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The Dem platform on one sign.

I saw this on Fakebook. Two other things. Look at the other signs. First,  “Religious Freedom is Christian Terrorism”. Freedom = Terrorism.   These people are crazy stupid. Connie and Ted’s… great restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. I’ve often gone there … Read More

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Bp. Paprocki talks about moral issues in the lead up to the upcoming election

Fr. Z’s Blog likes Bp. Paprocki of Springfield in the sad state of Illinois. You might recall that he did an exorcism of the whole state after the abomination of same-sex “marriage” was approved there. Bp. Paprocki talks about moral … Read More

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The new, liberal version: “I pledge allegiance to Planned Parenthood…”

Someone sent me the following: Having endorsed Planned Parenthood 5 times in the recent debate, Obama might as well have just declared: “I pledge allegiance to Planned Parenthood, headquartered in the USA, and to the republic of the Culture of … Read More

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Is this a cynical move or what? Whatever the Dems did, it was sly.

My understand is that, when the Dems were drafting their platform, they purposely excluded any mention of Jerusalem in regard to Israel and they included any mention of God. Talk about inept. Talk about leaving a bad impression. Unless… unless…. … Read More

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