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My View For A While

I have boarded what has been dubbed The Hurtling Tube Of Flaming Death for Roma, and I am settling in for a boring few hours. As the great Roman Fabrizio – I think it is his turn to buy lunch … Read More

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Prager on “Why a Good Person Can Vote against Same-Sex Marriage”

Dennis Prager has a good post called: Why a Good Person Can Vote against Same-Sex Marriage Changing the definition of marriage is bad for society. By Dennis Prager I love this paragraph: The history of left-wing policies has largely consisted of … Read More

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A canonist explains something about can. 915 & can. 916

The Canonical Defender, Prof. Ed Peters, is back at it after his synodal  sojourn in Rome. A recent offering: Catholics, Communion, and Controversies by Dr. Edward Peters Controversies over participation in holy Communion by Catholics publicly at odds with Church … Read More

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Inspiring video of a Black Pastor about the Democrat Party platform

Here is a video from just after the Democrats’ Convention. WOW! If only our own bishops would speak with this clarity and righteous anger. Watch and learn. [wp_youtube]7_FrySY8oYM[/wp_youtube] Note his explanation of how insulting to black people it is to … Read More

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Recent Posts and Thanks

Here are some posts, as they scroll along off the board quickly. First: Your Urgent Prayer Requests And… VP Biden’s last ditch effort to fool Catholics. Revolting. Card.Cañizares: “It is normal to use the 1962 Missal.” Some Civics! In the … Read More

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