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Friar by friar.

Friar by friar. Here’s something to cheer the heart. The Official Studentate Photo for the Dominican Province of St. Joseph These are the men in the Easter Province of the USA. Vocations.  It’s not rocket science. Speaking of vocations… [CUE … Read More

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Fr. Finigan (Unreconstructed Ossified Manualist) on whether it is a sin to be late for Mass

My good friend, His Hermeneuticalness, The Dean of Bexley, the P.P. of Blackfen, Fr. Tim Finigan, has a useful post on his blog, which is also one of his columns for the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald. Each … Read More

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Tablet: “Don’t let anyone tell you the Council didn’t change much!”

The Pill… aka The Tablet… does it again! On 5 October the American journalist Robert Kaiser, who covered the Council for Time magazine, gave an address for the annual evening of self-affirmation and pre-Conciliar Church bashing for the liberal London Catholic … Read More

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Bp. Olmsted removes “Catholic” status from another Phoenix hospital

Bp. Olmsted is reinforcing Catholic identity again. As I wrote some time ago: We’ve seen this movie before, and it ain’t The Bells of St. Mary’s. I saw this at azcentral.com: Bishop strips Mercy Gilbert Medical Center of Catholic status By … Read More

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From Spaceweather ORIONID METEOR SHOWER–TODAY! Earth is passing through a stream of debris from Halley’s Comet, source of the annual Orionid meteor shower. Forecasters expect ~25 meteors per hour when the shower peaks on Oct. 21st. No matter where you live, … Read More

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Taking books to heart

I am surprised that I, a bibliophile, don’t know much about these just too cool books.  I knew of their existence, and the memory lingered in the back of my mind, but go now and have a look at the … Read More

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