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Card. Burke pontificates in Fr. Z’s native place

For various reasons I had to demur, but at one point I was to be deacon for this. This is how they do it in Minneapolis, friends. Not too bad, all in all.  A worthy observance of Gaudete Sunday. I … Read More

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Latin. @RobertSRoyal opines while Fr. Z rants.

You all know that I tend to bang on about Latin in our sacred liturgical worship. Most of us belong to the Roman Catholic, Latin Church.  The Latin Church. Never using or hearing our language of prayer and teaching affects … Read More

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Nativity scenes and tinkeritis

There’s tinkeritis with liturgy and tinkeritis with creches.  They seem to be symptoms of the same mental, spiritual malady.   Is it hubris? What is it with the desire to tinker with Nativity scenes? I fully understand the desire and … Read More

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