The latest podcast on the upcoming Synod from Damian, Unbound. “@HolySmoke” is right!

Damian is Unbound.

Go right away to Damian Thompson’s latest podcast, an interview with Ed Condon.


The synod and the sex scandal: two time bombs threatening Pope Francis’s moral authority

His comments and Condon’s comments on the upcoming Synod (“walking together”) – indeed the whole apparatus in Rome right now – are pure TNT.

A favorite moment… 5:00-6:48. If nothing else!

I rewound several times.

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  1. rbbadger says:

    The judgment of Dr. Thompson as to the idiocy of Cardinal Baldissieri is well taken in my view and is one to which I have nothing to add.

  2. ChrisP says:

    “That’s the kind of insight you associate with teenagers while they’re passing the spliff around”

    Oh how I laughed, because it’s true.

  3. Gab says:

    “A favorite moment… 5:00-6:48. ”

    I used to be involved with all things of the New Age “mysticism”, to my shame, and I can tell you that those quotes from the IL are straight out the new age “bible”.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    Damian lost me at 8:52, when he said Francis “hasn’t made any changes unless you count what he did with the death penalty, and I think he was right about that…”.

    I cannot understand, at all, why any Catholic would think it perfectly alright for Francis to alter the church’s position on the death penalty when it is definitely scriptural, it comes right out of both the Old and the New Testament, and has been taught by over 200 popes as morally acceptable, and then for Francis to quote only himself as to why he made the change, that any Catholic worth his salt should say he was not empowered to make in the first place. Changing Catholicism is not his job, guarding the faith is his job and passing it down intact.
    As far as the Amazon synod, we are about at the end of the road with this. Catholics are being led to perdition, the IL should have told Catholics all they need to know. We should not need a living soul to warn us from this point on.

  5. robtbrown says:

    Damian Thompson is his usual articulate self, with a keen eye for the liberal absurdities that people in power try to justify.

    Ed Condon, however, sounds like a papalotrous spin meister.

    Consider: Many years ago the reason given for the introduction of permanent deacons was the lack of clerics to attend to certain areas with primitive people in S America.

    Sound familiar?

  6. robtbrown says:

    Should be:

    That people in power use to try to justify questionable actions.

  7. Benedict Joseph says:

    Since his emergence on 13 March 2013 I’ve had the terribly unpleasant experience of being entirely correct [which surely contradicts the laws not only of my own nature, but nature itself] about him and his agenda. The resignation rendered a month earlier was the drumroll on the discordance yet to be endured. He never fails to confirm my initial estimation. But I’m surely not alone in that experience. I found the conversation between Thompson and Condon while in many ways insightful and honest, somewhat stuck in the past. All that has transpired was to be anticipated and is now tired, all that is to come is equally predictable, virtually assured, and already quite rancid. The question now is how to break the cycle, because a cycle of institutional self-destruction is well established. Who, what, is going to provide the wallop providing the ecclesiastical wake-up call? We appear to be on a terrible jag, and another cocktail will not do the trick.

  8. TonyO says:

    Who, what, is going to provide the wallop providing the ecclesiastical wake-up call? We appear to be on a terrible jag, and another cocktail will not do the trick.

    I am unable to imagine anything within the current visible ranks of the priesthood that has the ability to provide the wallop. Given how many cardinals signed up for Francis, and how many more he has appointed, it is unimaginable that any soon-to-occur consistory could elect a cardinal that would kick the bums out. I think the wallop has to come from out that group, i.e. the first priest, Jesus Christ, who is going to have to step in and make corrections. I don’t know how, but it probably will get worse before it gets better.

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