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QUAERITUR: Mass obligation and SSPX chapels

From a reader: Does a Mass heard in a SSPX chapel fulfill the Sunday Mass obligation? Perhaps you have answered this question before. If so, I missed it. The 1983 Code of Canon Law, can. 1248 says: 1. "The precept … Read More

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“Secret” meeting of delegations of Holy See and SSPX

In an earlier report, we were given to believe that perhaps there would not be another meeting of the and CDF SSPX delegations for a while.  However, Petrus has a bit of news in Italian. The upshot is that i.Media … Read More

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Washington, D.C. – TLM info around Roe v Wade anniversary

I received this from a reader: Father Z — this may be of use for visitors to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life.  I imagine there will be several other TLMs by out-of-town priests. If you know of any priest … Read More


“he was at last stabbed through with a sword”

While people in the US are today worked up about elections, etc., we might take a moment to pause and peruse the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum and put our lives in perspective. From today’s entries. 1. Smyrnae in Asia, passio sancti … Read More

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VatRadio: Crd. Schönborn apologizes for Medjugorje controversy

At Catholic Light we find a translation from German of the Vatican Radio coverage about Vienna’s Cardinal Schönborn who causes a dust up by his visit to the highly controversial Medjugorje. The German-language service of Vatican Radio has an article … Read More

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Video about how to serve Mass

In this day of desktop publishing… gosh, even that is a dated term now… and the ability to produce polished videos from your laptop from things you shoot from your mobile phone, we have an obligation to use the tools … Read More

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Rabbi says “Tridentine” Mass, Jesus being a Jew, are liabilities

I had this from a reader: This is disturbing but it sounds more likely than liturgically-approved rainbow vestments, right? Rabbi Schneier of New York Says Tridentine Mass a Liabillity "The Tridentine Mass is a real liability. We live today in … Read More

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Old Mass/new Mass thoughts – part 5

Under another entry there has been some consideration of the age of Catholics who prefer the newer form of the Roman Rite, the Novus Ordo.  Some suggest that people of a certain age may be more interested in the Novus … Read More