ACTION ITEM! Help a true contributor to TLM causes after horrible vandalism

This HORRIBLE news just arrived.

SPORCH needs you now. HERE

Keep in mind that this nice lady, Mary, whom I’ve met, has through her efforts made it possible for many priests to have beautiful materials for Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

In her own way, her business is as helpful for the promotion of the Extraordinary Form as those who, say, teach priests how to say it.  Beauty attracts people.  Beauty helps the priest.

Read this.  GRRRRRR!!!!

Last Saturday night, vandals smashed their way into the offices of SPORCH (Society for Preserving Our Roman Catholic Heritage). [Among other things, she makes the super useful “travel” altar cards for the TLM.  For example HERE] The police have little sign of attempted theft or any apparent rationale for the crime – all evidence points simply to a malicious intent to inflict damage. To add insult to injury, the vandals ruptured the plumbing to flood the building after wreaking havoc on its contents. Here’s a photo of two statues that had been knocked to the ground and desecrated – your readers will note it was the faces of the rare and historic matching set of century-old statues Our Lord and Our Lady below that were attacked:  [below]

On your blog you have displayed beautiful examples of the work done by my friend Mary, the founder and operator of SPORCH.  [Many times. Beautiful things.] For years, as a non-profit labor of love, Mary has created reproductions of altar cards and travel altar cards for the traditional Latin mass. She also restores traditional Catholic art, with the intent of getting it back into circulation. Altarpieces, statues, and all manner of pieces she has salvaged from demolished churches have been returned to use around the nation. Many priests and seminarians around the globe have been the beneficiaries of Mary’s generosity, including Cardinal Burke, who has publicly praised her work.
This vandalism was very costly, and Mary is now struggling to rebuild. I happen to know she relies almost entirely on donations (including her own contributions from her unrelated “day job” earnings) to keep the non-profit SPORCH viable. [Did you get that?]
Would you please ask your readers to pray for the conversion of the vandals, who have as of yet not been apprehended, and that Mary will have all necessary help in repairing and replacing her equipment and inventory, including care of the statues pictured? Below is a link to her donation page – I hope and pray that your readers will be very generous in assisting. Perhaps we can turn this sacrilege, which so saddens our hearts, into something positive. Donations are tax-deductible. Thank you and God bless you and all of your readers!

Everyone, in your charity, please send a donation, even if it must be small.

Many small donations will have a considerable impact and there are many of you.

Look at this and weep.

It’s hard to look at, knowing that it was done in malice.

Random?  Part of The Coming Storm?

It feels like a microcosm of so much that is going on in the world and… in the Church.

Fight back.

Let’s help her get things going again.   Young priests and seminarians are going to need what she makes.  Please please please.

Donations are tax-deductible


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  1. roma247 says:

    Done! I also know Mary and can confirm that she is the most giving and dedicated person. If I were anywhere near the Dayton area I would go help her in person if I could. What a terrible thing.

    I agree, things are happening more and more rapidly now, we are swirling around faster and faster toward the middle of the vortex. We the faithful need to hold together in love and hope to survive what is surely coming.

    God bless you, Mary, and SPORCH.
    And God bless you, Father Z. Thanks for letting us know about this.

  2. walk by faith says:


    May they be showered with overwhelming support to turn this tragedy to triumph.

  3. faithandfamily says:

    Thank you, your Reverence, for sharing this awful news, as well as the link to the SPORCH website donation page. We must support each other through these times, as the world races to Gomorrah and attempts to destroy the remnant of Faithful who hold fast to the moorings of the Church, despite the invasion of rot and decay in that very Foundation. May St. Joseph protect us and St. Michael defend us.

  4. Liz says:

    Very hard to look at.

    Donated. Praying. God bless Mary

  5. jaykay says:

    Done. Thanks for letting us know, Father.

  6. Facta Non Verba says:

    Happy to help.

  7. Clinton says:


    Thanks for the heads-up, Father.

  8. LauraL says:

    COMING storm? I think we’re in it, already.
    I’ll do what I can to help this lady. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. rcg says:

    FWIW, the damage to the building was extensive but hopefully not irreparable. Our Knights of Columbus and classroom was also vandalised and water damage due to broken pipes flooded the entire building.

    My wife is suspicious that it is related to a similar incident only a few weeks ago at a nearby parish; about three miles away. There the statuary was outside and was destroyed and graffiti written on the grotto. I think the conspiracy is in the concerted and intense disrespect shown to images of sacred persons as a display of skepticism and free speech. Both neighbourhoods are very bad with astronomical drug, violence, shootings, and arson complaints. But I truly believe our Lord and His Blessed Mother want us in these areas to help where we can.

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