Bishops in Virgina urge support of amendment to restrict funding of abortions

From CNA comes this:

Virginia bishops: Budget amendment offers chance to end state-funded abortions

Richmond, Va., Apr 20, 2010 / 06:06 am (CNA).- The Virginia Catholic Conference (VCC) [The Catholic bsihops in Virginia] has urged the passage of a proposed budget amendment to restrict state funding of abortions, saying it is an “unprecedented opportunity” to eliminate the vast majority of state-funded abortions.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell proposed the amendment, which will be considered by the Virginia General Assembly on Wednesday.

A press release from the VCC said that Virginia has funded abortions “for reasons that go well beyond even what federal and state statutes require.”

The Catholic bishops of Virginia “strongly support” the amendment, urging Catholics to ask their legislators to vote in favor of the amendment and to alert other Virginians to the need to pass it. Its website provides a form for Virginians to contact their legislators.

The VCC said “countless lives” can be saved, possibly more than 100 per year.

“In prayer and in public, your voices are urgently needed to bring Gospel values to bear on decisions that literally determine life and death!” the Conference said.

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  1. TJerome says:

    Good for them. Fake Catholics will be enraged.

  2. JohnMa says:

    The fate of this amendment might depend on the ash cloud over Europe. The Lt. Gov., who would cast a tiebreaking vote in teh Senate, is currently in Italy and doesn’t know if he will be able to get back in time for the vote. The vote is expected to be within one vote either way.

  3. wanda says:

    Thank God for these people, the Governor, the Bishops, the faithful Catholics, Christians and all the people of conscience and good will in Virginia. I pray this effort meets with success.

  4. James Locke says:

    Thats my state! woot!

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