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more flying around

Off we go again. People who think this is glamorous must be nuts. You get nice views along the way. Well.. ginger ale is not very interesting.


More on Celebrity Cruises and bias against Catholic priests

Remember when I wrote about the probable anti-Catholic bias evidenced by Celebrity Cruises?   They have eliminated the services of Catholic priests for pretty much all of their cruises. The Catholic League has this… CELEBRITY CRUISES STIFFS CATHOLICS January 14, 2010 … Read More

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CNA: Pelosi’s archbishop slams her rationale for supporting abortion

For a few more hours I am in San Francisco, Congressional District of pro-abortion Catholic Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Speak of the House. Could it be that my visit…. nah…. no way… Thus I was surprised to find the following, with … Read More

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America Magazine article about the dissident petition against the new translation

First, I have an ACTION ITEM for you WDTPRSers.I urge people to look at the petition "We’ve Waited Long Enough". When you sign that petition, use a real name.   On the dissident petition, there are more signatures but a very … Read More

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Obama Administration debates requiring covering of religious symbols for federal funds

Catholics need to fight to keep and clarify a Catholic voice in the public square and the digital continent. A reader alerted me to this entry on the WaPo blog On Faith.  It concerns what the Obama Adminstration might impose … Read More

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QUAERITUR: If you wear an alb, do you need an amice?

From a reader: I just had a quick question: If a seminarian or anyone for that matter wears an an alb at Mass is it proper to wear an amice under it? I have a cassock and surplice but the … Read More

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A note about your responses to my query

I asked about your preferences, somewhat based on age, etc., about the new form of Mass and old Mass. Responses are still coming in. But I am on the road and staying in a place where there are also lots … Read More

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