bea says:

    Every Parish should have this posted at all doors.

    Panhandling never even crossed my mind. I thought it meant “NO COMMUNION IN THE HAND” from the git-go. (sp?).

  10. Laura98 says:

    The first thing I thought of was “No Communion in the Hand.”

    However, there are so many ways to interpret this… as stated above. Looking at the different way the hands are drawn, it could even be “Don’t give money to your elders!” – since the hand on top looks younger than the one on the bottom (Why?).

  11. Ben Yanke says:

    Add a cross on the “host” and it’s much more clear.

  12. VexillaRegis says:

    “Do not juggle with the host”

  13. joan ellen says:

    The hand at the top does seem smaller, therefore maybe younger, than the one at the bottom. However, it seems that the hand at the top is masculine…note the straight lines and boxiness of the fingers particularly.
    The hand at the bottom is larger for sure, but has roundings with the lines. The cuff in the bottom picture does appear to be masculine with a certain bold boxy lines to it. It appears the Host is being dropped into, rather than being put into the feminine hand with masculine clothing. So, is it saying do not distribute the Host to such a one or to anyone?
    This picture says many words. Besides the descriptions, it tells me pay attention to even the smallest details. This picture seems to address our current social climate re: the unnatural rather than Communion in the hand. Of course, maybe it could be said Communion in the Hand is not natural. It certainly goes against my notion of what and WHO God is.

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