Fr. Z POLL: Response in parishes to the USCCB project

The USCCB urged dioceses/parishes to motivate people to speak up as Catholics about key issues of the health reform debate.  The American bishops asked the 19,000 parishes in the USA to have bulletin inserts urging parishioners to contact their representatives in Congress about public funding of abortion and about freedom of conscience.

I posted all the information HERE.  READ IT.

I am wondering what response you observed in your parishes in the USA.



Please describe in the combox what you saw and heard or what you received.

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  1. I preached about it. I will try to post audio later.

  2. Thomas G. says:

    My pastor preached very positively about it, calling it something he’s never seen in his life – the collected U.S. Bishops directing the faithful to contact their representatives about a particular pending piece of legislation.

    He also defended their action, not as a POLITICAL action, but as a MORAL one, and within the responsibility of our shepherds.

    Parish: Queen of Apostles, Alexandria, VA.

  3. sugrue says:

    Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham, AL – no mention at all and no bulletin insert. I am hoping this is due to the fact that all of the priests of the diocese were at a retreat for the first few days of the week. Regardless, I was disappointed that there was not even a mention.

  4. ckdexterhaven says:

    During the “announcement” time, our pastor encouraged us to read the USCCB letter as well as a letter from our bishop inserted in the bulletin. Father said the Bishops have always wanted Americans to have health care but have very “grave concerns” about this health care bill. Mentioned gov’t funding for abortion and potential end of life issues.

  5. Steve K. says:

    Parish: St. Benedict’s Chapel, Chesapeake VA

    Our Pastor not only read the text in full and implored us to act on it, but related his homily to it and asked us to take advantage of All Saints Day to ask the saints to storm heaven with prayers against this bill.

  6. wanda says:

    Here in MD, at our two cluster Churches, we inserted the Bishop’s bulletin inserts and posted the flyers on the Church doors for folks to take note of upon leaving. The topic was somewhat covered in the homily along with a talk about MD Catholic Conference, a part of the Catholic Advocacy Network. There was a push today to sign on to be part of receiving up-dates on current legislative items, pro-life, pro-family and pro-marriage, etc. Unfortunately, we had this and a video about Operation Christmas Child, so our celebrant had limited time. I hope that next weekend we will have our Associate Pastor, who is very enthusiastic about this campaign.

  7. TNCath says:

    NOT ONE WORD was mentioned. We did have, however, a recorded message from our bishop thanking everyone who participated in his annual fund drive, which fell short of its $2.4 million goal by approximately $300,000.

  8. Eyeawa says:

    Parish: St Patrick’s Britt, Iowa

    Our priests talked about it and we also have an insert in our bulletin. Our priests are REALLY priests and are very serious about making sure that we are REALLY catholics. As Jesus told us, “You are either with Me or against Me”

    Keep praying and keep the faith.

  9. wmeyer says:

    There was no mention made in the homily, but the letter from USCCB was inserted in the bulletin, in English and Spanish.

    At the end of dismissal today (I am a catechumen) I made a point of telling everyone they need to read it.

  10. Nerinab says:

    Parish in Upstate, NY (and I mean further upstate than Westchester county).

    No mention of the USCCB initiative. I had forwarded the links to my priest as soon as I heard about them (on Friday afternoon), and asked if we could get this done. No response. Since Friday is his customary day off, I’m hoping this was an oversight and not intentional.

  11. Jbuntin says:

    Holy Trinity Mission, Diocese of Ft. Worth Tx.
    No mention of it at all. Our Dioces kicked off it’s “All Things Possiable” capital campain this Sunday. We had to watch a video right before Mass began about how the Diocese needs 40,000,000.000 in the next 4 years. When we walked into the Church the projector and screen were set up with a large round table situated in the sanctuary with all the video and sound equipment. It was disgusting.
    I sing in the Choir and the faces in the congregation were pretty sour. I don’t think the video made anyone feel like opening their wallets.

  12. PomeroyJohn says:

    No mention at Mass or in the actual bulletin, but there was an insert in the bulletin that vaguely resembled what I’ve seen at different Catholic web sites. There was room in the bulletin for a thank you to those who helped tear the sheet rock from the insides of the confessional so they can begin installing windows, as per the bishop’s instructions. (seriously).

    I talked a bit with our priest yesterday (Saturday) and his take was that the bishops were “blindsided” or maybe taken by surprise by the abortion inclusion after all that the president has told them. Our priest very rarely talks about anything but the readings during his homily, but has spoken out strongly against our governor’s and senators’ support for Washington’s Initiative 1000 (? the right to die initiative), and in favor of freedom of conscience rules or laws in his wording of the Prayers of the Faithful and his closing remarks (made between the announcements and blessing at the end of Mass). (I’m sorry for the poor wording here, hopefully it makes some kind of sense.)


  13. biberin says:

    No mention at the vigil service, so I forwarded some of the links and info to a collection of friends which included our clergy. They are strongly pro-life, so I expect that the bulletin was just done before the USCCB packet was received. Though our bishop is never on the list of those who speak up on various issues, so who knows.

  14. sacerdosinaeternum says:

    We had the handout at all entrances of the church next to the bulletin, I read the “pulpit announcement” from the Bishops, and I strongly encouraged the Faithful to cooperate.

  15. sekman says:

    Thomas G,
    I happened to visit Our Lady Queen of Apostles during the March for Life in 2007, nice church. No mention was made during the sermon during my attendance at an Extraordinary Form parish. I did not get a bulletin and have not read my regular parish’s bulletin.

  16. Rien says:

    No mention.

  17. We said the USCCB’s intention. And there was a hearty “Lord hear our prayer” at both Masses. People seemed a bit confused at the first part about healthcare, but then the next part of the prayer made the intention quite clear. :)

    I think there was an insert, but I left my bulletin in my choir folder.

  18. Mary in CO says:

    USCCB insert in English and Spanish was included in bulletins. Though there was no mention in the homily, the USCCB prayer was included in the intentions.

  19. paglia says:

    No mention. There was a stack of photocopies of the insert at the back of the church, however. Unfortunately, no one was directed to look for them and they were not passed out with the bulletins at the door… so the stack hadn’t diminished any by the time everyone had left the parking lot.

  20. Fr Martin Fox says:

    I included it in my homily and we had an insert in the bulletin which I referenced. I asked all the priests to do it, and am confident they did. We had a petition in the prayers as specified by the Archbishop. You can click on my name to go to my site, and see my account of my homily, and judge for yourself if this was strong enough. It can be hard to give sufficient emphasis to something, when there are other matters also needing and getting attention at some point during Mass.

  21. Aaron says:

    At Low Mass this morning, our priest discussed it (positively) during the homily. He said the letter didn’t get printed in time to make it in this week’s bulletin, so he’s sending out an email to parishioners and it’ll be in the bulletin next week.

  22. Cincinnati Priest says:

    In the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, we received an email late Thursday morning from the Archbishop’s office, with no follow up phone call. Since this was late in the game for Mass preparation, priests get bombarded with email and get days behind, some rarely use it, etc. I suspect that many of our priests might not have found out about it in time.

    As Fr. Fox mentioned, our ordinary directed us to read a relevant petition during the prayers of the faithful, with follow-up petition and announcement both planned for next week. It is not (yet) on our diocesan website.

    In my own parish (of which I’m the pastor), we included the petition, read the announcement after the post-Communion collect, printed the bulletin insert on flamingly bright paper to draw attention to it, had the deacon hold up a copy and wave it around during his announcement, etc. It will be posted prominently on our website tomorrow. Our pro-life coordinators placed a poster-sized flyer on an easel board in our vestibule which you practically had to trip over to get into the nave.

    If any parishioners don’t know about it now, it’s because they’re not coming to Mass!

    Plan on preaching on it next week, after parishioners have read through the USCCB stuff and had a little chance to absorb what’s going on.

  23. AndyMo says:

    I work as the Music Director at Christ, Prince of Peace in Ford City, PA. The morning after I saw the notice posted on your site, I went into work to find the priest running off copies and stuffing the bulletins. Excellent!

  24. Geoffrey says:

    No insert, no mention… not even in the Prayers of the Faithful.

  25. Hibernian says:

    Arlington Heights IL:

    The pastor referred to the bishops wanting the people to contact their representatives with respect to the healthcare bill, citing abortion and conscience concerns. HE noted that a copy of the letter was on the shelves in narthex and that it had instructions on how to proceed. Somewhat unusual since there is little discussion of political matters ordinarily.

  26. ies0716 says:

    Church of St. Agnes, St. Paul, MN

    Very strong support along with thoughtful argument in the bulletin. Father didn’t mention it in his homily but that was probably due to his desire to give an All Saints’ Day homily instead.

  27. skeeton says:

    St. Philip’s Catholic Church in Franklin, TN – The USCCB-drafted announcement was made after Mass, and the insert was inside the bulletin. Nothing in the homily, though. I did, however, get to see the ORDINARY Minister of Holy Communion take a seat, because the last EXTRAordinary minister of Holy Communion took the last vessel contained the Body of Christ. This is the 3rd time I’ve seen this with my own eyes.

  28. Amerikaner says:

    No mention. Good homily on the saints and holiness though.

  29. Lee says:

    At St. Mary’s, the Cathedral Parish of Portland, OR no mention, no bulletin insert, nada. Maybe next week.

  30. William says:

    Zilch! Nada! Zero! A church in Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin

  31. tzard says:

    Our parish had an insert in the Bulletin. There are possibly 20 other activities happening just that day (we have 12,000 people in or parish) – it didn’t get mentioned from the pulpit.

    The usual half-page on pro-life issues dealt with other parish initiatives pro-life. But the hand out did stick out with the poster on the other side of the Bishops’ letter saying in large letters “Health Care Reform is about Saving lives, not destroying them”.

  32. racjax says:

    No mention and no insert at Our Lady of Sorrows (Jesuit) in Santa Barbara, CA. But I expected this since we are part of the Los Angeles archdiocese.

  33. Melania says:

    No mention at St. Rafael’s, San Rafael, CA. Nothing at all in the bulletin. I also checked the bulletins at St. Anselm’s in San Anselmo, CA and St. Sebastian’s in Greenbrae, CA. Nothing mentioned at all.

  34. Our pastor, Fr. David Hoefler, spoke at length about it in his announcements at the end of Mass and our bulletins contained the USCCB flyer.

  35. MargaretMN says:

    No mention and no insert but given how involved our Parish is in the pro-life cause I am thinking that perhaps it just missed the bulletin deadline or something and we’ll get a full court press next weekend. Also, our homilist was the young seminarian assigned to the parish and I doubt we would be asked to carry that kind of freight for what are essentially one of his training homilies.

  36. erinalicia says:

    Yes, at the end of Mass our pastor encouraged us to read the Bishops’ letter that was included in our bulletin, and to get involved. Diocese of Harrisburg, PA

  37. Jaybirdnbham says:

    Nothing mentioned in bulletin or at Mass, but then all our diocesan priests were on retreat last week and just got back to their parishes Friday. Maybe something will be said next Sunday.

  38. lux_perpetua says:

    no mention in the homily, but was mentioned in the prayers of the faithful through the intercessions of all the saints. should mention that health care legislation that respects the rights of the unborn has been in our prayers of the faithful for quite some time.

    Parish in Minneapolis, MN

  39. Inkstain says:

    USCCB Flyer inserted in the Parish Bulletin. Pastor talked at some length during the pre-homily announcements, expressing encouragement that the USCCB has taken a stance on this and in turn encouraging us to call or write to our representatives in congress. All I can think regarding the lack of mention in so many of the parishes (as reflected in the poll results) is that some dioceses or archdioceses have been issued warnings not to. I hope I am wrong.

  40. Henry Edwards says:

    At our TLM, the USCCB flyer was handed out and strongly supported from the pulpit. We were strongly encouraged to support the bishops’ initiative, and several tangible ways of doing so were described, including writing, calling, or e-mailing our representatives in congress.

  41. Scott W. says:

    Was godfather at a baptism at a different parish today and I didn’t pick up a bulletin to check. I did however hear the Worst. Liturgical. Music. E-VAH. Every part of the ordinary sounded like the closing credits to a 70’s sitcom or SNL’s Waltz in A. Blech.

  42. Subvet says:

    St. Jude, Allen, TX

    At the 8 AM Mass the flyers were in the bulletin, the pastor spoke about it right prior to his homily and implied that since he was “apolitical” and able to successfully send off the messages to Congress nobody else should have a problem.

    Wonder how the support breaks down along Novus Ordo and TLM lines? Our parish is definetly post Vatican II, hey the pastor is even married with grandkids! But that can happen with converted Epicopalian clergy.

  43. JosephMary says:

    I would imagine our archbishop will be writing about this in the diocesan paper this coming week. And then perhaps also instruct his parishes to bring it to the attention of the faithful. My pastor has been gone for a month and now is preparing to leave us for good so I would think that this will not be high on his list but if the archbishop requests that the parishes make this information known, then he would comply (I hope).

    We have a visiting FSSP priest coming in for holy Mass this evening at another parish and I would not be surprised if he brings up this topic, if he knows about it.

  44. Kate says:

    A church in the Archdiocese of Hartford, CT – no mention, no insert.

  45. Dave N. says:

    Diocese of Oakland, CA. No mention, no insert. Lots about the envelopes for All Souls Day.

  46. markomalley says:

    The flyer was in the bulletin. No mention in Mass, other than a reference in the intentions supporting socialized medicine as long as there is an exception for abortion.

  47. Nothing at Mass, but the initiative is prominently displayed on our diocesan website: (Youngstown)

  48. yatzer says:

    We had an insert in our bulletin, it was a different color from the rest of the pages. Our pastor also mentioned it in the homily.

  49. Jayna says:

    The deacon actually gave the homily (for the second week in a row) and then the celebrant read the memo from the archbishop with no further comment. I think the insert was also in the bulletin.

    This particular church is not my own parish church, however, so I don’t know what was said or done in my parish this morning. I know that my pastor had me put the announcement on the website. I’ll find out later this week when I get recordings of the homilies if they actually talked about it as they were asked to do.

    The announcement is also prominently displayed on the archdiocese’s website.

  50. Clinton says:

    The celebrant of today’s EF Mass, a tough Jesuit of the old school, did not mention the initiative in his sermon, but a handout
    with the USCCB’s information was in the parish bulletin. I understand that rector at our parish, in the homilies for the NO Masses,
    made a strong case for the USCCB’s initiative.

  51. nemo says:

    The chaplain read excerpts from it during the announcements before the sermon and urged us to pick one up. They were next to the bulletins.
    (FSSP chapel)

  52. jfk03 says:

    I answered “no mention.”

    I attend a Ukranian Greek Catholic parish. The Eastern bishops are not part of the USCCB. Nevertheless, our parish and our priest are very pro-life and anti-abortion, anti-contraception. Our priest is very orthodox and frequently preaches against abortion, same-sex marriage, and other compromises with the secular world. Parishioners are quite well informed about these things. I and others have written our congressman and senators.

  53. Sandra_in_Severn says:

    We attend a Military Chapel Parish. Short mention during the homily, inserts (really bad copies) in the bulletins It looks like a “rush job” on a copier that needed serving, but “bless ’em for trying,” the chapel and parish staff did get them in for today.

  54. gmarie says:

    An announcement was made at both morning Masses before the final dismissal and the letter was posted on our parish website. Big kudos to our pastor!!!

  55. david andrew says:

    Ours is a very conservative parish. The Pastor made mention of the importance of participation in the “public square” on all issues, but didn’t mention the health care debate specifically. My hunch is that since it is a predominantly conservative parish, it would be “preaching to the choir” to hammer home what is probably an obvious issue to the people in the pews.

  56. david andrew says:

    I should add that he specifically mentioned personally contacting local, state and federal officials, even the President, when we feel strongly about any issue.

  57. rakesvines says:

    In the Arch. of Washington, D.C. of Abp. Wuerl, there was NO mention in churches in Rockville, Garrett Park, Holy Cross. DISGUSTING

  58. eulogos says:

    I attended the Anglican Use parish in Scranton. They are a very pro-life parish, but this week were understandably talking about the Apostolic Constitution. Also it was the fourth anniversary of their reception into the church AND two babies were being baptized. So no, it wasn’t mentioned.

  59. amylpav22 says:

    We did not attend our regular parish, but the one we did go to had no mention, no bulletin insert that I saw, and no letters were set out in a place that I saw (but given the nature of this parish, it was not surprising).

    I’m asking my mom right now if there was something in our regular parish bulletin. No. No mention of it, either.

  60. Serviam1 says:

    Sadly, no mention of this at Mary Immaculate of Lourdes in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts. This is home of a large number of folks from the former Indult community of Holy Trinity in Boston’s South End.

    The lack of announcement may have more to do with the short turn around of the Friday USSCB announcement and the fact their was a Confirmation taking place during the 10 AM Ordinary Form Mass with the busy-ness it must have entailed.

    I did raise the issue during our Coffee Hour following the Noon Missa Cantata (Extraordinary Form) and considerable discussion ensued. I was a bit surprised how few knew what was going on, most of whom rarely get their news from the Internet. I emphasized that this was a clear call for mobilization that we cannot take lightly.

    I will ask the Pastor his intention following tomorrow evening’s All Souls Requiem if it remains unread.

  61. bookworm says:

    Parish in Diocese of Springfield in Illinois: specific mention in Prayers of the Faithful but nowhere else (not in homily or announcements), and not in the bulletin. The bulletin was probably printed too soon for the flyer to get in it.

    The priest is NOT the type who would ignore or downplay something like this. He’s obviously aware of it, but he has several parishes to attend to and probably didn’t have time to rewrite his homily at the last minute, plus he had other important announcements today regarding a significant change in the Mass schedule.

    My prediction is that he will have much more to say on this topic next week.

  62. CarleighS says:

    Fr. Mike read the email that accompanied the insert to us, complete with the numerous references to the insert (which we did not have). Maybe he didn’t realize until he read it aloud that it really NEEDED for us to have the inserts for it to make any sense?

    No sermon though.

  63. Tricia says:

    My parish had nothing written or oral about it. I asked friends in various other parishes in my diocese and they had no mention either.
    I will wait another week and see if it is mentioned.

  64. mrspi says:

    No mention was made in the sermon (given by our transitional deacon) but it was included in the prayers of the faithful and the insert was in the bulletin. This was at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More, Arlington, Virginia.

  65. Fr Martin Fox says:

    I’m sorry–I thought my name would be a link to my website

    If that doesn’t work, my website is: for those interested in seeing my homily…

  66. Went to mass twice today (long story). First Mass (TLM) No mention of it at all. 2nd Mass (liberal N.O. university mass) came out strongly against it and the priest blathered on about the “social justice” of the public option….

  67. All the parishes in the Rockford Diocese, including my own two, made significant reference to the initiative. I spoke about it and all parishes had a bulletin insert. Bishop Doran made sure that all parishes were contacted on Friday to do this. People’s response was positive.

  68. jbalza007 says:

    St. Margaret Mary’s 12:30PM TLM (Diocese of Oakland, CA): The USCCB announcement was the first thing that Canon Moreau read before his homily. I actually made a few copies of the announcement and planned on leaving them by the vestibule, but fortunately, someone else already inserted it on our usual weekly bulletin.

  69. trespinos says:

    Was visiting in a neighboring diocese. No mention there, but hopefully I’ll see some evidence when I return to my home parish on Wednesday that they were quicker to react there. The lead time was probably too short for many.

  70. mom2six says:

    No mention at the Tridentine Mass in Peoria, Illinois.

  71. St. Mary of Hyde Park, Archdiocese of Cincinnati

    Our pastor and his staff worked extra hours Friday afternoon to stuff the bulletins with the insert. (The bulletin deadline was the previous Tuesday, and the bishops’ memo wasn’t released until Thursday.)

    He then delivered a several-minutes-long explanation of why this effort is important just before the dismissal.

    It’s worth noting that Archbishop Pilarczyk issued some sort of communique to his priests requesting they comply with the USCCB’s request.

  72. marinaio says:

    I guess I initially posted under the wrong thread!

    I sent emails out after reading the Bishop’s request on-line. Received one very predictable response from a Demoncrat Senator, haven’t heard from the others. There was no mention of this campaign at Mass this morning; our parish is under Abp. Chaput.

  73. taximom says:

    St. Margaret of Scotland, Oceanside, CA – pastor spoke about it at length at the end of Mass. He put a link to the document on the parish website, and encouraged all to read it and act upon it.

  74. MikeM says:

    I go to our campus Catholic masses, as I’m responsible for doing a lot of the set up and take down of them and such.

    At my urging, we printed them out and gave them out with the bulletins. At the mass I went to, I made an announcement to look out for it. I’m not sure my announcement counted as “strongly positive” but that was mostly because I figured that the bishops could speak for themselves better than I could… I figured urging people to read it and consider it was sufficient… And since I’m quite political on campus outside of our Catholic group, and might sometimes take divisive positions, I thought it might be detrimental for me to take any political position at all.

    I’m not sure how the other student leaders of our group handled it at our other mass today, but I’m sure their approach wasn’t negative.

    Our priest wasn’t interested in changing his homily to address it or anything, but he was supportive when we mentioned distributing the insert (we usually print the bulletins, since we organize our campus events and what not.)

  75. sanctus3 says:

    My husband and I attended the 12:30 High Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. John the Baptist parish, staffed by the Norbertine priests in Costa Mesa, CA.

    The celebrant, Father Smith informed us of the letter from the USCCB, which was placed in the church bulletin as well as the vestibule. He urged us to contact Congress and let them know of our displeasure of the current bill(s). He then introduced a priest who would speak to us about the missionary work in Russia.

    This priest was absolutely fantastic! Father explained that he has been in Russia for 20 years. When he first arrived there was but one church in an area that would be similar to the distance of the Mexican to Canadian border! They now have 20 churches.

    He reviewed the history of the Marxist regime in Russia. Just as Russia was overtaken due to loss of faith, contraception, euthanasia etc., we too could suffer the same fate. Father stated that we must take the warnings of Our Lady of Fatima to heart. Due to contraception, abortion and lack of religious training and zeal, the families in Europe have on average one child. He stated that it was imperative that we take any active role in our spiritual lives as well as the political arena by opposing the health care bill.

    In Russia the fathers are rarely present and not supportive of their children. The men have developed the attitude that it is unnecessary to work since the government will take care of them. Those are the evils of Socialism. The bureaucracy does not love a child. Parents and grandparents do. Will one child be in a position to take care of his/her parents when they are old and in poor health?

    The project he related to us was a University that is in the process of being built and is expected to have 100,000 students. Most will come from Russia, but others will be from countries throughout the world. It is his hope to build a chapel nearby, have a Newman Center to educate the students spiritually and offer them a religious atmosphere. The students can then take their religious education back to their homeland and share what they have learned with their countrymen. Needless to say, this is quite a financial undertaking and our support is needed.

    He then concluded and reminded us to contact Congress and urge them to change their stance on all the immoral items in their proposals.

    Please take some time to go to their website at
    and view all that they are doing. If you can, may I suggest a donation which would be greatly appreciated.

    Father Z- You may have already deduced the name of the priest mentioned above. I spoke to him after Mass and mentioned your blog and the fact that you were requesting feedback regarding the USCCB letter. His name is Fr. Myron Effing,CJD. He said that he knew you from St. Agnes. Small world!

  76. marymartha says:

    Nothing in the bulletin, not a word said during the Mass.

    This was in Oak Park, Illinois in the Chicago Archdiocese. I am not really surprised since Oak Park is very, very liberal… the real shock is if there is ever anything at Mass that speaks out against abortion.

  77. TKS says:

    I sent the info in to our parish. Not a word at Mass this weekend. No handouts. Not at all surprising. Eastern Washington.

  78. THANKS! Great information.


  79. Geremia says:

    I am from the Latin mass Mater Misericordiæ Mission in Phoenix, Arizona, and our pastor gave a very powerful speech before his homily on the healthcare bill. He mentioned how it will cost about $1 million per word of the bill; how the Romans, too, overtaxed their people before they fell; and how the bill will allow unlimited taxpayer-funded abortion and euthanasia.

  80. Lynn Diane says:

    At St. Margaret Mary’s Church in Oakland, CA, at the 8:30 and 10:30 AM Sunday Masses, the pastor, Fr. Stanislaw Zak, before giving the final blessing, explained the issues to us and supported the U.S. bishops’ statements in the strongest possible language, urging us to contact our representatives on the points the bishops listed and referring us to the USCCB bulletin inserts in all copies of the parish bulletins.

  81. Peggy R says:

    As another reader experienced, no mention, no insert, but a good homily on saints, holiness, grace.

    I think the info probably came out too late for most bulletins. I suppose they could have simply printed the flier and handed it out along w/bulletins. Nothing was said to indicate it was available.

  82. mfg says:

    At St. Anne’s Parish (FSSP), San Diego, Bishop’s statement was included in the bulletin and there was a strong statement from the pastor to contact our reps. At St. Margaret’s TLM in Oceanside (North County San Diego) the pastor also made a strong pitch inviting parishioners to get involved in contacting their reps. Also said he had added the Bishop’s statement to the parish website. At the morning Mass at St. Anne’s the FSSP pastor also added that he was encouraged by the Bishops’ new attitude of getting more involved on publilc issues this past couple of years. Both churches responded as I thought they would. Things have changed for the better around here. Deo Gratias.

  83. mormormax says:

    A very comprehensive announcement was made prior to Mass. (This was at a church we normally do not attend.) The priest also mentioned, during his announcements at the end of the Mass, the need and simplicity of sending an email to our congressmen/senators and mentioned that there was a phone number given in the letter which could be used for those who didn’t have access to email. However, though they did a very good job explaining the letter from the bishops, they neglected to insert the letter in the bulletin as they specifically said they would. There were numerous people hunting all over the back of church to find the information. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Oops. I’m very glad you posted it here.

  84. momoften says:

    We had an announcement at Mass, but at two other Parishes I know, they had no inserts, nor did they have
    any mention.

  85. michelelyl says:

    I led a very ‘spirited’ discussion on the bulletin during the RCIA session this week, especially as it related to the “Beatitudes”. Hmmm. Some folks in the inquiry stage might be re-thinking if Catholicism is for them.
    Our Pastor is on vacation out of the country and our Parochial Vicar didn’t mention it at Mass at all. We didn’t get anything from the Diocese, either, so there was no mention at Masses.

  86. Kimberly says:

    We did not receive a mention or insert but, he did announce that there will be a “The Mass of the Traditional Rite” next Sunday, (A different priest comes down to say it, but, hey, he is open to it).

  87. chironomo says:

    Bishop Dewane issued a mandatory “bulletin insert” to be hand inserted in Sunday Bulletins if necessary. A several minute long announcement was made at the end of Mass concerning the health-care bills and why the Church opposes them in current form. The bulletin insert included information on writing to Senators and Reps or sending them a pre-composed e-mail via the USCCB website.

    Overal there was a strong effort made

  88. marthawrites says:

    We were visitors at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in D.C. for the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin Sunday morning. That parish had a two-sided colored insert in the bulletin, but no mention from the altar. The very young priest gave a truly excellent homily about the Feast of All Saints; a long promotional talk by a parishioner at the end of Mass was devoted to stewardship. Back home in south central PA when we went to the Mass for All Souls this morning I picked up a bulletin and found a one page insert. I didn’t ask anyone if anything was said from the pulpit.

  89. dave1022 says:

    St. Stanislaus Oratory: Milwaukee, WI: Very strong encouragment from the pulpit, and the letter was included in the bulletin.

  90. tygirwulf says:

    No mention made at all at my parish, the co-cathedral of my diocese, but the priests of this diocese were also at their annual conference/retreat the entire week. The pastor’s secretary is my RCIA sponsor so i’ll be sure to ask her about it.

    Bishop Johnston has already spoken against the healthcare reform, giving several reasons why he opposes it in his usual thoughtful, gentle manner.

  91. MWindsor says:

    We had a copy of the letter placed in the bulletin, but nothing more.

    However, my wife went to an earlier Mass with a different priest, and he spoke about it well and favorably.

  92. Tewkes says:

    Nothing either verbally or as an insert. One of the EM’s at the mass I attended is the parish secretary and I asked her about it (she would have been the only one that would have seen it). She said she didn’t get the email from the diocese (St Augustine) until late Friday afternoon. The bulletins were already back from the printer by then I think. I also asked the priest after mass and he hadn’t heard anything about it.

  93. jray says:

    St. Peter’s Church in Steubenville, Oh. had the monthly TLM yesterday (Thanks be to God! ) During the announncements, Msgr. Yontz said that the bulletin inserts would be in next week’s bulletin. And he explained that none of the health care bills being considered now can be supported, because of their inclusion of abortion and end of life issues. He reminded us that as Catholics we must stand up in support of life, whatever the cost.

  94. momtomany says:

    St Ann’s Basilica, Scranton, PA

    Our pastor mentioned a paper from the bishops on health care reform could be found with the church bulletin’s during some announcements at the end of Mass. It was quite hard to find at the back of the church. Two of my sons went attended Mass at two other parishes locally. No mention, no letter.
    I miss Bishop Martino!!

  95. I printed out the flyer on one side and the bulletin insert on the other, which was inserted into the bulletin. During the Mass, I had the intercession read during the Prayers of the Faithful. Later, I spoke about the insert during announcements, encouraging parishioners to do what the insert asks.

  96. pcstokell says:

    Here in Oklahoma City, we got bupkus.

    We got a FAX this morning, Monday, 2 November, from the Pastoral Center that included a letter from Archbishop Beltran (all very positive), asking for treatment of the matter ASAP. We’ll do an insert and a mention from the pulpit. And many thanks, Father, for providing a link to a clean copy of the insert!

    My $.02 – Not enough lead time on the part of the USCCB office.

  97. MargaretMN says:

    Here in MN, Archbishop Nienstedt has just issued a memo about the memo and makes it clear he expects all parishes to respond next weekend. I think the info just came out too late in the week for most parishes or the Archdiocese to do anything significant about it for last Sunday and he wants a significant effort made. H/T Stella Borealis blog

  98. ssoldie says:

    Socialism; Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

    Good Citizenship: ‘Catholic’, the well being of ALL depends on the active contribution of ALL. A country is like an anthill: ALL the members should be working,to increase the food store, to protect the hill from weather,enemies,etc.Those who take no interest in the work of the nation are dead weights that the others must bear; they contribute nothing to the well being of the country in which they live. It is in a State where the citizens have no interest, that evil men get into the public service in order to loot it and enrich themselves at the expense of the public. Write your Senators and tell them to oppose the health care bill put forth by the Obama administration. Health care is every one’s own responsability ability, it is not and should not be a public option, run by the government. There are very good Health Insurances out there. In the state of Minn we have MinnesotaCare, This is ALL our responsabilty.

  99. For the Gospel of Life says:

    At St. Thomas the Apostle in Phoenix, AZ, the pastor (who is also chaplain of the Catholic Medical Association) put a note and a resolution from the CMA about health care reform. It wasn’t mentioned during the Mass I attended.

  100. JohnE says:

    I saw emails on this only today, so I think it may have been too soon since our bulletins are usually printed up on Monday or Tuesday. I would hope to see it in this weekend’s bulletin though.

  101. Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston:

    The letter from the Bishop’s conference was read before Mass. The insert, received late Friday, was inserted in the bulletins. The prayer of the faithful was included, and the celebrant worked the issue effectively in his homily.

  102. OtherMary says:

    Our deacon spoke to the Chancellor on Friday evening, and at that time he (the Chancellor) knew NOTHING about the directive from the USCCB. Needless to say, nothing was mentioned in the parishes.

  103. “I attend a Ukranian Greek Catholic parish. The Eastern bishops are not part of the USCCB.”

    Actually, they are, but I do not believe they vote on matters solely concerning the Latin rite dioceses, which is the majority. They do, however, have a separate session at the annual bishops’ meeting.

  104. pforrester says:

    As soon as I read about it on this blog I called my parish and then brought the insert in both Spanish and English to the secretary and asked to pay for the printing and have my confirmation students stuff the bulletins. Father went one better and wants to have a pulpit announcement, something in the bulletin and the inserts passed out after mass at a table. This is actually better b/c so many do not read the bulletin!!!

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

  105. Paul M says:

    Saint Maria Goretti, Diocese of Fort Worth TX, 1100 Mass:

    Too many people eating the donuts without paying; that was the only announcement.

    Nothing in the bulletin either. Kyrie Eleison!

  106. marthawrites says:

    Postscript: I finally had time to look at this morning’s paper. The LEAD story is headlined, “Faith drives health issue” and speaks of the church bulletin inserts in the Harrisburg, PA diocese. So Catholics in south central PA can’t say they haven’t heard of this “last minute effort.”

  107. jdskyles says:

    No Mention (St. Raymond de Penaforte. Mt. Prospect, IL)

    Went to the somewhat liberal suburban parish where I was baptized. No mention of the Bishop’s letter. No insert of the letter in the handbook. There was mention of the pastor dressing up as a devil to deal with the “little devils” at Halloween, while the priest who said mass wrote his homily.

    Also, during the prayers of the faithful, there was a prayer for “Those who felt discrimination by the Church, whether by race, gender, or sexual orientation”.

    Silver lining, since the parish has a new pastor, the liturgy has been better. They actually kneel now, and no longer sing the “through him with him and in him” with the celebrant. Lastly, the “Richard McBrien” weekly column has been excised from the parish bulletin.

  108. thereseb says:

    “Too many people eating the donuts without paying; that was the only announcement.”

    That’s roughly what they’ll be saying a few years into your brave new healthcare system.

  109. JillOfTheAmazingWolverineTribe says:

    Fr. Gismondi, St. Anne’s San Diego, mentioned it right at the top of his sermon, and talked about it and strongly urged parishioners to write their congress critters. It was also inserted into the bulletin, which he mentioned.

    Once again, however, the bishops I thought were LAME in braying about a “NEEDED” health care bill, because naturally, the all omniscient government is the only ones who can force us to pay for every illegal alien who jumps across the border.

    The bishops are ENTIRELY out of line shilling for that, because that is whom they precisely mean about “immigrants.” They need to back off their overall left leaning socialist agenda, a nationalize health care bill is just going to mess up the private care and by extension public are for EVERYBODY. It was faintly reminiscent of them doing the blather they did prior to the 2008 election with their useless voters guide, which essentially gave fig leaves to cafeteria catholics to vote for proabort demmocrats, which is what got us all in trouble in the first place.

    You’d think they’d know congress weasels by now, because it takes one to know one.

  110. mrsmontoya says:

    I sent it to my diocese (San Jose, CA), they replied that they had sent the information out to all parishes and have posted it in their daily bulletin. It was not mentioned this weekend (All Saints’ Day), I will see and post what happens this coming weekend.

  111. crnugent says:

    St. Joseph’s, Bryan, Texas

    The homily was about Catholic Services Appeal, tied in with the Gospel. The bulletin contained the USCCB insert, no mention from the pulpit.

  112. St. John’s, Leesburg, VA

    Nothing mentioned at the Vigil Mass or the Sunday Mass (as far as I know) — I think that was due to the fact that Bishops Loverde and DiLorenzo had put into the bulletin a statement on Virginia’s elections for governor: which is important in its own right too.

    (btw, Go McDonnell! #wink#)

  113. Francisco Cojuanco says:

    I alternate between several parishes due to the strains of travel and frequent pilgrimage, so:

    St. Paul, Chino Hills, CA: There’s been some mention of it, albeit short, top-of-the-sermon bits (“tell your elected officials not to support pro-abort positions in the healthcare bill”), though most of the congregation already opposes the public funding of abortion, and our Congressman is vehemently opposed to UH already.

    St. Francis, Riverside, CA: None, though I only attend Mass there about twice a week. They probably preached about it, (Fr. Aiardi being Fr. Aiardi, it was probably hard to ignore), but I was at St. John’s.

    St. John of Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA (EF parish): None, surprisingly. It was in the bulletin, though.

  114. bookworm says:

    Update from my parish (Diocese of Springfield in Ill.): went to All Souls Day Mass this evening and insert WAS in parish bulletin.

  115. Justin_Kolodziej says:

    Where I went Sunday (All Saints in Lakeville, MN) the pastor read the announcement and mentioned more information was on the “Peace and Justice” table. Because my parents had to go to brunch I don’t know what they had on that table, but they didn’t put anything in the bulletins. Homily was about how All Saints’ Day is really about all the “other” saints that don’t have their own day, like the ones in your own life who show you Christ.

    The above comment about Archbishop Niendstat applies to me so we shall see next week. Wasn’t anything in the bulletin I took from the perpetual adoration chapel at St. Mary’s in Shakopee.

  116. cato_the_younger says:

    No mention during 10:30 am Mass at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. In fact VII was mentioned in the homily as a great step forward in religious tolerance.

  117. isabella says:

    There was a handout in the bulletin and a mention in the homily. Not a lot of preaching though. I don’t really know how our own bishop feels about it, so won’t speculate online. The celebrant priest does participate in many pro-life activies, so who knows?

    And – there is a nationwide WEBCAST Nov 2 with over 70 pro-life, pro-family organizations. It starts at 9PM Eastern, is live, and you can register at You have to register in advance. Don’t know if it will be useful or if I’m allowed to post links or not. If not, I apologize in advance and will never do it again. It seemed on topic. If I made a typo, you can probably find it on any pro-life site.

  118. isabella says:

    As of now, NARAL is admitting they may not have the numbers to pass the bill with abortion funding in it. Like Father Z said, keep calling your Congressmen/women. (I’m listening to the webcast in another window) – a Planned Parenthood facility director quit after viewing an ultrasound after people have been praying for her for 8 years.

    They are talking about the bishops now and E. Vitae.

    So PRAY! God can do what Congress can’t! He can change the hearts of the people in Congress and he can fumble up the process on the house floor.

  119. Dan G. says:

    My diocese is good at sending directives to parishes about inserts to include in bulletins and announcements to make, etc. The directive on this one did come down… on Monday Nov. 2, for next weekend. My parish now has our inserts already printed and ready to stuff for next weekend. We did nothing last weekend.

    I would caution everyone not to make quick assumptions of bad motives on the part of priests. Directives to parishes from the USCCB do not normally get passed by way of blogs! I would ask: if the USCCB wanted all parishes to get this out last weekend, why were they so late/slow in getting the word out? Why was my diocese slow in passing the word down?

    And the answer to both questions may be: staff cutbacks. A perfectly ordinary, non-conspiratorial explanation. Hello, Recession!

  120. Marcus de Alameda says:

    Yes, St. Margaret Mary’s Church in Oakland, CA.

    The weekly bulletin had the USCCB insert within

    Father spoke from the ambo at end of Mass forcefully in support of the bishop’s
    petition. Father Zak being Polish, instructed that he’s seen first hand the
    results of communist and socialist state control governments in eastern Europe,
    and their influence to destroy the Church and the sanctity of life.
    He ended by saying, with a firm resolve –
    “I will not, be censored from speaking the truth!”
    I and many others choked back tears of admiration for our fearless shepherd.

  121. bnaasko says:

    No mention this weekend. It looks like the push in the Archdiocese of Denver will be next weekend.

  122. stjoeky says:

    As a member of the Gospel of Life Committee for the diocese of Owensboro (KY), I know that all of the information was sent out to all of our parishes on 10-28 but neither of the parishes that I attended this weekend had any mention, petition, document or any reference to this issue. I’m really sad…especially considering that I made a point of personally sending copies of the documentation to my own parish after seeing it here. Hopefully we’ll hear of this next week. BTW our parish is really pro-life and I am allowed to add the Priests for Life information into our bulletin every week. If nothing materializes I’ll probably speak to our pastor about it.

  123. Hans says:

    The USCCB has a health care project??

    So you can guess that I heard nothing.

    I’ve heard something about the upcoming Catholics Come Home project here in the Archdiocese of Chicago, but even that not at Mass.

  124. Father Ignotus says:

    I preached about the health care reform back on Labor Day weekend. I do not know if the pastor plans to put the material in the bulletin this weekend or not (we got it too late last week to be able to include it). But in any case, I will give it a brief mention in my Masses.

  125. JohnMa says:

    At St. Mary Mother of God in Washington, DC the insert was right next to the bulletin in the back and everyone was asked to take one (we don’t have a normal bulletin, it is just one page). Father had a bit of a slip up during announcements and talked about gay marriage instead of abortion. I guess someone just mentioned it to him right before Mass and he assumed the letter was about DC’s gay marriage bill. The way I look at it that just means that people got to read the USCCB letter and hear about gay marriage.

  126. Sam Schmitt says:

    Our pastor gave a strong endorsement of the project in announcements near the end of mass. He said that he received the insert only on Friday, so it was too late to be included in the bulletin.

    St Mary’s, Norwalk, CT

  127. chironomo says:

    Fortunately, it looks as though the Health Care issue will slow down a bit in the House….I am watching Harry Reid now saying that “we aren’t bound by some kind of timeline…”. Oh what a difference an election can make….

  128. Larry R. says:

    St St. William in Greenville, TX, Father Paul Weinberger discussed the USCCB circular, which was in the bulletin, in his after Mass announcements. Father Paul is very strong on abortion and all life issues. He encouraged all in attendance to follow the USCCB requests.

    St. Mark in Plano, TX, also went through some fairly heroic efforts to get 8000 bulletins loaded with the inserts between Thursday late PM and Saturday afternoon. I do not know if Father Cliff Smith addressed the issue at Mass, we were at St. William. Father Cliff is pretty good on the abortion issue. He’s a difficult guy to deal with, sometimes, but he is trying to bring a very poorly formed parish into a greater adherence to orthodoxy. St. Mark is the largest parish in Texas and is very poor, monetarily, despite having a fairly wealthy congregation and being in one of the richest communities in the state. Father Cliff has his hands full. St. Mark suffered from weak leadership for a very long time.

  129. Alice says:

    Our pastor was out of town all week, so I’m not surprised that there was nothing in the bulletin. It wasn’t in my parents bulletin either. Both parishes have been active in similar things in the past, so I suspect the late notice and not any anti-life conspiracy.

  130. worm says:

    Our bulletin contained the Oct. 8 letter from Bishop Murphy, Cardinal Rigali, and Bishop Wester to members of Congress. I suspect it was a timing issue. That decision was probably made very early in the week and the bulletins were probably already printed by the time I read about the “call to arms”. I don’t know what it takes to organize an insert, but I would have been very impressed had my parish been able to pull that off in time. I must admit, though, that I was a little disapointed that no mention was made at the Mass I attended. Father had just preached against abortion just the week before, so that may have been a large part of it.

  131. William A. Anderson says:

    Maybe the WDTPRS feedback is helping to raise consciousness. Our parish in Los Angeles seemed to have overlooked the issue last Sunday (perhaps because of the annual parish Mission). But, in yesterday’s parish-wide e-mail about next weekend’s free H1N1 vaccinations, our pastor included a strong message encouraging parishioners to contact their legislators to keep abortion funding and mandates out of healthcare, including easily followed links to facilitate follow-through.

  132. AnnLewis says:

    Holy Rosary Parish, Indianapolis had the flier and a good mention in the homily for both Ordinary and Extraordinary Rites. (This is Monsignor Schaedel’s parish, mentioned a while back on your blog.) I expected to see it and I was not disappointed. Way to go, Monsignor!

  133. Paul M says:

    Saint Maria Goretti, Diocese of Fort Worth TX (Update)

    It will be in this weekend’s bulletin (8 NOV), and announced at all the Masses. It’s a coordinated effort from the Diocese.

    Deus Vult!

  134. Mary Ann says:

    Insert did appear THIS weekend with a mention at Mass (but no specific request for action according to my husband).

  135. Frank H says:

    Our parish in the Columbus Diocese had three pages of material from the USCCB in the bulletin, a strong petition in the Prayers of the Faithful, and a lengthy announcement at the end of Mass asking for us to take action and contact our legislators. I understand at another Mass our Associate Pastor devoted his homily to the subject! A solid effort on the part of our Pastor, I’m happy to report!

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