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ASK FATHER: Can seminarian bless an engagement?

From a reader… I am a seminarian. One of my family member is have a non-Christian wedding but wants me to bless her engagement at home. Is it okay to do so? No. Even if the marriage were to take place in … Read More

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An interesting SSPX thought

From a priest friend: I had an interesting thought – for the year of mercy, the Pope is allowing the faithful to be validly absolved by priests of the SSPX. [QUAERITUR:] But what do they think of our absolution? If … Read More

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First and Last Day as the Bishop’s MC

Sent by a friend… you don’t need much Spanish to get the gist of this: the first and last day as the Bishop’s MC:

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A few small gift suggestions, music and… you know…

UPDATE: I added Amazon Search Boxes for the UK and for CANADA at the bottom of the blog.  You can cut and paste titles into them. Looking for small gifts that are sure to be well received? First, please use … Read More

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