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A miracle through Bishop Baraga?

I believe my friend, now Bishop of Marquette, H.E. Most Rev. Alexander Sample was once the postulator for the cause of Bishop Baraga, but that would have been many years ago.  The cause has moved along.  I believe the positio … Read More

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URGENT POLL UPDATE on Denver priest attacked for being obedient

Look what you have done! ORIGINAL ENTRY HERE.  Comment there.  UPDATE 10 March 1813 GMT: LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! The poll graphic on the denverpost.com page is screwed up. This is the best I could get. Close… it is … Read More

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Zmirak responds to Hoopes, Fr. Z does Liturgy Science Theatre 3000

There is a bloggy debate going on between Mr. Zmirak and Mr. Hoopes.  Rather, it turned into a debate. Zmirak started the ball rolling it with a piece in Inside Catholic.  Hoopes responded on the National Catholic Register.  I posted … Read More

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WDTPRS – Thursday 3rd Week of Lent – Prayer over the people (2002MR)

A great new feature of the 2002 Missale Romanum in Latin is that for Lent the "Prayer over the people" or Oratio super populum has been revived as an option. Priests can use this prayer NOW at the end of … Read More