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  1. problems abound.

    I am in Kalamazoo. This morning I sang a Solemn Mass. We followed the 1962 rubrics strictly.

    But there was a huge storm that knocked out the electricity to this whole region. I an entirely without power. I post this from my cellphone.

  2. Lauren says:

    :( Hope it doesn’t take too long for things to get back to normal.

  3. Irenaeus says:

    We are getting hammered with bad weather in the middle of the US from north to south. It’s a mess. Where I’m precisely at is OK, just a little rain, but tornadoes in the area.

  4. Agnes says:

    “Let nothing trouble you,
    Let nothing frighten you,
    Whoever has God lacks nothing.
    God alone is enough.” – St. Therese

    A technology fast now and then is probably good for the soul?

  5. That’s Michigan for you. Keep safe. More on the way today.

  6. Mrs Pi says:

    Dear Agnes….that quote is from the great St. Teresa (from Spain) founder of the Discalced Carmelites. I’m sure she doesn’t mind having her quote attributed to her Carmelite daughter, St. Therese (from France, doctor of the Church)…but St. Therese would certainly make a correction.

    This reminds me of something that happened during the Teresian centenary celebration in 1982. The winery in Avila put out a special wine commemorating the 4th centenary of the death of St. Teresa (of Avila). One bottle was raffled off here in the U.S. When it arrived the lucky winner found a picture of St. Therese on the bottle! Even in Avila they get the two saints mixed up. :o)

  7. A.T.S. says:

    Mrs Pi,

    Both St. Teresa of Avila and St. Therese of Lisieux are Doctors of the Church.

  8. Ioannes Andreades says:
  9. Chironomo says:

    Fr. Z;

    I had to drive through the “tornando” that went through southern Chicagoland on my way over here on Saturday evening from Kalamazoo…. seems that bad weather is the norm here right now! We all pray for your safe and happy return… to wherever you are going!

  10. Agnes says:

    tomato, tomota

    Teresa, Therese

    But yes, important distinction!

  11. Send that storm up here to Ottawa! We are dying of this heat and humidity!

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