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POLL: Starting your confession: “Bless me, Father…” or “Forgive me, Father…”

In another post, I responded to a question from a reader about blessings at the beginning of sacramental confession, following the words, “Bless me, Father, I have sinned…”. Of course, some people begin their confession differently. It occurred to me … Read More

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Millennials and chapel veils

The first time I learned of the word “Fashionista” was back in the days of the Catholic Online Forum, when staffers Dawn and Gayle (who made the best, the most beautiful rosaries I’ve ever seen – RIP and prayers for … Read More

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Contemplating mysteries in the face of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Gazing at an image crafted by a true master who intended to open us up into mystery can, over time, produce great fruits. For example, the 6th c. Byzantine icon of The Christ Pantocrator reveals two attitudes, in the two … Read More

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