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Do you have good news that you can share with the readership?

I’m sure that there are many good things and graces to report on out there.

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  1. JonPatrick says:

    Our new young and solidly orthodox associate priest has leaned to say the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and celebrated 2 of the 3 Ember Day Masses at our parish last week and did an excellent job.

    And I am finally getting over my usual December cold in time for Christmas.

  2. My older son received a generous scholarship to the faithful Catholic college of his choice, along with an offer to compete for a full scholarship. I am very thankful!

  3. JimRB says:

    My in laws (whom I genuinely enjoy), have safely arrived from England and my wife and children are extremely excited.

    Also, we are planning on starting the adoption process in January and I’m so excited that we may get to have another child after all!

  4. baileymxd says:

    Antibiotics are working and I am not bed ridden on Christmas.

  5. Michel MacDonald says:

    Submitting my doctoral thesis in moral theology today.

  6. Michel MacDonald says:

    One more thing, yesterday was the 24th anniversary of my return to the Church.
    Time flies! 5 years in the seminary but the Lord had other plans.
    Now married 17 years with 7 wonderful kids.
    Please pray for the successful defense of my thesis.

  7. RAve says:

    Wow. Just wow. With a national patriotic sports audience on CBS television during the Army-Navy Classic Football Game (a football rivalry since 1890), the head chaplain at West Point, Chaplain (Colonel) Matt Pawlikowski (West Point class of 1986) delivers an absolutely perfect and stirring invocation of God’s blessing on those who are ready to selflessly battle to the death. Father Matt Pawlikowski is a great man and a selfless servant of God, and he is the first ever head chaplain of West Point who is Catholic.

  8. RAve says:

    Here is the text of the prayer and a story that gives some background. I am an alum and knew Father Pawlikowski while we were both cadets involved in Catholic chapel programs – please consider supporting the USA archdiocese for the military. He became a priest due to the positive influence of Catholic military chaplains, and I likewise became a faithful Catholic husband and father due to the same influence at a critical time of my young adult life.

    “Gathered on this gridiron, we are grateful for such rough and rugged souls as these cadets and midshipmen, strong in spirit and in sinew. We are especially mindful of our first class cadets and midshipmen, bristling on the brink of becoming soldiers, sailors, marines. Ready today to happily visit violence on each other and, if need be, someday, sometime soon, on the enemies of the world, so that our citizens, our allies’ citizens, indeed the sane citizens of all countries, can sleep safe and sound in peace. For those of us who have fought, who can fight, who will fight our country’s wars pray for peace more than those who have never served can ever know. For we willingly face the horrors from which others are thankfully spared. But if peace on Earth be not granted us in this season of our lives, then we pray, almighty God, that on these fields of friendly strife be sown the seeds that on other fields, on other days, will bear the fruits of victory. Amen.”

  9. MattH says:

    My one-month-old son finally gained enough weight to be off the constant medical monitoring, so my good news is that I now have six healthy children (and no longer have to go to the clinic every week).

  10. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Three infant baptisms and one adult baptism in the last 6 months in my parish.

    Eldest son safely home from college for Christmas.

    Fruitful Advent (personally).

    We’ve been praying to the Infant of Prague — and it’s true that God can’t be outdone in generosity!

  11. manders0623 says:

    I recently got engaged to a wonderful Catholic man! :-D

  12. Kathleen10 says:

    So glad for all the good news and appreciative of Fr. Pawlikowski’s inspiring words!

    We are grateful to God and St. Maria Goretti, for a good response to chemo for our daughter-in-law, who is battling breast cancer and just about to deliver our grandson in January. Her genetic testing also came back with good news. Blessedly, baby is doing great. In your kindness any prayer for Mom and baby and our son would be most sincerely appreciated. I probably won’t get to say it so Merry Christmas and God bless Fr. Z. and all of you!

  13. Mary Jane says:

    Hubby and kids and I seem to be finally getting over the long round of various cold bugs we kept picking up. Deo Gratias! Hoping and praying Christmas is illness-free. We have lots of singing to do between Midnight Mass and Christmas Morning Mass!

  14. nhoward says:

    My wife gave birth to our daughter (our second chikd, both girls) this past Friday.

  15. Charliebird says:

    I recently had what I thought was the flu, and feared my family would get it. It was horrible. I finally remembered St. Maria Goretti and her healing miracles and, with a third class relic of hers, asked her to intercede for me because it was becoming too much. Immediately after I begged for her help, I began to crash, with signs of dehydration and a fever that began to spike. Upon making it to the ER a few hours later (necessary as things worsened), the temperature was 104.3 and climbing. Where was St. Maria?! Well, the ER doc then did a chest x-ray and found pneumonia, though many tell-tale signs of pneumonia had been missing. They brought the fever down and the antibiotics began to clear things up a couple days later. I think St. Maria allowed the fever to worsen so they would find the pneumonia. If not, it was likely that I would have been hospitalized with it once it surfaced in a more advanced form. And…the family stayed healthy! Deo gratias!

  16. Thom says:

    This past week, my son graduated from college.

    This is the answer to many prayers that he turn his troubled life around.

    Deo gratias!

  17. zag4christ says:

    We are blessed to be able to attend daily Mass offered by good, holy, faithful, and faith-filled priests. Fr. Darrin Connall appears to be recovering completely from colon cancer surgery and chemotherapy. We have the good Sister’s of Mary, Mother of the Church whose order is growing as examples of dedication to Christ here in our diocese. It is wonderful to see my young son growing into a good man. Our new bishop, Thomas Anthony Daly arrives, and BAM!!! we are having the very first Northwest Walk for Life on January 16, 2016. My wife, son and I are all recovering wonderfully from various surgeries. My small business has now been going for 24 years, and I have wonderful colleagues, clients and patients. All of the above is truly all because of the GRACE of GOD.
    Peace and God bless,

  18. acricketchirps says:

    Received in the mail my $200 check for ghost writing Michel MacDonald’s doctoral thesis in moral theology today.

    Joking! … JOKING!…

  19. Rocha90 says:

    My cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a little over a week ago. This is their second child, and they named her “Terri Marie”. [Therese-Marie].

    A faithful, Catholic family of [now] four….and growing.

  20. Polycarpio says:

    Over at my Super Martyrio Blog (, I posted a piece I’d been researching about Blessed Oscar Romero’s arrest in Cuba while he was a young priest returning by ship from Rome in 1943. Among other things, my research led me to pose an intriguing question as to whether Romero’s detention was “a ripple” of the persecution of the Spanish Church. Romero sailed into Havana on a Spanish ship, and had spent a couple of weeks in Spain after leaving Rome, which may have raised suspicions. There’s also an unbelievable Ernest Hemingway angle. It was quite a hornet’s nest of historical intrigue I dusted off. It was a lot of research and work but I thank God for the opportunity to do this work.

  21. andia says:

    I joined a parish–something I swore I would never do. The new Pastor is a hero of mine, who made it to the hospital to give my aunt last rites during the Buffalo November snowstorm last year, when her pastor was trapped by 8 feet of snow. This is his first pastorship and we are all feeling very blessed to have him as our shepherd.

  22. Liz says:

    My army son stationed overseas surprised us with a visit home for Christmas. I thought we’d never all be together again and now here we all (13) are! God is so good to us!

  23. Charivari Rob says:

    Health of extended family is largely good, improving, or holding steady. After an at-times tumultuous year, I’ll take that.

    Despite assorted logistical/circumstantial problems that made for a few stressful weeks, my wife and I closed on a long-overdue mortgage refinance a couple of weeks ago – all set with days to spare before the prime-rate increase that will likely send other rates climbing.

  24. rtrainque says:

    Was able to make it to all 3 Masses of Ember Week, bumped up my USPSA classification, and submitted my K0fC membership paperwork!

  25. rbbadger says:

    On December 12, 2015, I was ordained a transitional deacon for the Catholic Diocese of Gallup, New Mexico. Please pray for me as I continue my formation.

  26. Tricia says:

    We had our youngest daughter baptized over the weekend. One of our greatest joys as parents is welcoming our children into the Church.

  27. Precentrix says:

    A quite significant (for me, probably not for anyone else) meeting has been scheduled for the beginning of January. The good news is that I’m not really worried about the outcome, because the important thing is that the Lord’s will should be accomplished. FIAT!

    (I can post on here because I’m pretty anonymous).

  28. Mike says:

    Thanks to the intercession of St. Joseph, after being laid off in November from my full-time job, I have been able to build a strong book of consulting business for the coming year.

    And thanks to a more flexible work schedule, I can ramp up my altar-server training a notch, thus mitigating the risk of such contretemps as the following (to the tune of I Heard the Bells):

    I kicked the bells at Mass today
    I overturned the cruet tray
    I simply can’t imagine when
    They’ll let me serve the Mass again!

    (No, I haven’t actually upended the cruets yet, but I have kicked the bells more than once. Please pray for me to St. John Berchmans, patron saint of altar servers.)

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

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