Your Good News

I haven’t posted one of these for some time.

Do you have good news to share with the readership?  We could all use good, edifying news.

For my part, our pilgrimage is going well.  I am exhausted with jet lag and a couple of long days, but things are going well.  I hope to post more about our doings soon.

Also, I hope to get a new “Talk Like Shakespeare” piece out…. I need more time!


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  1. jaykay says:

    Arrangements for our Chapter’s Chartres Pilgrimage are progressing now, when up to quite recently it seemed as though it just wouldn’t happen this year. Deo gratias. I had been quite stressed about it.

  2. Ryan says:

    After a nearly year long battle with vertigo, my wife is finally showing significant signs of improvement. Very big thank you to the readers who prayed for her. Keep them coming though. :) – Ryan

  3. benedetta says:

    An illness I long struggled with went into remission suddenly after much prayer and attempts at healing, last August, and since then I am gaining in strength and direction every day. I wake up daily grateful for the second chance that God saw fit to bestow to me, and I am eager to return the immense, undeserved favor in whatever meager ways I can offer.

  4. beelady says:

    Thirteen months ago my husband, Patrick developed a severe heart problem. His doctor took him off work because he had a high chance of sudden death.
    We are very thankful to Father Z. And the readers of this blog who prayed for him.
    Last Monday, Patrick returned to work! His heart condition is greatly improved and his last round of tests were completly normal!
    Praise God!!

  5. Joy65 says:

    Lafayette (laugh ee yet) Louisiana is the most Catholic American city. Lafayette is the home of our Diocesan office. GEAUX CAJUN CATHOLICS!

  6. Herman Joseph says:

    Two bits of good news here I’d like to share, sort of personal, but mostly in a much wider sense. First, my PhD (for which I ask many prayers!) is getting there–focus is Dogmatic Theology specializing in Mariology; only about half a dissertation left to write (which will take 1 to 2 more years). Second, the book, “Mary, the Beloved” (Enroute Books and Media), continues to sell pretty well–the good news part is that people really want to know Mary and have a relationship with her. That’s encouraging! I see this in the classes I teach too, that once students get to know her better they are swept away by her, they fall in love with her. This leads to saved souls–true love of Mary=getting to Heaven (so say the Saints, like Louis de Montfort and Alphonsus Liguori). Mary is always good news and brings the Good News.

  7. Peter Stuart says:

    After some brutal self-inflicted setbacks with SSA, I think I’ve found a confessor whose tough advice will give me a chance to break free if I follow it. No 3-Hail-Marys-and-out from this guy.

  8. tamranthor says:

    Spent the entire weekend with the entire family in a blessed state of grace. The boy served Mass, and did so brilliantly. The sun shone beautifully, and we took a drive up to Hatcher Pass to play in the snow. In spite of our many daily struggles, life is, indeed, good.

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    Yes! Many thanks for any prayers said for my husband recently. His doctor was very concerned he had a serious blood disorder such as myeloma, signs were all there. Blessedly, that was ruled out, thanks be to God! They are now leaning toward rheumatological disorder which sounds like a flea bite after the other. Many thanks Fr. Z. and any here who prayed. I really felt consoled once that request was posted. :)
    I actually have other great things to celebrate, but I won’t go on and on. I hope others have similar great news. I pray for their intentions and Fr. Z’s.

  10. JeromeThomas says:

    It’s small news in the grand scheme of things, but for the past few weeks I’ve been putting one sentence in lingua Latina from each of the Propers of the Mass (Introit, Collect, Epistle, Gospel, Offertory, Secret, Communion, Postcommunion) into Anki flashcards, and memorizing them over the course of the next week. Just the act of making flashcards has made me pay far more attention to the Propers than I ever had before, and as a side benefit has really helped my Latin to improve; by committing these to memory, I’m giving my brain the raw material it needs to figure out “Oh, so *that’s* how you use the subjunctive!” down the road.

    “Et vos igitur nunc quidem tristitiam habetis, iterum autem videbo vos, et gaudebit cor vestrum.” There’s a sentence worth framing.

  11. raven31 says:

    Two of my college roommates happen to live in Omaha and St. Louis, and I recently made plans to visit each of them this summer to attend both the FSSP and ICKSP ordinations in those two cities.

  12. arcillajohn says:

    This Past Sunday I Attended my first Missa Cantata. This was my second encounter with the Tridentine Mass, and I had been longing to attend since I discovered the TLM. Luckily, the FSSP has a parish in my Diocese (Archdiocese of Adelaide). I had only been to a low mass before since all celebrations of the TLM in my Diocese are very far from where I live. I look forward to all the other TLM masses I can attend in the future!

  13. JonPatrick says:

    My oldest son recently received word that his rare form of cancer is in remission and he might be able to stop taking the medications for it. He is also finishing out an internship in medical billing and coding which looks promising for leading to a job in that field.

    My youngest has been courting a young lady who like him is attracted to the traditional Mass and attends at an FSSP parish.

    The ice has finally cleared out of the pond behind our house and the loons have returned.

  14. Charivari Rob says:

    Tumultuous, eventful, and sometimes not good – but still good things happening in the midst of it.
    – reconnecting with old friends when we haven’t seen each other in far too long
    – reconnecting to support a friend in a crisis
    – music & stagecraft: In the last 10 days have gotten to see/hear – a friend in a Gilbert & Sullivan production, my old high school stage Les Miserables, and my old college choral group present Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil. Excellent productions, all!
    – Thanks to Facebook, I’ve been connecting with Irish cousins I’ve never met. Been very impressed with and hopeful thanks to one in particular who is working stridently against the proposed repeal of Constitutional right-to-life protection for the unborn – Referendum coming up next month.

  15. yatzer says:

    Husband’s knee surgery is finally scheduled.

  16. quo vado says:

    Completed requirements for my seminary application last week. I hope to get a response early next month. Ora pro nobis!

  17. mabvet says:

    The rise of exorcisms was brought up by a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show today! Mark Steyn was spot on in his commentary.

  18. Joy65 says:

    quo vado praying for you and for your results. God Bless you for answering God’s call.

  19. JustaSinner says:

    Going home to see my family.

  20. stephen c says:

    This has been one of the best threads I have ever read on the internet …

    My good news is not so personal, except insofar as prayers for those we have never met are personal (I hope you see what I tried to do there), it has to do with the obvious problems of our civilization …

    When you pray for a miracle and it happens, sometimes it happens = that is my good news … today the evildoers who wanted to swiftly murder the Christian child of Christian parents in a cold-hearted secular hospital in what used to be England were exposed as liars when they ripped off the breathing tube from the child and their previous statements that the child could not breathe on his own were shown to be lies. The poor child, clinging to life despite the pain of being viciously deprived of his main source of oxygen, lived on! I, having suffered a disastrous collapsed lung that would have killed most people, due to the prayers of others, know exactly how that felt!

    Of course the child will die in great pain and a victim of wicked bureaucrats, thanks but no thanks to Cardinal Paglia (according to the internets, but they have been wrong before, let’s pray for poor Cardinal Paglia too), but at least there was the love God showed, if for nobody else’s benefit at least for the wicked people who wanted the baby to die quickly, in exposing the lies of the people who, rejoicing in their bureaucratic power, sinfully willed his death. Let us hope that the miracle – ultimately efficacious or not – will one day be remembered by the evildoers, and that they repent for their participation in the murder of Alfie Evans.

    And if by some further miracle he is alive, years from now: well, we do live in an age of miracles.

  21. Nan says:

    Most of the snow has melted.

    Spring adult education starts next week, for the month of May. I have the Catechism, the Ukrainian one because we don’t have our own.

    quo vado, more prayers for you.

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