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D. Fort Wayne-South Bend, Bp. D’Arcy’s norms for TABERNACLES

From a reader comes new from the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, where His Excellency the exemplary John M. D’Arcy is bishop.  His Excellency has made a statement about the placement of the tabernacle in churches of the diocese. Document. … Read More

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QUAERITUR ALIBI: Why isn’t Mary considered a priest?

Mark Shea in his blog, Catholic and Enjoying It, has a good Q&A: A reader asks: Why isn’t Mary [the Mother of God] considered the first priest since she actually brought Christ into this world? Well, in a certain sense … Read More

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Gotta love a saint named Swithun

Over at the well-written The Sensible Bond we find this on an interesting English Saint: Today is traditionally the feast of St Swithun, bishop of Winchester. If people know anything about him, it tends to be the legend that associates … Read More

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The return of “Iota Unum” by Romano Amerio

The find gentleman Sandro Magister has a very good piece today on his site about the return to view of two volumes by Italian-Swiss author Romano Amerio, namely Iota Unum and Stat Veritas. These are very good books.  It is … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Why in the TLM are Gospels mostly from Matthew?

A question from a priest friend, for some discussion. A question from a confrère. Why does the 1962MR have scriptural readings that are mostly from Paul’s Epistles and Matthew’s Gospel?   I don’t know. I suppose is makes sense that … Read More

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A Conservative’s Lament (written in 1965)

From a reader: Dear Fr. Z, While digging through my parish archives for historical items, I found this interesting poem by an unknown parishioner DATED 1965!  Hope you find it entertaining! God Bless,   The Updated Church (A Conservative’s Lament)written in 1965 Latin’s … Read More