Whiny WaPo slop on wymynprystsssssss

More brilliance from WaPo‘s religious analysts on their usually bizarre religion blog.

This time they are coiled up with wymynprysssstsssssss….

My emphases and comments:

Faithfully, if not obediently, Catholic

By Katie Balestra
Saturday, January 23, 2010; B02

Inside a red brick house in Falls Church, Bridget Mary Meehan placed a silver chalice of wine and a plate of flatbread on the coffee table in her living room and prepared to lead a sacred, forbidden ceremony.  [Ooooo… how… dreamy!]

"As we gather around this table, this intimate little house church table, let us remember that God is raising us up, all of us," she said, smiling at the four worshipers who had come to hear her say Mass.  [FOUR?]

Three and a half years ago, Meehan joined a group of Catholic women from across the United States known as the Roman Catholic Womenpriests — [not] ordained [through simulated ordinations] as bishops, priests and deacons, sometimes in secret ceremonies, against Vatican law. [And this writer wants to write about religion?] The first ceremony took place in 2002, when a renegade [woman non-]bishop [didn’t] ordained seven women in a boat on the Danube River near Passau, Germany. Most, if not all members, have been excommunicated.

The group, which has about 70 women, is one of several nationwide gaining support among U.S. Catholics as more of them begin to question the Vatican’s stance [again… this is person wants to write about religion?] on women’s role in the Church.

"Our goal is to bring about full equality of women in the Roman Catholic Church," said Meehan, 62.  [If that were true, she would stop helping get excommunicated.] "We love the faith. We love the spirituality. [I suspect that uses that word rather along the lines of those who say, "Well… I’m not so sure about organized religion, but I’m really a very spiritual person."] That’s why we remain Catholic. We are holding disobedience to an unjust law that discriminates against women. [How do you "hold disobedience"?  I suppose the laws of English pertain to her as much as she thinks God’s laws and those of Holy Church pertain.] We’re willing to go the whole mile with the institution on this."  [The whole mile?  Isn’t that suppose to be… I dunno… "the whole nine-yards" or "the extra mile"… am I wrong?]

The underground movement has a strong following in the Washington region.

Last year, Maureen Fiedler, host "Interfaith Voices" on WAMU (88.5), organized a fundraiser for her radio program with a special address by the Rev. Roy Bourgeois, a Catholic priest facing excommunication for attending a Womenpriests ordination. [A real winner, he.] In the packed audience was Louise Lears, 59, a nun who returned home to her 85-year-old mother in Baltimore in 2008 after the Archdiocese of St. Louis banished her for attending a Womenpriests ceremony. Other attendees included many of the women behind the Women’s Ordination Conference, a Washington-based pro-ordination group.

Bourgeois, a Vietnam War veteran, social justice advocate and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, [Hey!  Rush Limbaugh was also a nominee!] has been trying to recruit other priests, many of whom agree with his position but fear excommunication. "I understand your fear about going public with this," he told them, "but you and I are card-carrying members of this all-boys club, and our silence simply sends the message very clearly that it’s okay to have women sit in the back of the Catholic bus."  [Roy…. GET OUT.  Get out NOW.]

Popular support

Erin Saiz Hanna, executive director of the Women’s Ordination Conference, talks excitedly about the demonstrations she helps organize. She has protested outside St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, wearing a T-shirt that says "Ordain Women" in nine languages. She was detained three times by Vatican police. She has started an online petition supporting women’s ordination to send to the Vatican. It has several thousand signatures.  [This is risible.  Being detained… ooooo… by the Vatican police… not just once but three times! Ooooo….!]

"I think that women themselves believe they should be ordained, that they’ve been called by God," said Hanna, from the organization’s office in Southeast Washington. "It’s not really the Vatican’s place to mess with that call." [?!?  Deranged.]

The local activism is part of a larger shift in public opinion. In April, a Pew Research Center survey found that 39 percent of former Catholics now unaffiliated with a religion left the Church because they were unhappy with the treatment of women, among other concerns[Among other concerns.  Does the writer really think she can fool us into believing that 39 percent of the lapsed lapsed because women can’t be ordained?]

Lears, the nun from Baltimore, was supported by her family and members of her church. Shortly after being punished, she attended Mass at her local parish with her sister and mother. She was forbidden to take Communion, but her mother and sister decided to share their hosts with her. Other parishioners dropped pieces of their hosts into her hands. By the ritual’s end, her hands were full.  [THAT’S a way to signify support?  Sacrilegious abuse of the Blessed Sacrament?]


Katie Balestra is a freelance writer based in the District.

This whiny slop went on and on and on.  That’s only about half.


There is already a church perfectly in harmony with their aspirations: the Anglican Church.

I suggest they all formalize their membership in the Anglican communion.  

They will have some open places pretty soon.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. This bunch is scary.
    What particular “heresy” does this garbage fall under, I wonder?

  2. Oneros says:

    Yet, they’re making inroads. Because liberals are willing to be ACTIVIST. Are willing to protest.

    [Inroads? That lady had four people at her gig.]

    Conservative and traditionalist Catholics seem to whine a lot, but then don’t do anything. Sometimes citing “obedience” but often times I suspect just laziness. There is nothing preventing traditionalists from, say, picketing against Communion in the Hand or having a Rosary Vigil against it outside a Cathedral. But we…don’t.

    And we wonder why they get what they want and support, even though they are a minority. But they are a bold and vocal minority.

    We need to be more bold and activist.

  3. nazareth priest: I think this falls mainly under the heresy of being stupid.

  4. Fr. Z: Absolutely…just was looking for some ‘input’:<)!

  5. JonM says:

    nazareth priest: I think this falls mainly under the heresy of being stupid.
    Comment by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf — 22 January 2010 @ 6:07 pm


  6. EnoughRope says:

    Like, ohmagosh, I like cannot believe how wrong this is! Women have rights too! Catholics don’t even value women! Like, we should start a facebook group because everyone knows how corrupt the Catholic Church is. You know what I mean? I totally think they have so much courage- know what I’m saying? Like, totally.

  7. Maltese says:

    Looks like an estrogen fest.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    “I suggest they all formalize their membership in the Anglican communion. They will have some open places pretty soon.”

    Ha! Good one!

  9. Scott W. says:

    And there’s those creepy puppet-like things. Always with the creepy puppets….

  10. Scott W.:The “creepy puppets” may be from the “Chucky” series… you know, the doll that KILLS…haven’t ever seen them; heard about them; “Churchy Chucky” is scarier than any womyn-whatever…he(she)’s from the bowels of hell…maybe impersonating a womynpriest? Or doing her bidding???

  11. Mike says:

    Ran a google check on the author of the piece…looks fresh as paint…young and clueless…thanks for the comments, Fr. Z!

  12. Oh, and is ‘wymynprysssstsssssss….’ a quote from Golum, “Lord of the Ring”?…very appropriate…

  13. JohnE says:

    “And there’s those creepy puppet-like things. Always with the creepy puppets…”

    They only have 4 members, and paper-mache is cheap and portable.

    I wonder when the WaPo decided on this story — after the health care deform bill started looking less likely, or were they saving it to coincide with the pro-life march? I suspect Katie wants to get some digs in.

  14. Semper Idem says:

    “She has protested outside St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, wearing a T-shirt that says “Ordain Women” in nine languages.”

    I wonder if one of the languages happened to be Latin.

  15. Melania says:

    Unfortunately, I have met some of these types. (Where I live, you name it, we got it.)

    After I talked to them, I found that their “spirituality” was generally all over the map, composed of lots of New Age, some poorly understood Buddhism, pop psychology and a little dash of Wicca under their cloak of Catholicism. Although physically late middle age or older, most of these women struck me as quite young emotionally.

    I had the same impression of the women involved in Wicca. The Wicca women I met seemed to be about 9 or 10 years old emotionally. Their involvement was not motivated so much by an interest in occult powers as in simply continuing to play a game of “Fairy Tale,” although now instead of pretending to be the fairy princess, they imagined themselves in the role of the seductive enchantress.

    These “womyn priests” seem also to be involved in a lot of fantasy.

  16. Melania: Not be playing “jr. psychologist” here; I have no degree or will have; but I think you are absolutely right, this is an emotional sickness/lack of development. I think it is due to this sick culture in which we live. There is so much of it, in whatever form out there. Only the grace of Christ, the sound teaching of our Holy Mother Church, and the loving fellowship of believers can help to heal this…I’m not being all “gooey” here but really, the lack of proper familial relationships and proper relationships (Friendship/Spouse/Religious Life/Priesthood) can make these people nuts. God help them!

  17. Re: sacrilegious abuse

    This is just embarrassing. At least some of the early Anglican women trying to get ordained were actually serious in wanting to serve God, albeit they were tragically mistaken.

    These geniuses, on the other hand, apparently wouldn’t know service if it rose up and bit them on their berobed butts. The priesthood is all about them, a little about showing up the hierarchy, and nothing at all about Jesus Christ.

    And criminently, I don’t even know any Wiccans who would be feckless and disrespectful enough to perform rituals using a coffee table as an altar. Community theater groups would figure out something better. Truly, it boggles the mind. If you’re going to play like you’re a priest, at least play like you care about what you’re playing.

  18. Correct that to “I don’t even know any atheist Wiccans”.

    Yes, I seem to meet all sorts also. :)

  19. catholicmidwest says:

    Oneros. Inroads?? You’re kidding, right??

    All day long I go about my business, at work, in the street, in the store. I’m surrounded by people, some of whom know the truth, some of whom don’t. These people don’t. They’re wandering around like dogs in the dark. The sad thing is that they’ve chosen this. Most people who don’t know aren’t that culpable.

  20. Mitchell NY says:

    I don’t know all the theological reasons or pretend to understand it all, but something deep, deep inside says this is simply wrong. To go up against the Vatican on such an issue that they have stated unequiovocally as wrong just seems an outright attack against the Catholic Church. There are many religions similiar that would cater to women Priests. But it is simply not Roman Catholic. Why are they trying to turn the Vatican and Holy Father inside out? It just seems brutal. Isn’t there enough on their plate. Why should the Vatican even entertain discussion on this when “they have the poor to take care of.” That last statement is made in jest because these same women Priests when probably discussing issues that conflict with their agenda would probably say this, or attack the Church from this angle. This in part stems from the idea that in 1965 with the close of the Council, everythng and anything is up for grabs and change. The Council, like it or not, courted disaster. It is hard to believe, even if we do not agree with all that the Faith demands not to know deep inside when something is wrong.. And women’s ordination in the Roman Catholic Faith is just that, wrong.

  21. Thomas S says:

    It’s amazing how a single heresy leads to a total breakdown of faith. Some people want priestesses, but it is NEVER a self-contained proposition. How many other dominoes fall when the first one is tipped over? The very next one has to be the indefectibility of the Church, the infallibility of the pope, and ultimately the freedom of Our Lord himself. In the end the clamour among these heretics for womyn prysts is a denial of the priesthood altogether. Do these “priestettes” care? Not a bit. In the end it’s about the raw exercise of power and a freedom that leads to slavery.

    But of course, they can’t be bothered to (or are incapable of) seeing their heresy through to its logical conclusion. My aunt (and she’s not alone in my family) describes herself as far left. She’s incapable of seeing the Church in any terms other than “liberal v. conservative.” It’s incredible, sad, and frightening how an educated woman who grew up in the Faith could be so narrowminded and bigotted when it comes to these matters. I can pick apart what passes for her arguments but their is an obstinate refusal to even consider the thought that it is she who needs reform and not the Church’s magisterium. Dismantle her cliched whinings about women in the Church, and instead of responding she instantly switches to a new gripe, say, married clergy (which itself is an attempt to smuggle in womyn prysts by the distorted thinking that if we can make that change then certainly we can make any change).

    As frustrating and infuriating as this can be, the slight hope I cling to for them is invincible ignorance. There’s certainly some form of ignorance going on with all these women. Don’t ever let the left tell you that liberalism is open-minded and tolerant. In my experience it is an assault on Reason itself.

  22. Theodorus says:

    “It’s not really the Vatican’s place to mess with that call.”

    If so, then why on earth do these satan’s minions want Vatican’s approval to “ordain women”? It’s just so stupid.

  23. chcrix says:

    Where is Cardinal Fang when you need him?

    Send them to the comfy chair!

  24. Mike says:

    Katie Balestra is a graduate student at Georgetown University studying investigative journalism. She is a fellow at the Center for the Pearl Project, a group of students working with professor Asra Nomani to find the truth behind the kidnapping and death of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Balestra graduated summa cum laude in 2002 from Youngstown State University with a degree in journalism, where she was managing editor of the university newspaper, The Jambar. She also worked as a copy-editing intern at The Vindicator, the daily newspaper in Youngstown, Ohio. In 2002, she began working as a writer-editor for the federal government, where she has worked for the last six years.

    just fyi…nice enough gal, just no theologian…er, to say the least…

  25. “Don’t ever let the left tell you that liberalism is open-minded and tolerant. In my experience it is an assault on Reason itself.” –Thomas S.
    You nailed it.
    The most absolutely intolerant, authoritarian, prejudiced folks I have met and dealt with in my over thirty years in the Church as an adult fit this description. They have no idea what it would be like to be under an authoritarian regime (as in the Inquisition?) under Pope Benedict XVI…they’d be in the clink, on the rack, or in the fire…they should be grateful for such mercy, such patience, such leniency…in the hope to bring them back to the True Faith. But instead, they cry like little babies, suck their thumbs, and accuse everyone who is doing their job of being the “enemy”. Too bad.

  26. TNCath says:

    Blah, blah, blah!
    Father Z. is correct. We can trade the LCWR-friendly orders for the Anglicans who wish to jump the Tiber over to Rome anytime.

    Why do they stay in? The only reason I can figure is for financial reasons. The tie to the Church guarantees their tax-exempt status and is a security blanket in that they can always say they are “Catholic institutions.” Infuriating and ridiculous.

  27. Magpie says:


    On a more constructive note, maybe these women could visit http://www.chastitysf.com where they will get free Catholic Psychotherapy help which is completely faithful to the Magisterium!

  28. To be “equal to men”: what a paltry goal. I submit that we are meant to have it better than men, and that it is a privilege to be a woman. Decades of feminism have unfortunately conditioned us to believe otherwise; we have sold our birthright for a mess of pottage. But as a woman, I will never be called upon to bear the kinds of responsibilities that a priest must bear, or make the kinds of sacrifices that he must make; yet I may nevertheless benefit from these sacrifices. And as women, we have the privilege of numbering among our sex the greatest person who ever lived after Jesus: His holy mother.

    What a comedown “equality” would have been for the Blessed Mother!

  29. Anita Moore OPL: Priceless!:<)!

  30. Supertradmom says:

    Substitute the word “priest” in the article with “witch” as in wicca, and you have the same sort of stance.

  31. JimGB says:

    Irritating through it is that these nut cases get a media outlet to run a sympathetic story on them, in the final analysis these are sad and pathetic people who have lost their way. I would like to say to them: if the Church is so oppressive and evil, just LEAVE IT. Go to a denomination where your silly oversized sock puppets, your rainbow vesture, and your gender-neutral prayers will fit right in. Take the “social justice” nun crowd with you. JUST GO and not inflict yourselves on the rest of us.

  32. Peggy R says:

    A woman in our diocese is active in the WOC. She’s found via google leading prayer at these things. I came across her name from some of her typical feminist priestess pap in a letter to the local paper. She claims to be a theologian, but I’ve found no information as to her credentials or current employer. She is among the CTA crowd in our diocese who signed the “wait” petition. She identified herself as a priest on the petition. I suspect that the bishop must know about this woman. I wonder when he’ll take action. Yet, he’s pretty busy just trying to get the faithful to kneel before Our Lord.

    I was also concerned to read that Sr. Lears, admonished by Abp. Burke in STL, was given communion from her mother and sister. Shocking disobedience. And that’s now in print. Dummies.

    The headline was annoying as well. How can these women be faithful and disobedience on such a basic tenet?

  33. JimGB: Exactly.
    But if you read the comments on ncreporter.com, they don’t WANT to leave; it’s THEIR church…they want to change it “from within”…it’s liberation theology at its worst…or communism.
    There is a very strong movement that (although aging) thinks if they just hold out long enough, they’ll get their “utopia”: women priests, homosex in all its various manifestations, contraception and abortion, “egalitarian” rule within the Church (whatever the heck that means!), on and on and on and on.
    They’re not giving up, my friend. But God’s Truth and Will is going to outlast all this.

  34. Maltese says:

    *This whiny slop went on and on and on. That’s only about half.
    There is already a church perfectly in harmony with their aspirations: the Anglican Church.
    I suggest they all formalize their membership in the Anglican communion.
    They will have some open places pretty soon.*

    All very true, Father. On the one hand, they are a bunch of unrealistic hens searching for some meaning in meaningless ritual. On the other hand, they believe they have something to offer the world, ala, the 1970’s. It’s actually amazing to think they are still caught in that mind-set. But, really, they are silent voices in a listless wind, soon to die out.

    I might pray for them, except that I am consumed praying for the truly needy: those in Haiti, who are true Catholic souls in true peril…

  35. Noooooooo – not the puppets again

  36. Gosh, I wish we had $800,000 to work with (read the article…disgusting)…maybe we could actually move into our priory, make needed renovations to the Oratory where we celebrate the Extraordinary Form regularly…And this money, rather than promote the love and adoration of the Lord in His Catholic Church is being used to…what? Blaspheme? Lead others astray? Continue to the work of the Evil One?

  37. racjax says:

    We’ve got one of these womenpriestesssss groups here in Santa Barbara. The womenpriestess leader also lives with a nun. There two “ordained deacons”. One is the former top layman at the SB Mission and has a PhD from Barry U. She is ready to be “ordained”. The other deacon is a man who was one of the extraordinary ministers at the missions. They are freaks even here in Santa Barbara and that’s quite an accomplishment. Pitiful.

  38. I remember a woman at my church who was very vocal about women’s ordination. Once, in jest, I referred to her as “Her Holiness Pope Joan II”. She HATED that…but it caught on quick.

  39. Joshua08 says:

    Let us assume for a second the absurd and impossible (insofar at least as Rome has settled the question), that women could be ordained. Still, who does the calling in a vocation? Is it just Jesus, me and maybe the bible if I don’t think it too archaic and oppressive?

    In the rite of ordination, the Church actually examines, calls and chooses the men to be ordained. In the old rite at least the archdeacon called forth those to be ordained

    St. Thomas makes the point that aside from discerning impediments (whether physical, prior obligations etc) the main element of discernment to whether you have a vocation is the judgment of the superior…whether it be the bishop in ordination, or the mother superior of a convent. Taking counsel from those in the religious state and submitting to the judgement of those invested with authority by the Church are a major criterion to whether you are actually being called

  40. Warren says:

    Yet another bunch of attention starved folk who, failing to realize the obvious (women cannot be priests), insist that the rest of the world conform to their petulant rants. Heretics are so boring.

  41. Sid says:

    There is already a church perfectly in harmony with their aspirations: the Anglican Church. I suggest they all formalize their membership in the Anglican communion.

    I’ve been predicting that The Episcopal Church will balloon in membership: inauthentic (“liberal”) Catholics will flee as The Roman Catholic Church becomes more authentic.

  42. JonM says:

    Here is another commentator who wants to bring up the puppet issue.

    I’m sure we remember the infamous WCCTA ‘mass’ that featured, among other liturgical butcherings, life size paper mache puppets. I recall someone also posting pictures of giant, identically designed puppets in Seatle.

    Sometimes felt banners are lumped together with these puppets. While homemade felt banners really shouldn’t be in a Church, except on very rare occassions, I have seen wonderful art done with felt. Beautiful depictions of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a chalice and Host, etc.

    These paper mache puppet always look the same and always look downright scarey.

    I have to ask, Why do these puppets have the same creepy look? Is this not satan entering the Church as warned of at Akita and Fatima?

  43. Grabski says:

    I couldn’t get past the ‘four worshipers’. Women who claim they are priests and use their own prayers somehow are ‘catholics’

    How was the WaPo coverage of 200,000 real Catholics (plus 10s of 1,000s of others) in their fair city on 1/22?

  44. ndmom says:

    Does Central Casting have a category for “angry dissident ‘Catholic’ feminist?”
    They all seem to look the same.
    But the most interesting thing about this and similar media coverage of this alleged movement, is that the protagonists are all Women of a Certain Age, accompanied by the token Understanding Priest (who is also of a Certain Age).
    Where are all of the angry young women? With all of their angry little children? And the recently ordained sympathetic priests?
    This movement has no future.

  45. I think the masks symbolize very well the mask of Catholicity that these heretics have on.

  46. Grabski says:

    Oneros Conservative and traditionalist Catholics seem to whine a lot, but then don’t do anything

    Not sure how you can say that. Ever seen what the KofC does? How about groups which didn’t roll over when the liberals tried to expunge the EF? How do you think Ecclesia Dei and the FSSP and everything that led up to the Motu Propio came about?

  47. Grabski says:

    Sylvia Mulherin, 69, a former nun married to a former priest

    ’nuff said

  48. ChadS says:

    Two quick comments:

    1. I suspect she holds the laws and rules of English in higher esteem, because to do otherwise she’d just appear uneducated.
    2. I thought Bourgeois was excommunicated several months ago. This article implies he is facing that sanction, not already under it.

  49. JonM says:

    Father Marie-Paul, I think your response answers well my question on the puppet masks. Thank you.

  50. William Tighe says:

    With regard to Sid’s comment concerning the possibility of “liberal Catholics” defecting to Episcopalianism, I call this article from the December 2000 issue of New Oxford Review to your attention:


    Sometimes, of course, “truth is stranger than fiction,” in that the Episcopal Church has, in fact, already cast aside the “specious restraint” that Mr. Penn (a convert to the Catholic Church from Episcopalianism) imagined in his article. that it would practice on the subject of “homosexual marriages.”

  51. adagio48 says:

    Ezekiel 36:24-28 I will take you away from among the nations, gather you from all foreign lands, and bring you back to your own land. I will sprinkle clean water upon you to cleanse you from all your impurities, and from all your IDOLS I will cleanse you. I will give you a NEW HEART and place a NEW SPIRIT within you, taking from your bodies your stony hearts and giving you natural hearts. I will put MY SPIRIT within you, and make you live by MY STATUTES, careful to observe MY DECREES. You shall live in the land I gave your fathers; you shall be my people, and I will be YOUR GOD.

  52. Kimberly says:

    The priest I worked for was always pushing for me to become a wymynprysssstsssssss. I told him “no thank you, I want to remain Catholic”.

  53. janek3615 says:

    It’s similar to the rage of high school Veganism, sitting in threatened redwood trees, saving baby Harp seals, talking to one’s plants, and adopting one’s cat as a person. Rather than promote the “cause” it signals the fatuousness of the Washington Post. In forty years, we will look at this as we do today at Nehru jackets and cute Hyannis Port accents.

  54. david andrew says:

    There is already a church perfectly in harmony with their aspirations: the Anglican Church. I suggest they all formalize their membership in the Anglican communion.

    I made a similar suggestion last week to a “Black Franciscan” (OFM Conv.) who said all the priests he knew would openly defy the Holy See and not use the new Missal prayer translations when they were promulgated. He also said out loud that he hoped the American Bishops would do the same, saying, “what would Rome do about it anyways?”

    When I suggested he consider the Episcopal Church, he told me “that’s a rather self-righteous answer.”

    What puzzles me is just how it can be that I, together with many friends and acquaintances, struggle daily to live in conformity with the teachings of the Church, while others like this OFM Conv., and these wymynprysts mark it a virtue to be dissenters, seeking at every turn to find the thin spots in their consciences where they feel they can break the rules while pouring scorn on us.

  55. The Egyptian says:

    Best reason yet for communion rail and communion on the TONGUE, like to see them share it then, (giggle-snort)

  56. bookworm says:

    Women like these, as well as hard core feminists like the late Mary Daly and Sr. Joan Chittister, have either forgotten or never learned what the priesthood — and even, to some extent, the “headship” of the husband within marriage and other forms of what they would consider patriarchal male dominance — is really all about. Sadly, many men don’t get it either. But someone who wasn’t even Catholic — C.S. Lewis in “The Four Loves” — did “get it.”

    In “Four Loves” Lewis wrote that the husband was the “head” of the wife in the same way that Christ was the head of the Church — which meant that he was called to put her good before his, to suffer and even die for her if necessary, to a “headship” best expressed not in enjoying the privileges of being boss but in his sufferings and sacrifices for her, “in his unwearying (never paraded) care or inexhaustible forgiveness; forgiveness, not acquiescence.”

    Lewis concluded that “the sternest feminist need not grudge my sex the crown offered to it in either the Pagan or the Christian mystery; for the one is of paper and the other of thorns.” (The “Pagan mystery” refers to the natural dominance or aggressiveness of men in sexual pursuits and other areas of life.)

    Now while these passages were written in relation to marriage I think they could also be applied to the priesthood, since the priest is also called to be an alter Christus, is in essence “married” to the Church (of his religious order or diocese) and is called to bear the same “crown of thorns” as Christ did. The priesthood is NOT some kind of exclusive good ole boys club (even if, sadly, some clergy act as if it is), or affirmative action program, or a means to get even with “the Man” for centuries of oppression, or a way to enhance one’s resume or enjoy the perks and privileges of office. It’s a “crown of thorns” that most women (and most men, for that matter) would probably rather not have.

  57. Ferde Rombola says:

    “The most absolutely intolerant, authoritarian, prejudiced folks I have met and dealt with in my over thirty years in the Church as an adult fit this description.” — nazareth priest

    Amen, brother. And you can include homosexual activists, too.

  58. irishgirl says:

    Good grief-these people are soooo 1970s!

    JimGB-I’m with you. Why don’t they just LEAVE?

    And why didn’t the WaPo report on the tens of thousands of pro-lifers who were at the March for Life? There were many good and faithful Catholic women-both religious and lay-in attendance!

  59. Ferde Rombola says:

    “I’ve been predicting that The Episcopal Church will balloon in membership: inauthentic (“liberal”) Catholics will flee as The Roman Catholic Church becomes more authentic.”

    Sid, from your keyboard to God’s eyes.

  60. Grabski says:

    Irishgirl They won’t leave b/c they are after the assets. It’s tough to raise funds for your own church.

    In my hometown, a break away church started over juridicational issues; the Polish National Catholic Church. Made up of miners and other laborers, in the late 1800s they built their own church literally around the corner from the RC Church.

    I’ll give them this (and the PNCC is being reconciled w/ the RCC), they walked the walk, too.

  61. Ferde Rombola says:

    “What puzzles me is just how it can be that I, together with many friends and acquaintances, struggle daily to live in conformity with the teachings of the Church, while others like this OFM Conv., and these wymynprysts mark it a virtue to be dissenters, seeking at every turn to find the thin spots in their consciences where they feel they can break the rules while pouring scorn on us.”

    Puzzles you, David? These people are Satan’s minions. What we’re seeing here is the Devil at work. Oppose him! Vigorously, loudly and publicly. Condemn his minions to their face, call them out and demand they stop calling themselves Catholics.

  62. Agnes says:

    I echo Magpie’s sentiment: *YAWN*. Let me explain this again:

    There already *is* a feminine priesthood. It’s called motherhood (whether physical and spiritual in the case of married women or spiritual in the case of religious women). Matrimony literally is the Office of the Mother. Everything is set up in marriage for the mother to offer her entire self – body, heart, mind, and soul for the rearing, education, and salvation of her family.

    To dance around in the sanctuary is a defilement not only of the Litrugy, but of the woman herself. A true feminist would understand the dignity of the pew for the purpose of taking what is received in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and bringing it out into the world and into the home.

    The role is receptivity and sacrifice for the other. Not self-aggrandizement. But never never think the role of motherhood is something less than the role of a priest. There is a spiritual complementarity.

    *YAWN* Enough puppets!

  63. Agnes says:

    Liturgy, not Litrugy. That kind of blew it, didn’t it. The litdrudgery of womynprssssts.

  64. JFrater says:

    Magpie: just a cursory glance at that site gave me two causes for concern: 1 – it states that smoking is a sin (the Church does not teach this at all) and 2 – it talks about extensively using dream interpretation which is forbidden in the Bible. So while the site may be run by Catholics, they are obviously tainted by the modern changes in the Church.

  65. TJerome says:

    I used to play priest as a boy, but it din’t make me one. The difference between what I did then and what these ladies are doing now is that my actions were motivated by the utmost respect for the Mass and the priesthood. I had no political or destructive motivations. We should pray for these ladies conversions to Catholicism. Tom

  66. Peggy R says:

    Re: David Andrew’s comment about the OFM clergy. When I looked at the “Wait” petition, it was noticeable to me that SEVERAL OFM clergy signed the petition. Must be something in their order.

  67. James Locke says:

    This always makes me mad. I really do wish that this Meehan freak would realize the foolishness of her actions and go away.

  68. By contrast, look at weekday Mass yesterday in Haiti. They didn’t have much, but what they have is presented spotlessly and in good order. Even without having most of the vestments he should have, the priest clothes himself in reverence. And the women attending at Mass have all the dignity in the world, unlike these supposedly empowered wymynpreysts.

    At the Project Rubicon site:

  69. TJerome says:

    Suburbanbanshee, precisely. I noted the beautiful gold chalice. That priest was trying to do the best he could do under the cirmcumstances. Tom

  70. An American Mother says:

    That’s the equivalent of a battlefield Mass.

    How sweetly and how reverently the priest and the good laymen and women conduct themselves amid chaos and death. We should all be so faithful.

  71. greg the beachcomber says:

    Another example of not understanding one simple thing: Nowhere in the Bible (or Catholic teaching, for that matter) does it state, “And the Lord said, ‘Gee, I don’t know. What do you think?'”

  72. Eilis says:

    Seems there’s a metastasis in Canada. If you’re interested in pathology here’s a website for the Canadian version:


    Poor Saint Brigid doesn’t deserve this.

    E. Murphy

  73. gmarie says:

    Just this week, two non-Catholic Christian people I am acquainted with, upon hearing that I’m studying for a Masters degree in Biblical Theology, blurted out, “Oh, you can become a priest! It looks closer to being possible than ever before.” I was shocked! Where did they ever get that idea? They must be receiving their information from the drivel at the WaPo. While I didn’t deeply delve into the theology of why I could never be a priest, I did fully explain to them that I was happy to be a true Catholic mother who doesn’t want to be a priest but is training two sons to follow to God’s will and to discern whether He is calling them into the priesthood or another vocation.

    Though, the next time someone suggests that I can become a priest, the gloves will be off and I will come out swinging with all the facts and theology which prove they are wrong…charitably, of course.

  74. pcstokell says:

    These ladies are priests as much as Joan Chittister is dead.

    The only difference between the two is that, in time, one of those will be factual. (Tick, tick, tick.)

  75. ssoldie says:

    Great comments Fr.Z and I agree as to the Anglican Communion, she and her lot might try Linz, Germany to, now there is a ‘bunch ‘also.

  76. Jack Hughes says:

    I find it funny that these people say that they want ‘full equality for women in the Catholic Church’ DUH unless they badly flunked catechism class they should realise that our Blessed Mother is QUEEN OF HEAVEN!!! and no matter how Holy we men become we’re never gonna match up with the Immaculate Mother.

  77. I couldn’t help thinking of these confused women, tonight at Mass. They are perfectly good feet who are wasting all their gifts on yearning to be hands, insisting that unless they are declared hands that they can’t be part of the Body.

    Personally, I find my foothood to be both interesting and challenging. Why are they trying so hard to devalue my gifts and their own? Who do they think they’re going to impress?

  78. Agnes says:

    They are trying to impress themselves. Vanity. Self-adoration. “You shall be like gods,” whispered the serpent.

  79. Kerry says:

    Not my-‘wymynprysttsssss’ will be done, but Thy Will.

  80. jesusthroughmary says:

    Even worse, Dr. Meehan claims the episcopate. I wonder if her doctorate is even valid.

  81. Ogard says:

    We should have more compassion toward these poor, misguided women, at least some of whom do not have all their bricks in place. If they really know what they are doing their destiny cannot be but Hell.

  82. Ferde: Thanks. Isn’t it interesting that “inclusion”, “openness”, and “tolerance” means absolute moral anarchy? Not to mention the liturgical abuses.
    The meaning of “liberal” does not in any way include these folks. They are ideologues…pure and simple. They want something that is just not according to God’s will.
    And thanks for the comment on the “funny” comment…I was not being antagonistic; just curious.
    And I agree; this is just hilarious (if you can get past the rest of the junk!). Blessings!

  83. MarkJ says:

    Are you sure this isn’t some bizarre Easter Island ceremony? Those giant puppet heads must be images of something… either the heads of Easter Island or maybe they’re just images of their inflated egos, which is, in the end, what they’re really worshipping.

  84. Jack Hughes: You hit it. Spot on.
    Why these Femini-nazis cannot ‘get it’ is really beyond human reasoning. Our Blessed Lady is the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Women have an exalted vocation as mothers or consecrated virgins/celibates. Why is this so hard to understand?
    Sin, my friend. And lots of it, I’m afraid.

  85. Chris M says:

    “I suggest they all formalize their membership in the Anglican communion.

    They will have some open places pretty soon.”

    But the wymynprystyssys don’t want to take a REDUCTION in Average Sunday Attendance!

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