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Is this a cynical move or what? Whatever the Dems did, it was sly.

My understand is that, when the Dems were drafting their platform, they purposely excluded any mention of Jerusalem in regard to Israel and they included any mention of God. Talk about inept. Talk about leaving a bad impression. Unless… unless…. … Read More

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Reason #5 for Summorum Pontificum: vocations to the priesthood

Yet another reason to thank Pope Benedict for Summorum Pontificum: A long-time reader and participant (and donor) sent an alert about the following, with this comment: Interesting that CNS included a segment on Tradition starting at 2:15, featuring one Michael … Read More

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Pelosi… can. 915… Pelosi… can. 915… Pelosi… can. 915…

From CNSNEWS: Pelosi: GOP ‘May Have a Religious View About Abortion — but Birth Control?’ By Eric Scheiner (CNSNews.com)- At a breakfast rally for the California Democratic Party earlier this week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she understood … Read More

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QUAERITUR: I scraped a car and didn’t leave a note. I went to confession, but I am still anxious.

From a reader: Dear Father, 12 mo ago I accidently scraped a car parked but did not leave a note in the church parking lot because I was scared. I have confessed this 3 times but fear God wants more … Read More

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Where some of you are

I took a snapshot of locations that show up in my stats when people visit the blog.   There were far more “unknowns” than I have seen in the past, which is curious.  Also, the places listed are often approximations. … Read More

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Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!

My little brush with hurricane Isaac, and very close brush with a tornado it spawned, and the wreckage of the neighborhood where I was, made me especially interested in this image from Astronomy Pic of the Day: Explanation: Should you … Read More

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