Mr. President, pleeeeease issue an executive order to outlaw the Catholic Church? Pretty please?

Stock in gun companies is going up, because of this gun-control thing.  Pres. Obama has a jihad against guns… gun and ammo sales soar to record levels.  In a gun shop I saw a photo of the President with the caption “Salesman of the Month”.

I call upon Pres. Obama to issue an executive order to outlaw the Catholic Church!

Please?  Pretty please?

Pres. Obama can be our “New Evangelist of the Month”!

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  1. AngelGuarded says:

    Careful what you wish for…

  2. Phil_NL says:

    I see some more tongue-in-cheek benefits here. Of course, per that executive order, Joe Biden would be outlawed as well (he’s a catholic…) so the VP would be gone as well. Upon the subsequent impeachment – if such an executive order wouldn’t lead to impeachment, it would lead to civil war – we’d have John Boehner as president. Not ideal, but I’d take any legal opportunity of getting rid of Obama and Biden in one sweep.

  3. Clinton says:

    Not only have gun and ammo sales soared, but the NRA reports that it has added 8,000
    new members every day since the shootings at Sandy Hook.

  4. anilwang says:

    I’ll have to agree with AngelGuarded. Obama is too clever to outlaw it outright.

    He’ll just issue laws that look reasonable to an outsider that make faithful Catholicism impossible. For instance, require all institutions that live off contributions to have financial accountability councils and be able to select their leaders democratically. Most protestants already do this so they won’t balk. Neither will Muslims, since Imans are to my understanding hired by the temple. Secularists won’t balk. Liberal Catholics will praise this as the Spirit of Vatican II in action, and many uninformed Catholics won’t see the problem.

  5. Sixupman says:

    If only he would!

  6. raitchi2 says:

    from the BCP’s litany,
    ” From all sedition, privy conspiracy, and rebellion; from all false doctrine, heresy, and schism; from hardness of heart, and contempt of thy Word and Commandment,
    Good Lord, deliver us.”

    I don’t think we should ever hope for some holy war. In today’s day and age I’m not really sure a holy war would do much good for us. I mean some Muslims try to fight a holy war against the West, and all it does is turn people off to Islam, a religion with many beautiful elements. I fear fighting a holy war, if thing were to ever come to that, would only be detrimental to Catholicism and make us terrorists in the eyes of much of the world. Rather, I think a life of peaceful public suffering would make more of an impact on the secular world (a la Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.).

  7. Man, did some of you miss the point.

  8. bookworm says:

    This post reminds me of a tongue-in-cheek suggestion my mom once made — end abortion by mandating that all abortions be performed free of charge. What better way to drive abortionists out of business?

  9. aragonjohn7 says:

    Something did not work out in his plan.

    Pray for the president
    God bless Y’all

  10. dominic1955 says:

    “Man, did some of you miss the point.”

    Heh, exactly what I thought.

    I love the idea of every gun shop hanging a picture of Dear and Glorious Leader as “Top Salesman”. It would be great if our churches would do the same, First Gay President et al. doing his part to swell the ranks of the Church, like the Roman emperors of old.

    With that said, every time I pray the Roman Breviary preces, I pray for Obama at the part that proscribes prayer for the “king” or leader. We have a long history of praying for our leaders, even those that hate us. English Catholics have long prayed for the Anglican monarchs that ruled over them and persecuted them.

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