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PODCAzT 99: Archbp. Chaput’s Houston Speech on The Vocation of Christians in American Public Life

On Monday evening, 1 March 2010, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver gave a speech at Houston Baptist University called “The Vocation of Christians in American Public Life”. The lecture was presented in coordination with the Pope John Paul II Forum … Read More

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Heva… Hava… Eva

A reader alerted me to this interesting post at Canterbury Tales: How do you know which "Vulgate" you have? Open up your Latin Vulgate to Genesis 3:20. How is Eve’s name spelled? This will immediately tell which "Vulgate" you have … Read More

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Archbp. Chaput’s HOMERUN in Houston!

This will stir controversy… and it should.  For a long time we have known that someone with a MITER on his head should have gone after John F. Kennedy’s speech in Houston?  It will be 50 years… think of that. … Read More

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Social networking toolZ reminder and thanks to readers

I am on Twitter: fatherzand Facebook: fatherz and Plurk: fatherz There is a Google thingy in the left sidebar…. not sure what that is all about but sign up anyway and help SkyNet… er.. um… sorry… don’t want to make … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z rants about sand in holy water fonts… DON’T!

To all the priests out there still… unbelievably still putting sand in holy water fonts during Lent… KNOCK IT OFF! And if you go into a church where you see this sort of idiocy… for the love of God, DON’T … Read More

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