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Latin was hard today.

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  1. CandS says:

    Unsolicited Wordle advice…

    I was also playing the fish for letters and eliminate strategy until I realized my wife was solving in 3-4 steps what I was solving in 4-6.

    The fishing strategy only works until you have something to work with (letters or positions), then every word after that needs to reflect what you know to be a possible win.

    I’ve played in English and Russian and notice there that in both there generally are only straight out words; singular not plural, non-inflected forms of verbs, nominative and not other cases, etc. I’ve not even seen a clear verb in the English game so far.

    In the Latin, it seems like any form in the dictionary is possible, so it will likely be a bit more tricky, all the reason to go with playing the clues you have each guess.

    Latin Wordle 45 4/6


    [The blog form doesn’t like this code. I made little .jpg to post. Maybe there is an easier way.]

  2. acardnal says:

    Looks like English was hard today, too!

    I am still working on it.

  3. acardnal says:

    Got it in four attempts.

  4. Cafea Fruor says:

    Another Wordle tip: I’ve noticed that the words used seem to be pretty common/basic words. So if you have to guess between two words, don’t go for the less common one. An example off the top of my head might be, if you’ve got S_ILL figured out and are considering SKILL or SWILL, it’s more likely to be SKILL.

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