Daily Rome Shot 58

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    FrZ this has to be one of many medieval streets in Trastevere, which after a good meal you can meander along slowly and safely imbibing the neighborhood’s flavors, colors and sounds. A visit to Rome that misses Trastevere is a visit with a missed opportunity to savor old rustic Rome. Then again, this street could be among many in the Campo area or some backstreet in and around the Piazza Navona. My bet is on Trastevere.

  2. Gab says:

    @PapalCount Keep these vignettes of Rome coming. They are very much appreciated!

  3. roma247 says:

    @ThePapalCount…sadly, now that Trastevere has become the hot new boho scene in Rome, with marijuana dispensaries dotted here and there, it is a sad carnival rather than the charming and flavorful snapshot of old Rome that it once was.

    Does COVID only manage to close the places worthy of remaining open, like the Lamb and Flag in Oxford, and leave places like Trastevere, which have already rotted out, to thrive? Probably…

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