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Pope Benedict talks about the rite of Mass, inculturation, mystery!

Our friends at Rorate have given us part of the Holy Father’s ad limina address to bishops of Brazil.   Let’s have a look with my E & C. Wonderful words on the true meaning of active participation Today’s speech of … Read More

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Card. Ruini on the source of Pope Benedict’s insistence on liturgy

Again I return to a constant theme of WDTPRS: Pope Benedict ‘s "Marshall Plan" to revitalize Catholic identity, our worship being the tip of the spear.   We need to do this in order to keep the Church as a strong … Read More

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“Why not bomb the Vatican, and riddle the Pope with bullets as he staggers out of the flames?”

The following is amazing, even for those of us who are used to reading unhinged hate-speech. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reveals its true colors. I know about Godwin’s Law, but I suspect they may be Nazis sympathizers, given their hatred … Read More

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The Feeder Feed, et al.

From the Feeder. Here is, I am pretty sure Chipping Sparrow, who likes millet. Not sure who this is. Mr. and Mrs. Cowbird, though I wish they would find another food source. Today I spotted the first Long-billed Thrasher, or … Read More

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The other point of view

Given that I know my computer is actively working against me… I think I understand this.

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Holy Father in spontaneous sermon to Pont. Biblical Commission – great stuff

The Holy Father gave a spontaneous sermon to members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission today during a Mass (ad orientem in the Pauline Chapel) for their meeting. I wish he would do this more often.Audio here (from sometime poster here … Read More

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PRAYERCAzT: Nones and Vespers (BrevRom)

More no frills Nones and Vespers. I just turned on the mic and read Nones and Vespers. With one frill… I sing the Vespers hymn this time.  I am used to the newer melody from the Liber Hymnarius, so I … Read More

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Brick by Brick in Oakland, CA

For your Brick by Brick file a reader in the Diocese of Oakland wrote: His Excellency, Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, will visit St. Margaret Mary’s Church for the second time on May 20, 2010 (Thursday). Bishop Cordileone will administer the … Read More

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Save The Liturgy – Save The World: a gloss on observations of Card. Cañizares

Regular readers here may… just possibily… recall that I drone on and on about what I think is Pope Benedict’s "Marshall Plan" for revitalizing Catholic identity after the devastation caused over the last 40+ years.  The Holy Father has, I … Read More

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How to get bad news: a practicum

I don’t often look at these "Hitler finds out about [FILL IN BLANK]" videos, but this one is pretty funny. If you understand German, you might have to turn the audio down a little bit so you won’t be distracted … Read More

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And now for this lighter note… about SSPX Bishop Williamson

Pain is a matter of perspective and priority.  You cease to think of your headache if you hit your thumb with a hammer. After the last couple of weeks of slime in the MSM, how pleasant it seems – by … Read More

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Kung claws his way back into the news

I suspect Fr. Kung was getting nervous about not reading his name in the paper for a while, and so he staged another little nutty for the press. German theologian urges bishops to pressure pope By JUERGEN BAETZ (AP) – … Read More

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The UK’s Catholic Herald on present attacks against Arcbhp. Nichols of Westminster

I made a correction to the top of this entry about what the Times wrote concerning Archbishop Nichols.  A couple readers pointed out an error I made in respect the Times story.  Thanks! ___ In the current number of the … Read More

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