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Rise in “deaths of despair” and loss of religion

At MarketWatch there is a piece entitled Rise in middle-aged white ‘deaths of despair’ may be fueled by loss of religion, new research paper argues Excerpt: So-called deaths of despair such as from suicide or alcohol abuse have been skyrocketing … Read More

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Prayers for a priest after suicide. Priests, drugs, and you.

A terrible thing happened recently.  A young priest, almost certainly reacting badly to medication, committed suicide.  Fr. Evan Harkins, of the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph, had been on medication for an ailment.  It seems to have affected … Read More

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Head of Pontifical Academy FOR LIFE would hold the hand of person committing suicide. FAIL

I read with horror the other day that the head of the Pontifical Council for Life, Archbp. Vincenzo Paglia, said that he would hold the hand of a person committing suicide.   This is the same Archbp. Paglia who is behind, … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Confession before suicide

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I haven’t been to confession in a long time, and I’d like to go soon. But I’ve also been very depressed and considering suicide. So I feel like one of my motivations to go would be to prepare … Read More

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Priest preaches at funeral, world falls on his head – UPDATE – HOMILY TEXT

UPDATE 17 Dec 2018: Canonist Ed Peters has a post about the text of the sermon that Fr. LaCuesta gave at the funeral for the young man who committed suicide. The family fueled the usual hyped-up MSM faux reporting.  (NYT … … Read More

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Did Canadian Bishops “sacramentalize” direct killing, euthanasia, assisted suicide?

Did you hear that the Bishops of the Atlantic region of Canada, the Atlantic Episcopal Assembly (Archdioceses and Dioceses of Antigonish, Bathurst, Charlottetown, Corner Brook and Labrador, Edmundston, Grand Falls, Halifax, Moncton, Saint John (NB), St. John’s and Yarmouth) veered towards … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Funerals for those who commit suicide

From a reader… QUAERITUR: A long time member at our parish committed suicide just the other week. He was heavily involved in the parish and loved by all. They had a funeral Mass said for him. Why are those souls who commit … Read More

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Death in Belgistan

I point the readership’s attention at a blog which lead me to a piece in the Italian Il Foglio. The situation in Belgium is described.   Belgium has nearly completely abandoned the Catholic Faith. Giulio Meotti: Belgium is Committing Suicide … Read More

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How Churches (actually “ecclesial communities”) commit suicide

My friend Fr. Martin Fox of the blog Bonfire of the Vanities has a great post. ‘Gay marriage’ is church suicide Give into the Zeitgeist? Not a plan of success: Membership Episcopal Church: -18% (2002-2012) [that “-” means “minus”, as … Read More

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Pew by Pew: a lesson Christian identity suicide

How to commit identity suicide, pew by pew. I saw in the Christian Post: Removing Church Pews for Muslim Prayer Mats in the Name of Religious Tolerance My alma mater, The University of Chicago, was recently in the news for … Read More

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Ed Peters on the suicide at Notre-Dame de Paris

Over at the blog of the gentlemanly though trouble-making canonist Ed Peters (aka The Canonical Defender) there is a post about the ramifications of the suicide at Notre-Dame in Paris.  Suicide—whatever mental/emotional problems induce some to commit it and which … Read More

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