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Catholic League’s full page ad in the New York Times

The Catholic League has weighed in with a full page ad in the New York Times (aka Hell’s Bible). The text: GOING FOR THE VATICAN JUGULAR Recent accusations against the Vatican deserve a response. • Fr. Lawrence Murphy apparently began … Read More

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In fairness to writers in America Magazine

A couple things: In America Magazine, Sean Michael Winters, who is wrong about most things, got something right about the ghastly MSM recent coverage clerical sexual abuse of children.  He is a bit late in his examination of the case … Read More

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Do you have any good news?

I think we could all use GOOD NEWS! What is your good news?


“Pray for the Pope” store – buttons and other stuff

REQUEST: If you have ordered or received some of these buttons or mugs, etc., could you send photos?  Also, send a note if any of these has started or helped a conversation! ___ In light of the attacks on Pope … Read More

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QUAERITUR: teenage girl dancers during Easter vigil

From a reader: I am from Puerto Rico and I want to consult to you something that bothered me a lot on my Parish’s Paschal Virgil. I belong to the San José Parish in Caguas, Puerto Rico; it is a … Read More

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Another ridiculous AP article deconstructed

AP, which unprofessionally has declared open season on Pope Benedict – engaged in a relentless ad hominem – has a piece which cites as the mainstay non other than Richard McBrien.  They drag in a "conservative" for reasons of ballast, … Read More

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Tarragon of virtue

My tarragon is coming along very nicely! Strong, virtuous tarragon! hmmm… I sense Bearnaise sauce in my near future.

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11 April: St. Leo I, “the Great”, in the traditional Roman calendar

In the traditional calendar of our Holy Roman Catholic Church we find that today is the feast of St. Pope Leo I, "the Great" (+461), a great statesman and spiritual guide, a strong father to his flock, and defender of … Read More

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