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Te Deum

A biretta tip   o{]:¬)  to Jeffrey Tucker over at The Chant Cafe. Here is a version of the Te Deum.  It is  the Maîtrise of Notre-Dame in Paris (I have the CD). If you have headphones on, you will want … Continue reading

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A Preferential Option for the Poor Ignoramuses

There is a new blog The Motley Monk (which also has some food posts, btw).   There are some very smart posts there.   My interest was captured by the mention of one of the better profs in the Theology Department at … Continue reading

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The largess of Fr. Jenkins – Notre Shame revisited

Lest we forget, last year the Catholic Notre Dame University, to its lasting shame, undermined our Catholic identity and caused damaging scandal by honoring the most aggressively pro-abortion politician we have ever seen, President Obama.  They bestowed an honor on … Continue reading

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The only thing worse than NOT being talked about…

This comes from the ultra-dissenting fishwrap the National Catholic Reporter. [Cardinal] George questions role of independent Catholic mediaBishop Trautman says Vatican II liturgical norms being violatedNov. 17, 2009By Jerry Filteau BALTIMORE Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago, president of the … Continue reading

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Archbp. Chaput responds to Card. Cottier’s imprudent remarks on Notre Shame

AT LAST! You might recall that back in July WDTPRS responded to the disastrously imprudent comments of His Eminence George Card. Cottier made 30 Giorni.   I suggest you scan what I wrote before reading this piece below. Now His Excellency … Continue reading

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Petition to Notre Dame Pres. Fr. Jenkins: Please drop the charges again pro-lifers

From TFP Student Action: URGENT petition to Notre Dame: Please drop the chargesBy TFP Student Action   September 10, 2009 The 88 outspoken pro-lifers peacefully walked onto Notre Dame’s campus in May to be the voice of the unborn – when … Continue reading

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FOLLOW UP: McBrien’s “rather adolescently rigid” article… NCR readers react!

Notre Dame’s Richard McBrien says that "Eucharistic adoration, perpetual or not, is a doctrinal, theological, and spiritual step backward, not forward." You can read his sneering NCR article if you want or read it with my commentary HERE. A WDTPRS … Continue reading

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The Problem With Toning Down the Rhetoric – And Why We Probably Won’t Do It

The Problem With Toning Down the Rhetoric – And Why We Probably Won’t Do It Some of my Catholic friends have been urging me and others on the Catholic right to tone down the rhetoric when it comes to discussing … Continue reading

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Fr. Z to Card. Cottier: Check your facts!

The Italian monthly 30 Giorni published an article purportedly by His Eminence Georges Card. Cottier, 87, the former papal theologian under the late Pope John Paul II. In 2005 Card. Cottier retired at the age of 83. Was Fr. Wojciech … Continue reading

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John Allen on Pres. Obama and Miguel Diaz

From the National Catholic Reporter, the ultra-left wing dissenting weekly, the nearly ubiquitous John L. Allen has some obervations about Pres. Obama and future Ambassador Miguel Diaz. My emphases and comments. With Diaz nomination, Obama passes major Catholic test  [Passes … Continue reading

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