Sr. Keehan! Will the CHA have a banner in the March for Life in Washington DC?

First I found Pres. Obama declaring “Religious Freedom” Day. Now I find Sr. Carol Keehan openly defending the unborn?

From CNS:

Sr. Carol Keehan: Sandy Hook ‘Separate Issue’ But ‘Abortion Takes the Life of an Innocent Child’
By Patrick Burke


( — Sister Carol Keehan, president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association (CHA), which strongly supported Obamacare, called for tighter gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting but also said the CHA recognizes that abortion kills children and “we should do everything we can to prevent that.”

Sister Keehan spoke about gun violence at a press conference with other faith leaders on Tuesday at the United Methodist Building in Washington, D.C. The event was held to “demand political leaders take action to prevent gun violence,” including requiring criminal background checks for people purchasing a gun, restricting high capacity weapons and ammunition magazines, and making gun trafficking a federal crime.


At the press conference, asked Sr. Carol, “The CDC in its latest data from 2009 said there were 784,507 abortions in the U.S. Should President Obama back legislation to stop the slaughter by abortion of innocent children?”  [Interesting.  I’ll bet you that if Sr. Keehan spoke at that gathering, she did not mention the unborn even a single time.  This came as a response to a question.]

Sr. Keehan said, “That’s a separate issue from what we’re talking about today. But CHA has always been on record from its very start that abortion takes the life of an innocent child and we should do everything we can to prevent that.” [What is the everything they would and should do?  I’d like to know.  Has the CHA and Sr. Keehan been out their pushing Right-To-Be-Born legislation?  Did they stand up and warn people that Obamacare could lead to making abortion easier through redistribution of wealth?  What is that “everything”, Sister?]

“We’ve been on record legislatively forever saying that we should not allow it. And Roe v. Wade was a mistake, but we also feel a special responsibility as [to] Catholic health care,” she said.  [We have to get photos of the Catholic Health Association banner during the March for Life. Perhaps people should write to the CHA asking where they will be in the March and how many will represent them?  After all, if Sr. Keehan says they are doing “everything”, this is an inexpensive thing for them to do: make a public statement in the March for Life.]

Sr. Carol added that it is the responsibility of Catholic health providers to support programs especially for poor mothers, while continuing to fight for legislative action.

“Our statistics nationally show the rate of abortion going down overall but going up significantly in women who are poor,” Keehan told “That’s where Catholic health has got to continue to have clinics, outreach programs so that mothers never feel like they have no choice but to have an abortion. And, at the same time, still continue the legislative efforts with our Bishops’ Conference to change the law in our land.[Obamacare was a change, wasn’t it?]

A letter that Sr. Keehan and other faith leaders signed and sent to Congress said:

“In light of the tragedy in Newtown—and in Aurora, Tucson, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Oak Creek, and so many more—we know that no more time can be wasted. [Never waste a crisis.] Gun violence is taking an unacceptable toll on our society, in mass killings and in the constant day-to-day of senseless death,” according to a letter sent by 24 faith groups to members of Congress. … While we continue to pray for the families and friends of those who died, we must also support our prayers with action.” [Like participating in the March for Life?]


Again, what we are seeing is a hijacking of pro-life language.  Sr. Keehan hereunder links strict gun control to defense of the unborn.  Keehan, of course, is the head of the Catholic Heath Association, a queen-pin of the “Magisterium of Nuns”. They gave cover to catholic congressman so that they could vote for Obamacare… Obamatax, with its resulting erosion of our religious freedom and forcing tax-payers to fork up money for abortions, sterilizations, and abortifacient “contraception”.

If Sr. Keehan means business, she should issue a press statement that she is giving back the pen that Pres. Obama used to sign Obamatax.

Again, I look forward to seeing the CNA banner in the March for Life in Washington DC.

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  1. min-bee says:

    You are so right.The prolife cause–not just our “language”–is being “hijacked” by Sr. Carol and other wearers of the “seamless garment.” She reminds me of Hugh Carey, the Democratic governor of NY who was pro-abortion until he retired, when he claimed to see the error of his views and was warmly received into the Catholic old-boys’ network. It’s the same for Sr. Carol, who betrayed the unborn and now claims to care. No hard feelings!

  2. teomatteo says:

    “…we must also support our prayers with action.”
    Maybe Sr. Keehan should be out in front making abortion forceps and scal-pels illegal.

  3. Elizabeth M says:

    Has anyone asked CNA if they will be there? I’d love to hear what their excuse, I mean, answer is.

  4. AngelGuarded says:

    I do not understand how any human being allowed out of the womb alive can say killing unborn babies who have not yet made it out of the womb are not children, not babies. Yes, the children murdered in Sandy Hook are different from the millions murdered at abortuaries, but the difference is those in Sandy Hook were taken out by a PSYCHO KILLER, the others were taken out by their MOTHERS with the complicity of DOCTORS. (Apologies for shouting.)

  5. pmullane says:

    With all due respect, talk is cheap, sister.

  6. Joe in Canada says:

    In one sense Sister makes sense. The CHA has a policy on abortion with regards to the mission and services of the CHA. The CHA does not agitate for legislative change because that’s not its mandate. It’s like why grocery stores don’t give haircuts.
    What she overlooks or doesn’t take into account is the worldliness that she exudes when she pushes this argument. She is not just the CEO of any organization. The organization exists to further the mission of Christ’s church, and she is a vowed Religious. Her witness has been compromised by previous actions that seemingly placed her in opposition to the mission of the Church, and her identity within it.

  7. benedetta says:

    Well she was asked the question directly and I guess she did the best she could. The “legislative efforts” are not the sole responsibility of “the Bishops conference”, by no means. Her voice at the March for Life would certainly energize many of the huge numbers of young women who come out every year in the freezing cold and through great distances.

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