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ACTION ITEM & BOOK NOTICE: A “how to” manual of ceremonies for the PRE-1955 TRIDUUM and PENTECOST! Wherein Fr. Z rants on the times we are in, books you should buy, and why you should buy them.

I have an action item for you.  Below, I am pushing a couple of books, one old and one new.  Here on my treasure chest, this blog, I am channeling my inner Matthew 13:52. But first, a rant from your … Read More

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ASK FATHER: “I messed around with a Ouija board years ago and I believe spirits attached to me from it.”

From a reader… I messed around with the ouija board years ago and I believe spirit’s attached to me from it I have renounced using this and have nothing to do with it anymore can I ask you to please … Read More

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YOUR VOICEMAIL: This makes the labor of this blog worth it.

Your voice mail. It has been a while since I checked voice mail, and I feel badly about that.  However, what I do not feel bad about is one of the messages I received from reader. In a previous voicemail … Read More

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It’s happening, exactly as I have been saying for years.

At The Catholic Thing today there is a piece by Michael Pakaluk, “Is Vatican II ‘Spent’? My immediate answer is, yes.  It was “spent” almost as soon as it ended.  It is “time bound” and not very “evergreen”.  Bits of … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 418, etc.

WORDLE Sheer guess in English today.   It seems that Latin oranges can be used twice.  English, too? Good one today.  The net is there!  Mate in 4. White to move.

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