Cong. of Causes of Saints approves Newman miracle

I am sure you have seen the news about the new decrees for beatification.

From the Bolletino:


Oggi, 3 luglio 2009, il Santo Padre Benedetto XVI ha ricevuto in Udienza privata S:E. Mons. Angelo Amato, S.D.B., Prefetto della Congregazione delle Cause dei Santi. Nel corso dell’Udienza il Santo Padre ha autorizzato la Congregazione a promulgare i Decreti riguardanti:

un miracolo, attribuito all’intercessione della Beata Candida Maria di Gesù Cipitria y Barriola (al secolo: Giovanna Giuseppa), Fondatrice della Congregazione delle Figlie di Gesù; nata ad Andoain (Spagna) il 31 maggio 1845 e morta a Salamanca (Spagna) il 9 agosto 1912;

un miracolo, attribuito all’intercessione del Venerabile Servo di Dio Giovanni Enrico Newman, Cardinale e Fondatore degli Oratori di San Filippo Neri in Inghilterra; nato a Londra (Inghilterra) il 21 aprile 1801 e morto a Edgbaston (Inghilterra) l’11 agosto 1890;

un miracolo, attribuito all’intercessione del Venerabile Servo di Dio Angelo Paoli (al secolo: Francesco), Sacerdote professo dell’Ordine dei Carmelitani dell’Antica Osservanza; nato ad Artigliano (Italia) il 1° settembre 1642 e morto a Roma il 20 gennaio 1720;

– un miracolo, attribuito all’intercessione della Venerabile Serva di Dio Maria Alfonsina Danil Ghattas (al secolo: Soultaneh Maria), Confondatrice della Congregazione delle Suore Domenicane del Santissimo Rosario di Gerusalemme; nata a Gerusalemme il 4 ottobre 1843 e morta ad Ain Karem il 25 marzo 1927;

il martirio del Servo di Dio Giuseppe Samsó i Elías, Sacerdote diocesano, Parroco ed Arciprete di Santa Maria de Mataró; nato a Castellbisbal (Spagna) il 17 gennaio 1887 e ucciso, in odio alla Fede, il 1° settembre 1936 durante la persecuzione religiosa in Spagna;

– il martirio dei Servi di Dio Teofilo Fernández de Legaria Goñi (al secolo: Beniamino), e IV Compagni, Sacerdoti professi della Congregazione dei Sacri Cuori (PICPUS), uccisi, in odio alla Fede, durante la persecuzione religiosa in Spagna nel 1936;

il martirio del Servo di Dio Giorgio Häfner, Sacerdote diocesano; nato a Würzburg (Germania) il 19 ottobre 1900 e ucciso, in odio alla Fede, nel campo di concentramento di Dachau (Germania) il 20 agosto 1942;

il martirio del Servo di Dio Zoltán Ludovico Meszlényi, Vescovo titolare di Sinope e Vescovo Ausiliare di Esztergom in Ungheria; nato ad Hatvan (Ungheria) il 2 gennaio 1892 e ucciso, in odio alla Fede, a Kistárcsa (Ungheria) il 4 marzo 1951;

le virtù eroiche del Servo di Dio Engelmar Unzeitig (al secolo: Uberto), Sacerdote professo della Congregazione dei Missionari di Mariannhill; nato a Greifendorf (Moravia dell’Est) il 1 marzo 1911 e morto a Dachau (Germania) il 2 marzo 1945;

le virtù eroiche della Serva di Dio Anna Maria Janer Anglarill, Fondatrice dell’Istituto delle Suore della Sacra Famiglia di Urgell; nata a Cervera (Spagna) il 18 dicembre 1800 e morta a Talarn (Spagna) l’11 gennaio 1885;

le virtù eroiche della Serva di Dio Maria Serafina del Sacro Cuore di Gesù Micheli (al secolo: Clotilde), Fondatrice dell’Istituto delle Suore degli Angeli; nata a Imèr (Trento, allora Impero Austro-Ungarico) l’11 settembre 1849 e morta a Faicchio (Italia) il 24 marzo 1911;

le virtù eroiche della Serva di Dio Teresa Manganiello, giovane laica, del Terz’Ordine di San Francesco; nata a Montefusco (Italia) il 1° gennaio 1849 ed ivi morta il 4 novembre 1876.


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  1. Prof. Basto says:

    What about the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli,Pope Pius XII???

  2. Thomas says:

    It’ll happen, Professor.

    In the meantime get cracking on a couple other saints from England: Queen Katharine of Aragon and Henry Edward Manning.

  3. Cantuale says:

    I am so glad for that. I hope the pope will decide soon the date for the actual beatification of Card. Newman.

  4. Prof. Basto says:

    Is there an open cause for Queen Katherine of Aragon?

    It would be wonderful to see her sainthood recognized.

    Her life and conduct is indeed exemplary.

  5. Thomas says:

    Professor, as far as I know there isn’t. For the life of me I have never understood why. She was loved in her own time, and as a historical figure she has never faded from memory.

  6. Jack says:

    It would be nice to see Queen Katherine get her place on the roster of the cannonized, personally I’d like to see her daughter on the list as well (perhaps as a confessor, we all know she suffered for remaining loyal to Rome) but i’d probebly cause to much controversy with our seperated breathren.

  7. Liam says:

    I have long favored a cause for Katherine, Queen of England, but we must remember that her cause during the pontificate of Clement VII was not enthusiastically championed by Rome, and there were some in that pontificate who wanted her to take the veil like a one of the queens of Louis XII of France; my sense is that Katherine’s heroic behavior shamed Rome and Rome, having a long bureaucratic memory, has not been enthusiastic about her. The British royal family did better by her in the past generation, having approved (and I think even partly fund, but I could be wrong about that) the renovation of her tomb in Peterborough Cathedral for the 500th anniversary of her birth in 1986 with her proper title, rather than her ersatz title:

  8. “Thomas said, “It’ll happen Professor.”

    Frankly I’m not all that sure that Pius XII will ever be canonized. I don’t refer to the nonsense about him not trying to save the Jews, which I didn’t believe from the day the story first broke but, as I remeber it, the cultus of “St. Pius XII” was far greater than the “Santo subito” expressions for JPII and this was so for at least the last ten years of his reign.

    Then he died and the Church got Bl. John XXIII who was buoyant and optimistic, reaching out where no Pope had reached before.

    Overnight the adulation for Pius XII sank and when John XXIII died no one seemed to want a Pius XIII. The world and definitely the Church had entered a new era.

    This is not to say that Pius XII is not a saint but I believe that the Church does consider endurance of cultus as an important test and to be canonized in life but forgotten so soon after death is surely not a good sign.

  9. amsjj says:

    I was very interested reading through the list:
    Several from Spain, including 2 priests killed during the Spanish Civil War;
    England with the Venerable John Henry (born in February, btw);
    From Italy a Carmelite, a foundress, and a laywoman;
    A foundress from Jerusalem;
    A priest killed at the Dachau concentration camp, and another declared of heroic virtue;
    A Hungarian bishop, from the date I supposed killed by the Communist regime.

    So much history held in these names, whose lives spanned from 1642 to 1951.

  10. Thomas says:

    While discussing beatifications and canonizations, and those we want raised up, I’m going to toss this one out there:

    Let’s bump Blessed Urnban II up to Saint Urban II.

    Can you even imagine the outcry from the Modernists? My God, it would be SPECTACULAR.

  11. Denis Crnkovic says:

    I had the absolute pleasure of hearing the announcement about J.H. Cardinal Newman today at Mass at St Aloysius, the Oxford Oratory and Cardinal Newman’s parish. He fought quite hard to have the oratory at Oxford and finally won his battle in 1992. What an honour to be here. There will be great festivities on July 12th.

  12. Joe says:

    will this have any effect on the negotiations with the TAC?

  13. Trevor says:

    “il martirio del Servo di Dio Giorgio Häfner, Sacerdote diocesano; nato a Würzburg (Germania) il 19 ottobre 1900 e ucciso, in odio alla Fede, nel campo di concentramento di Dachau (Germania) il 20 agosto 1942;”


  14. Veritas says:

    Manning was a great man, a great social reformer, and organiser, a politician – but a saint?

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