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IMPORTANT from @HeartbeatIntl – abortion pill reversal method rescues babies without bad effects, physicians network

This is VERY important. The pro-life organization Heartbeat International has announced that they are now able to help women rapidly access a method to reverse – without bad effects – an in-process chemical abortion. Imagine a woman who has taken … Read More

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Gallup Poll points to future demographic disaster. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

We are wobbling on the edge of a point where two demographic cliff faces converge. First, there is in most dioceses a clamant, ongoing loss in the number of active priests.  This will get worse in the next few years. … Read More

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R.J. Snell reviews @DouthatNYT book about Pope Francis and his pontificate

At Public Discourse, R.J. Snell (director of the Center on the University and Intellectual Life for the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, NJ) looks at Ross Douthat’s recent book for the 5th anniversary of the pontificate of Pope Francis. It is a … Read More

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Jesuits to host homosexual “Pride Prom” at @MarquetteU

It seems that whenever some morally questionable thing comes up these days, there is an “SJ” somewhere in the frame. Jesuit-run Marquette University is hosting a homosexual prom.  There is a story about how the Jesuits are digging in their … Read More

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