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The Tablet and the Elephant: the “Soho Masses”

As you know, the Archbishop of Westminster put an end to the infamous homosexual “Soho Masses”.  There is little question that Rome was involved in the decision.  But don’t be distracted by that and miss the more important point. The … Read More

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Fr. Z’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions – ADDENDUM

I posted my 2013 resolutions HERE.  People especially liked #3. I am going to add another resolution. I will write something – by hand – every day. By hand, that is, on paper with an actual pencil or pen! My handwriting is … Read More

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“Why? Because I am not a Protestant.”

At the National Catholic Register there was an interesting blog post a few days ago by Dan Burke, who recounts how he was beaten to a spiritual pulp by liturgical abuses around Christmas time. Have a look on your own, … Read More

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Take the Women’s Ordination Conference! Please?

As we approach the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, I just want to give a big shout out to  the folks at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in downtown Washington, DC, for allowing some Catholic girls to jump around in … Read More

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