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Wolves v. Bear, Windswept House, and the Belgian Waffle Bishops.

Think of a hungry wolf pack and a cornered bear. As the wolves lunge in the bear swats them away with some damage. They keep testing the bear, now this side and now that, one at a time, then two. … Read More

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A heterogeneous catalyst has been increased in the Church

You have to have your feet… knees planted firmly on the ground these days to maintain equilibrium as the atmosphere becomes more and more toxic. Stay close to the Sacraments. The Belgian “We Kill You™” Brothers of Charity, are defying … Read More

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Belgian religious euthanizers to be investigated

Not long ago, a Belgian religious order which runs psychiatric hospitals approved euthanasia for their patients. It seems that the Holy Father is going to let the CDF be the CDF.  Let the investigation begin! From LifeSite: Vatican to investigate … Read More

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BELGIUM: Brothers of Charity, Catholic psychiatric hospitals to provide euthanasia

A couple times lately, in reaction to a seriously messed up claim (HERE) about downward trend of priestly vocations and how wonderful everything would be if only we could throw off the bad stuff that Vatican II tried to get … Read More

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Kerknet – the portal website of the Catholic Church in Flanders – attacks Ordinatio sacerdotalis

How do you say Fishwrap in Flemish? My first thought was, this antic trumpery would not have been attempted in the pontificates of St. John Paul II or Benedict XVI. A Belgian Catholic newspaper, what seems to be the official Flemish language catholic newpaper … Read More

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Death in Belgistan

I point the readership’s attention at a blog which lead me to a piece in the Italian Il Foglio. The situation in Belgium is described.   Belgium has nearly completely abandoned the Catholic Faith. Giulio Meotti: Belgium is Committing Suicide … Read More

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