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Democrat’s edit “God” out of their party platform

From The Weekly Standard I learned that the Democrats, as the meet in their convention and as they rewrite the (savagely pro-tax-paid abortion on-demand) platform, have removed the word “God” from their working text. 2008 Platform: “We need a government that … Read More

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My view for a while

I’m heading out of the hurricane and tornado zone. Let’s hope there isn’t a mid-flight TEOTWAWKI EMP while I’m in the air. Or at all, come to think of it, unless it is as a proximate prelude to the Lord’s … Read More

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The DNC’s agenda: abortion… abortion… abortion… more abortion…

A reader alerted me to this from LifeNews: MSNBC Host: “Get Your Abortions Now In Case Republicans Win” by Steven Ertelt | Touré Neblett, a co-host of The Cycle on MSNBC, is garnering criticism from pro-life advocates today after sending … Read More

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Hey! Catholic Dems! Look at what you are supporting!

From The Catholic League: Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a Democratic National Convention (DNC) event hosted by Catholics for Choice (CFC): If the Ku Klux Klan were hosting a panel discussion on racial relations at the Republican National … Read More

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Curiosity’s curious visual odometry system

Here is something for your Just Too Cool file.  This got my attention not only because it deals with Curiosity, but also because of my budding interest in ham radio. The newest Mars Rover, Curiosity, is tagging Mars… with Morse … Read More

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