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“Superhero Vigil” at parish in @DioceseOfScr

In the Diocese of Scranton, for the Easter Vigil at Corpus Christi parish in W. Pittson, PA.  Superhero Vigil Mass.  HERE Does this this good to you?

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ASK FATHER: New adult convert son still with non-Catholic parents is pressured against the Faith

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Fr. Z, my daughter’s boyfriend became Catholic last night; she was his sponsor. His parents are protestant and go to Church on TV. This morning they told him if he didn’t watch the preacher with them … Read More

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“Because ‘twer Easter Zunday.”

Easter Zunday by William Barnes Last Easter Jim put on his blue Frock cwoat, the vu’st time-vier new; Wi’ yollow buttons all o’ brass, That glitter’d in the zun lik’ glass; An’ pok’d ‘ithin the button-hole A tutty he’d a-begg’d … Read More

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Facebook v. The Lord

I dislike Facebook.  I have a page, or whatever you call it, but I don’t like it.  I don’t understand why anyone does. In the last week or so, Facebook (*spit*) has lost some $6 Billion… with a B… of … Read More

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Some 2018 Triduum images

Some Triduum images! Holy Thursday, reposing the Blessed Sacrament. UPDATE Stripping the altar. Good Friday. I brought my relic of the Holy Cross. And now the Vigil. From the live stream, which goes BW in low light. Exultet. Lessons. Litany. … Read More

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Your 2018 Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Sermon Notes

Were there good points made in the course of the Vigil Mass and the Mass during the day for Easter?  Let us know. For the Easter Vigil I touched on God’s gift of light and life which we approach in … Read More

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