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Always work with kids and dogs?

Okay, the filmettes of the little kid who invaded Pope Francis’ space during the big “Family Day” do in Rome are fun.  I am sure the MSM will play them for a couple days and even more people (who may … Read More

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A writer’s first experience of Mass “ad orientem”

Matthew Warner has a piece in which he descibes participating at Mass ad orientem for the first time. My emphases and comments. […] Not too long ago, however, I attended an Ordinary Form of the Mass where the priest was … Read More

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Does Pope Benedict have arthrosis? (degenerative joint condition in his legs)

From Phil Lawler at CWN: The Pope’s aching joints; the Vatican’s odd silence By Phil Lawler | November 09, 2011 Today CWN passes along the report that Pope Benedict suffers from a degenerative joint condition in his legs. Although I … Read More

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Pope Benedict is now in Germany: opening remarks

The Holy Father is in his native place, Germany.  The liberal German press and many groups have, in a way even nastier than what we saw in England, tried to poison the Pope’s visit before the fact.  I suspect he … Read More

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MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN – REVIEW: Mark Steyn – After America: Get Ready for Armageddon

I am reading Mark Steyn’s brilliant After America: Get Ready for Armageddon. USA book click here. USA Kindle book click here. (Text-to-Speech enabled) UK book click here. UK doesn’t have a separate Kindle version yet. Readers in the USA, this … Read More

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Hell’s Bible on the attack with the help of minions

The pragmatical clinchpoops of Hell’s Bible have cobbled together an article written by committee which has no other purpose than to cast the Pope in a bad light.   No surprise. Written by committee, surely with touching up by the editors … Read More

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John Allen on the Pope, Prague and “affirmative orthodoxy”

My friend John Allen, the fair-minded nearly ubiquitous columnist of the otherwise ultra-lefty weekly fishwrap National Catholic Reporter, has an interesting piece today about the Holy Father’s trip to Prague.  Allen looks at the Holy Father’s work there from the … Read More

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