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SCOTUS to hear case about Pres. Obama’s eligibility

Can you imagine the constitutional problems/crisis? From minutemennews.com Supreme Court Opens Door to Obama Eligibility Challenge on February 15th Chief Justice John Roberts Schedules A Case Regarding Obamas Forged IDs to be Heard in Conference Before the Full Supreme Court. … Read More

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Welcome to Sodom

A priest friend shared this, taken from the Pastor’s Page of Our Lady of Lourdes in Bethesda, MA: Pastor’s Letter Welcome to Sodom. Yes, that is what Maryland has now become. Sodom with its neighbor Gomorrah was a city of … Read More

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Brick by Brick: a new church for a TLM community in Kansas

Jesus did not found your parish. Our Lord personally founded the Catholic Church and promised that she would prevail against the forces of Hell.  He did not promise that the Enemy would not prevail where you live.  He made no … Read More

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