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Fr. Z POLL: Response in parishes to the USCCB project

The USCCB urged dioceses/parishes to motivate people to speak up as Catholics about key issues of the health reform debate.  The American bishops asked the 19,000 parishes in the USA to have bulletin inserts urging parishioners to contact their representatives … Read More

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All Souls, 1st Thursday, Year for Priests: A PROJECT

WDTPRSers UNITE! Pray for the souls of priests. First, remember that you can gain indulgences on All Souls and the days following. Second, 5 November is a first Thursday.  You can gain a plenary indulgence during this year for Priests. … Read More


Spirit is stuck!

From the site of NASA: Spirit Embedded in Soft Soil on Mars as Engineers Devise Methods to ‘Free Spirit’ This view from the panoramic camera on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit shows the terrain surrounding the location called "Troy," where … Read More

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Stephen Maturin would enjoy this

Is this like something William Mowett would have come up with? From the Laudator: Max Beerbohm on Thomas Hardy and A.E. Housman:     How compare either of these grim two?      Each has an equal knack,    Hardy supplies the pill that’s … Read More

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Communion in the Time of Swine Flu & Dioceses which issue Documents

I have received about 20 e-mails from people in Toronto. They are incensed by a memo sent to all churches in the Archdiocese of Toronto It has a requirement that all churches "must implement the changes outlined below" including "Temporarily … Read More


The Feeder Feed and Thanks

I am pleased to report that donations allowed me to get my camera cleaned!  Therefore, here is a report from the feeder.For some reason I have not seen Cardinals at the feeder except for the rare bird.  Today I was … Read More

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Summit Soap Sisters Send Salutations

As the Christmas buying season revs up, consider helping good communities of religious by buying their good stuff as gifts. I would be willing to post about other communities too.  I prefer to actually see things they sell so that … Read More


UPDATE: on Sinsinawa Dominican Sister – escort at abortion clinic

Update on the Sinsinawa Dominican Sister who acts as escort to women entering an abortion clinic.  HERE.

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A bishop gets it: doing things is not necessarily active participation

I have written before in these electric pages about His Excellency Most Rev. Robert Vasa, Bishop of Baker Oregon.  He has a column in The Catholic Sentinel, the instrument of the Archdiocese of Portland and the Diocese of Baker.   His … Read More

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A priest’s reflection on “The Land of the Living”

Here is a good piece in First Things from a priest friend in NYC, Fr. Gerald Murray pastor of St. Vincent’s (where as of tomorrow I will be spending a few days).  Into the Land of the LivingNov 2, 2009Gerald … Read More

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Is Christopher Hitchens sick in the head?

What is special bone is missing from the heads of people who hate saints and holy people, especially holy women?  Of course we all suffer from the wounds to our human nature, but something else is at work in people … Read More

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