Prayer requests and intentions

I have had a lot of email from people with prayer requests, some in pretty dire straights.

When I get these I stop and say at least a Hail Mary or some other appropriate prayer.

But I have a sense that, right now, a lot of readers have a concerns. 

As this Lent continues – and it has been an intense Lent for me, I don’t know about you – I have a sense that the Enemy of the Soul is working overtime right now… undermining… discouraging.

So… perhaps I could enlist the help of readers.

Here’s the deal.

Post your intentions.

And if you post, pray for the intentions other people post as well.

Perhaps with a chaplet rosary or something.

On that score, I have an entirely Latin Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries) in the playlist of Radio Sabina right now.  I will add it again, so that it comes up more often.

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  1. lucy says:

    Lots of life changes here in Calif. I feel the devil’s increased attacks and now have stepped up my watchfulness and prayer to combat it. Lent was rough at first, but now it’s going along more smoothly, though not easy. I will pray for any and all intentions that I read here throughout the day.

  2. jbalza007 says:

    I just sent this to my prayer list:

    I’ve just been informed that my high school batchmate, Ace N., is at Lourdes Hospital (Mandaluyong City, Philippines) fighting for survival against pneumonia. Also, the same is happening with a Jesuit priest, Fr. Joseph Galdon, SJ, retired English professor at the Ateneo de Manila University (Fr. Galdon has already been anointed). Please join me in praying for them:

    Most merciful Jesus, the Consolation and Salvation of all who put their trust in Thee,
    we humbly beseech Thee, by Thy most bitter Passion, grant recovery of health to thy
    servants, Ace N. and Fr. Joseph Galdon, provided this be for their soul’s welfare,
    that with us, they may praise and magnify Thy holy name. But if it be Thy holy will to call
    them out of this world, strengthen them in their last hour, grant them a peaceful death
    and bring them to life everlasting. Amen.
    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

  3. Lee says:

    Conversion of siblings Pat, Cece, Julie, Cathy, Joe, Jim; their spouses Larry, Cathy, Cindy, and Marge;of cousins Bill, Glen, Gene, Harley, Marty, Larry, Mary Beth, Jo Anne, Susan; of nieces Diane, Sharon, Lisa, Jamie, Kelly; nephews Chris, Bryan, Jeffrey;
    of my son’s in-laws, esp Jonathan. Most of these are fallen away Catholics; all the nieces should have been raised Catholic but were not. The restoration of family unity by all of us returning to the faith or converting. This has been a decades long agony and familial disintegration. Wisdom for myself in relating to the family and for all these individuals. Perseverance in the faith for me, my wife, children and grandchilren.

  4. DavidJ says:

    Two of my best friends’ marriages are failing. One has a question of validity in it anyway, but that’s beside the point (and would be “fixed” yesterday if my friend had his way). A message board I frequent is so rabidly anti-Catholic that I’ve pretty much given up trying to defend Truth there because it seems to do no more than make me upset and depressed. My 6 month old son has an important medical test coming up to see if his surgery corrected his issues. My wife is stressed out and work is a chore. I’d also add priests in poor health, specifically my friend Fr. Mike, and some priests recently involved in a scandal around here. Oh, and an upcoming retreat for some teens.


  5. r.j.sciurus says:

    A friend in economic trouble.

    My daily gospel reading today happened to be the beginning of Luke Chapter 11. So I shall ask.

    Thanks for posting this, Fr.

  6. Rose in NE says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Daniel Keller. Fr. Keller died Monday after a long battle with cancer. He was a wonderful priest.

  7. ckdexterhaven says:

    Please pray for some alcoholic relatives (too many to list), who need to choose Christ instead of alcohol. Worried about them. If I may be so selfish, please pray for a personal intention of mine. I’m headed to Adoration this afternoon, will pray for all y’all’s intentions.

    Don’t forget to pray for the priest in Denver, who is obeying his bishop.

  8. Mrs. O says:

    Complete healing of young child, Michelle Marie who collapsed last weekend/was without oxygen for a very long time. There are sure of permanent brain damage, but not sure if she will make it.

  9. Mrs. O says:

    Complete healing of young child, Michelle Marie who collapsed last weekend/was without oxygen for a very long time. They are sure of permanent brain damage, but not sure if she will make it.

  10. xsosdid says:

    My wife and I have been on suicide watch with our 16-year-old since December 6th (his first attempt). He is rarely able to make it through a school day, and if he is alone he cuts himself. On his second set of meds, no help so far. One of his best friends hanged herself in the school bathroom the other day (she survived).
    Opened his cell phone bill today, it is $700.00. We have four kids and a lower income.

    Thank you for any prayers as the devil is at our doorstep.

  11. wanda says:

    Please pray that my 2 grown sons will return to the Church, to the practice of the Faith and to the Sacraments. I will pray for other’s intentions.

    Thank you Father Z.

  12. DarkKnight says:

    That I will be able to find work and that our situation improves dramatically.

  13. cheyan says:

    For a friend D. who’s recovering from a serious injury, that she continue to recover well, and for her husband J.
    Also for my husband, that he come through his current spiritual struggles with renewed faith (and with a desire to return to the Church).

  14. For my sister battling Stage III breast cancer; that our new monastery will be ready to live in by the fall of this year; for the health of our members. Thank you.
    Prayers for you all, esp. xsosdid; God give you strength and patience. God bless and heal your son.

  15. Konichiwa says:

    Please pray for the persecuted Catholics including the priests in Vietnam. I also ask that you pray for my wife and her mother-in-law. There has been so much heat between them it hurts those close by.

  16. Roman says:

    I am prayerfully moving closer to applying to The Franciscans of the Immaculate. If my application is accepted, in August I will leave my family, friends, parish and career to enter into religious discernment. I have been praying for a vocation for about 10 years. The first 7 years I prayed for marriage. As things have developed, the past 3 years of prayer have been directed toward a religious vocation. Please pray for me and be assured of my prayers for your intentions.

  17. ChristopherY says:

    I’ve been out of work since July of last year. Prospects are few and the stress is getting to me and affecting my marriage. Please pray that I find work soon and the Lord’s will be done.

  18. Jaybirdnbham says:

    For both my adult sons to return to faith and to the Church, and for my oldest son to eliminate marijuana from his life. Also for my youngest son to find a meaningful way of earning a living for his life (he’s drifting and doing very little currently, at age 23).
    Also need prayers for healing and strength for a dear friend and fellow secular Carmelite, who has many health problems and several surgeries ahead of her.
    Please pray for these intentions, and rest assured I’ll be holding this whole thread of prayer requests in my heart this day and this week.

  19. EnoughRope says:

    After reading these, I dare not post my own prayer requests- they seem so small and insignificant compared to some of yours. I will pray for you instead!

  20. leutgeb says:

    Please pray for my Father who is having heart surgery tomorrow and for my Mother.

  21. Cath says:

    This has been a very tough Lent spiritually. My husband has been out of work for right at a year. Seven children and just making ends meet is pretty much impossible. Still trusting in Our Lord, but is very difficult at times. But, then I read about the Sisters in Iraq and what all of those people suffer for the Faith and then my problems seems much less of a burden. I have prayed for all of you who have posted.

  22. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Three of my nine children have returned to the Faith. I thank God daily for that. I belong to St. Monica’s Sodality and pray every day for the rest and their families. The Infant of Prague is busy listening to my prayers for those of my family in need and for a good outcome for a daughter with whom I will be sharing resources in the near future. I pray that Archbishop Sheen will one day be canonized and ask his intercession daily for a healing miracle for a son-in-law with incurable cancer. My youngest daughter, his wife, copes, but is sometimes in despair. There are people in my family with mental and emotional issues for whom I ask St. Pio’s intercession. I seem to be storming heaven and asking all the saints in my arsenal for physical and spiritual healing. The Anima Christi and deliverance prayers are said daily for relief from things that have, for generations, plagued the family of my husband (who suffers from mental and emotional problems, left the Faith and divorced me over 20 years ago. I pray daily for him as well.

  23. Mariana says:

    “After reading these, I dare not post my own prayer requests- they seem so small and insignificant compared to some of yours. I will pray for you instead!”

    Same here.

  24. gmaskell says:

    Please pray that my father recovers from vascular surgery. And he and i can work through our relationship issues.

  25. shellac says:

    I’ve been out of work since Feb of last year. Prospects are few and the stress is getting to me and affecting my marriage. Please pray that I find work soon and my will is joined with the Lord’s will. His will be done in my life. Also will pray for all my good friends here.

  26. ejcmartin says:

    Please pray for the healing of my wife who has had a relapse of her rheumatoid. She finds it difficult to get around, in addition to taking care of our two boys.

  27. Mandrivnyk says:

    I’ve been mostly unemployed (except for a brief stint of casual employment as a receptionist) since I graduated from university a little over two years ago, and now live in pretty grim circumstances. My Mom was kind enough to give me a place to stay, but her boyfriend is an abusive alcoholic prone to rages that are sometimes violent. This is a relatively isolated little down, and I’m down to my last $12. I don’t know how I can possibly get out of here without some sort of miracle, so please… pray for me, and for peace in my family. I will be praying for all of you.

  28. Rob Cartusciello says:

    I’ve been out of work since January 1st. I am trying to change careers, and have been running down a number of prospects, but the most promising of those fell through just yesterday. It’s been a tough 24 hours. My unemployment benefits run out on June 30th, just in time for our first wedding anniversary.

    Please pray for us, and be assured of our prayers.

  29. Genevieve says:

    Pray for the priests in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, especially those battling temptation (that’s all of them though, I suppose), and for our bishops. And, as always, pray for the conversion of my siblings and parents.

  30. JoyfulMom7 says:

    Please pray for a positive resolution to a misunderstanding that has escalated horribly. Please pray for truth, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. Please pray that my children’s Faith will remain strong throughout this long ordeal and for the conversion of my two oldest sons.

    Thank you, Father Z. Know that you and all the others here remain in my prayers.

  31. capchoirgirl says:

    My best friend’s mother, who is in the local ICU for testing. My best friend is 9 hours away, in a stressful job, and can’t be with her mom right now.
    For a friend who is pregnant–that she carried the baby to term (she’s had several miscarriages)
    For my grandfather, who is undergoing radiation.

  32. Unfinished says:

    Please pray for me. I am starting to slide into a depression. I long to meet my future wife, but I feel the Lord is still teaching me patience. This week and this Lent have been especially hard and I just need some prayer support to overcome this loneliness.

    I will pray for everyone here as well.

  33. Sandy says:

    That three of my four children return to the Faith; that the daughter with an ex-husband has the grace to deal with the evil he does. Another daughter who is close to the Lord needs a lot of emotional healing. May we all be held in the perfect Will of our dear Lord. I pray for all of you and feel deeply touched by your needs, “xsosdid”. May the Blessed Mother’s mantle enfold and protect your son in a powerful way.

  34. Sandy says:

    PS Thank you, Father, for doing this and God bless you immensely!!!

  35. deborah-anne says:

    I will pray for the intentions of all those who have and will post. Father Z, you are, once again, correct. The “Enemy of the Soul is working overtime.” I’ve not experienced a Lent quite like this since 1972. We need to pray for many miracles. Thank you for posting the Latin Rosary on Radio Sabina. A very powerful tool! It will be quite a blessing to many, I’m sure.

  36. An American Mother says:

    For my husband who is fighting cancer, and is headed for the parish healing service this afternoon.

    I will pray my Rosary for all of you tonight.

  37. Mary Kay says:

    Praying for all the above, including those who consider their intentions “too small.” :)

    I’ve a soft spot for two sets of intentions from those listed above, the ones with the “no end in sight” feeling:
    For those wondering how to make it through while looking for work (my experience is that) God provides at the last minute.
    For xsosdid, just because.

    My own intention is also a return to work in circumstances that simply don’t look possible. I’ve hit a brick wall a number of times and God has provided each time, but it’s still a struggle.

  38. MaryAgnesLamb says:

    Thank you for the Latin Rosary, Father!

    Please pray for our family’s financial situation, and that God’s Love may permeate our rather messed up domestic situation, in the best way for all concerned. Please pray for my husband’s conversion–he is is a place of great emotional and spiritual darkness. Also pray that my daughter will get back her courage to practice her faith (she fell prey to my husband’s derision and now tells him she is not a Christian, although she is) She is developmentally disabled.

    Well, thats a load off! I will pray for all your intentions!

    Oh yeah, please pray for grace for me–as i want to do the Father’s will in all of this, and I want to be a saint and get my family there with me—or rather, cooperate with the Holy Spirit in His actions.

  39. Philothea says:

    I am a 53-year-old married Catholic woman, mother of two young adult daughters. I was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and am looking into treatment options (nothing too promising yet). Not in pain (the brain feels no pain), just a little worried, trying to entrust everything to our loving God and thanking Him for this gift from His loving hand. Offering this little trial for the salvation of souls, especially the conversion of my agnostic husband. On the advice of friends I am putting Venerable Father Solanus Casey “in charge” of this effort; he needs a miracle for his beatification. But my main goal is not necessarily physical healing (although I would certainly be grateful for that), but rather that I might discern and do God’s will through all this, and that my husband will be open to the gift of faith. “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:21)

    Adding my prayers for the intentions of all who have posted here. God bless you!

  40. Dr. Eric says:

    So many prayer requests, I will remember you all when I drive to “the city” tomorrow to meet with my colleague. I will pray a mostly Latin Rosary there and a mostly Latin Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy (I know all of that one in Latin) on the way back from the St. Louis Metro East.

    If you would, my colleague and I are wanting to expand our clinic base out to the Metro East area, please pray for that intention. Please pray that my In-Laws will get back on their feet and out of my house. Please pray that my clinic makes a bit more money so that my wife can afford to stay home with the kids. (My school loans are pretty heavy.)

  41. paglia says:

    My husband supports me and our five children on his income alone so that I can stay home and teach. Last week our insurance company dropped windstorm coverage on our homeowner’s policy. We are required by our mortgage company to carry this coverage. Our only options so far for replacement coverage will cost us around $6000 – $7000 per year for all the required home insurance.

    Please pray for us — especially for my young husband as the burden on him is enormous at this time.

    Your intentions will be in our prayers as well.

  42. PilarDLS says:

    Please pray for a positive outcome in a legal matter so that we can get our damaged house fixed. Please pray for a lifting of my discouraged and lonely mood.

    I will be praying for the intentions of all who have posted here. May God bless you all.

  43. colospgs says:

    So my business will not fail, as it currently is, and that we can keep our home. Praying for everyone else’s too.

  44. randomcatholic says:

    I will not post my intentions, they are tiny and insignificant compared to what is here.

    My family is offering our nightly rosary for all the intentions in this thread.

    May God bless all of you!!!!!

  45. Jack Hughes says:

    This probebly sounds insifnificant but could people please pray that I would meet a nice Catholic girl, its getting hard seeing lots of my Catholic & protestant friends get engaged, married, having children and I’m spending a good hour most days crying about it.
    Will pray for everyone here too.

  46. Please pray that my dear friend, The Redoubtable Marcus Magnus, will recover his health so that he can attend the once-monthly Extraordinary Rite Mass in the neighboring diocese this Saturday — which is also his birthday.

  47. lux_perpetua says:

    my intentions are horribly insignificant as well. the courage faith and trust of those who have posted makes me weep, for i am completely fragile and so afraid to let the Lord take all of my burdens.

    i am finding my disability an almost intolerably heavy Cross. I am also possibly dealing with more cancer and surgeries, cannot find a job, ended my relationship with a man who is Orthodox after realizing our differences could not be reconciled. I cannot find Catholic community and am completely uncertain of what the Lord wants me to do with my life. I fight despair and discouragement every day. and i agree, this has been the hardest Lent for me in a long time.

    please also pray for the brother of a friend who suffered a stroke at age 16 and whose recovery is uncertain.

    God bless all of you and thank you for being gifts from God to boost my strength.

  48. Bookish says:

    Please pray for my dear friend who has been told by doctors that there is nothing more they can do for the cancer that has devastated her body and that she has only weeks to live. She has one child, an 11-year-old son, and a husband, who are also devastated by this news. Please pray for them as well.

  49. Girgadis says:

    I would appreciate prayers for the conversion of family and friends, especially two co-workers who are involved in the occult. I promise to offer my next Joy in Suffering novena to St. Therese for the intentions of all those mentioned here who are battling physical, emotional or psychological pain. xsosdid, I offered a Holy Hour this evening for the intention of you and your family and I lit a candle to St. Rita for your son. God was good enough to let me have the whole chapel to myself, without noise and distractions, and I tried to make the most of it.

  50. avecrux says:

    I would ask, in your kindness, to please pray that the job my husband interviewed for will come through for him – for our family of eight. We should hear by the end of the week. We are near broke and this is the first good prospect for close to a year.

    Also kindly remember a friend who has had to leave the seminary due to poor physical health. He is back to the doctor again tomorrow. For his courage, perseverance and healing in accord with God’s will.

    Finally, for a suitable parish for two Priests I know who are being reassigned.

    Thank you so much! St. Joseph – pray for us all!

  51. doanli says:

    God bless and keep you all and I will keep every one of you in my prayers.

    *Mine are also so small compared to most on here that I am ashamed to write them.*

  52. jathomas00 says:

    Please pray for the reunification of the Church and especially that the Holy Spirit will continue to lead my two dear friends to seek full communion with His holy Catholic Church. Also, should the Lord in His goodness and mercy choose to call one of our 5 children to the priesthood or consecrated life, that our family will have the strength and courage to embrace it.

    St. Therese, pray for us.
    Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us.

  53. Mark Pavlak says:

    Please pray that I find employment, and for my sister’s father-in-law in the hospital with heart issues.

    It’s the month of St. Joseph. PRAY FOR US!

  54. xsosdid says:

    Thanks to those who have responded to my request mentioned above. It is VERY heartening! I want you to know that I don’t despair because the Lord has helped me to see the adversary very clearly.
    I want to offer up my burden, accepting what I am able to bear, for the intentions of all who post here, for Fr Z, and for the intentions of the Holy Father.

    Remember the words of St Paul: on the cross, Jesus made a mockery of satan…!

    God bless, peace and joy to all!

  55. Ouida says:

    After a quadruple by-pass heart surgery several years ago, I began experiencing periods of chronic pain and almost constant fatigue which continue to this day – to tonight. I’m almost 70 now, working part-time because of necessity, and caregiver for much older husband. Life has been very difficult for a long time, but that is not why I am writing.

    I was recently elected to a very demanding regional office in a lay order. I was nominated from the floor, without prior consultation, and was greatly shocked at the unexpected turn of events. In my state of shock and usual brain fog and fatigue, I accepted the nomination, not expecting to win, but within a few minutes I was elected without opposition. I am so angry at myself as these troubles are my own fault. Truly these last several weeks I have felt that I am going to die from the stress of too much responsibility. All my symptoms have increased. I pray for a clear mind and for God’s grace and peace to help me through this period.

    Also, I pray for the others here. My heart goes out to you in your sorrows and difficulties which are so much greater than mine. I pray that the God of all comfort will give you his comfort and peace and supply all your needs.

  56. medievalist says:

    In your charity, pray that I may discern and accept God’s will for me among the current confusion of life.

    Meanwhile, I keep in my prayers all the needs of those posting here as well as the needs of those reading silently.

  57. Mr. Graves says:

    For the repose of the soul of my aunt, who died of cancer last month. And for a special intention close to my heart.

    I will pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet during the 3 o’clock hour for all the intentions here. God bless you all.

  58. ckdexterhaven says:

    I’m on my way to Mass, I will pray for all posters here.

  59. bernadette says:

    I am going on retreat this evening and will pray for all posters here.
    Please pray for my husband, children, and entire extended family who have either left the Church or who never belonged to the Church. Most of them are living as pagans.
    Pray for me as sometimes I do not respond in a Christian way when I have a religious disagreement with my husband.
    Pray for my parish where in the last few years irreverence in the Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament sometimes reaches raucous levels.

  60. dimsum says:

    I am experiencing one of the most difficut situations I ever have. Please pray for this special intention.

    I will pray for all the posters.

    Father Z., thank you for making this venue available to us.

  61. wanda says:

    I remembered everyone here and their intentions, this morning at Holy Mass.

  62. avecrux says:

    I just took all of your intentions to my Holy Hour and will remember you at Mass this evening. God bless.

  63. Please pray for my father, who is in the hospital and suffering a possible recurrence of esophageal cancer, as well as seizures and lack of strength in his legs.

    Please pray for my mother, sister, and me.

    Please pray for Dad’s doctors and care-providers, especially those who have been less than charitable and compassionate toward him and my family.

    Thank you. I will pray a Rosary today for all the intentions posted here.

  64. deaconjeff says:

    For the full recovery of our local Shepherd
    Bishop John H. Recard S.S.J.
    Bishop of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee

    He is in a rehabilitation to continue his recovery
    from a Dec. 2009 stroke and subsequent surgeries.

    Deacon Jeff

  65. doanli says:

    Will everyone who has posted their intentions give us updates if anything changes? I love seeing the fruits of prayer. :) (Though we don’t always get what WE want, His Will be done.)

    Love to you all–I am listening to Mass right now and have prayed for all of you who have posted your intentions here.

  66. Francisco Cojuanco says:

    For the repose of the sould of Mary Astrid Velasco – it’s been a month since her death.

  67. For two friends discerning a priestly vocation going on retreat today.
    For all seminarians, deacons, priests, and bishops.
    For the grace to accept and embrace the will of God, and to conform my will to His in all aspects of my life.
    For the Marian virtues of patience, peace, kindness, joy, charity, faith, and hope.
    For the help to resist the devil, who seeks the ruin of souls at all times, and especially for those who are under particular attack during this holy season of Lent.

    All to Jesus through Mary. Ave Maria. Gloria Patri…

  68. I received this by email:

    I’d be happy if you’d say a prayer, or mass, or both, for me and my family, who within the past two weeks have learned that I have an inoperable form of brain tumor, and that I have lost my job – and because of the severe hearing loss the brain damage has caused I am unlikely to get a new job in the near future – all this only a few weeks before the expected birth of my first child, this Easter. I´m trying not to lose hope, but it´s a bit difficult right now.

  69. Mandrivnyk says:

    Re: potentially answered prayers. It’s a little thing, but not *that* little considering how scarce jobs are in small, semi-isolated northern towns like this, but I got a call this morning (one of 3 in 6 months)) inviting me to an interview next Wednesday. If I got the job, it’s close enough that I could afford to commute and far enough that I would have a very good excuse to leave when I had the funds to afford it. It would change everything.

    As I said, though, it’s a little thing and likely won’t amount to much, but it’s given me a little more hope. So, thanks everyone for the prayers! I have been and continue to pray for all of the intentions listed here.

  70. Jane says:

    Please pray for an end to the culture of death and for the relief of the Holy Souls in Purgatory:

  71. Girgadis says:

    Father Z, thank you so much for allowing us to post these prayer requests. I always pray for priests, for sinners, for the sick and dying and for souls in Purgatory but having these little snapshots of the suffering of others has given my prayer life a much needed shot-in-the-arm. May God bless you for this simple but powerful gesture.

  72. Jaidon says:

    That my friend Leo and my sister find work, that many in my family and many friends convert, that I can find God’s Will for my life although nearly 40 and single and find a job back in northern Virginia soon, and for the enemies of the Church, for a Culture of Life, and for the reform of the Liturgy.

  73. isabella says:

    For the repose of my Mother’s soul, that my Father lives long enough to see us reconciled as a family because he is very ill, and that I am allowed to someday die in a state of grace, despite my time away from the Church. And for all priests, bishops, the Holy Father, and the spread of the TLM, which I’ve attended about 15 times now and helps me see God.

  74. dimsum says:

    I’ve prayed for everyone’s intentions at Mass and during adoration of the Blessed Sacrament this morning.

  75. JenB says:

    Please pray for me and my family. My step-mother is in the hospital, she is non-responsive and is on a ventilator. They cannot run MRI atm, because of the ventilator. It is most likely metastasized cancer in the brain or an aneurism. My grandfather is having complications with Alzheimer’s and depression and he is suidical. My husband is still suffering the effect of pneumonia from months ago.

    Our tenant has suddenly left our house, leaving us making payments for two houses. I am overwhelmed with grad school. And with work. And with kids. And my husband and I have been fighting with the Catholic Faith at the center of the arguments, so I don’t know how to reconcile and go on.

  76. wanda says:

    I remembered everyone here before the Tabernacle this evening and during the Stations of The Cross.

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