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Video of the Pontifical TLM of Card. Canizares at the Lateran

Gloria TV has a video of the 21 April Pontifical TLM at the Lateran Basilica.

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Seattle TLM alert

From a reader: Fr. Saguto (FSSP) of North American Martyr’s Parish in Seattle has announced in this weekend’s bulletin that Archbishop of Seattle Alex J. Brunett  will assist from the throne at a Solemn TLM Mass in the Presence of … Read More

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Fr. Z to Card. Cottier: Check your facts!

The Italian monthly 30 Giorni published an article purportedly by His Eminence Georges Card. Cottier, 87, the former papal theologian under the late Pope John Paul II. In 2005 Card. Cottier retired at the age of 83. Was Fr. Wojciech … Read More

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