The new, liberal version: “I pledge allegiance to Planned Parenthood…”

Someone sent me the following:

Having endorsed Planned Parenthood 5 times in the recent debate, Obama might as well have just declared:

“I pledge allegiance to Planned Parenthood, headquartered in the USA, and to the republic of the Culture of Death, one sprawling government-sponsored conglomerate–under Moloch–with abortion and contraception for all.”

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  1. RichR says:

    And the same people who support PP will shake their heads at the mention of the NAzi Holocaust and say, “How could the German people have let this happen?”

  2. Speravi says:

    And N.B., as I recall from the debate, none of these endorsements were provoked or are the result of questions…he brought up the topic himself every time.

  3. PostCatholic says:

    “Under Moloch” might be taking it a bit far. But in any event you’ve at least written a clearer pledge than the original. No problem with allegiance to the republic, but to a flag for which it stands?

  4. disco says:

    Postcatholic, flags are so imperialistic and promote male dominated social politics.

  5. John V says:

    Speaking of the President’s pandering pronouncements about Planned Parenthood during the debate, there was this interesting report at National Review Online: Planned Parenthood Staff: The President is Wrong, We Don’t Provide Mammograms.

  6. Terentia says:

    “and to the tyranny of the culture of death” FIFY

  7. AnnAsher says:

    I pledge allegiance to God the Father,
    And to the Son, with Whom He stands, together with the Holy Ghost, One God, Thrice-Blessed, Over Creation, where we stand, with hope and a promise of Salvation available to all.

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