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#AmazonSynod -1st attack on the Priesthood: The Cassock

Throughout history, anti-Catholicism and anti-clericalism has specifically targeted the cassock for a great share of its fear and hatred. In some places the cassock could get you killed. Today as the Amazon Synod opens – during which we fully expect … Read More

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1st FRIDAY – Pre-Synod Stations of the Cross

There are many devotions we can use before the Synod.   However, since it is a 1st Friday, perhaps you might use the Way of the Cross. Here also are a few of my audio projects of the Way of the Cross. On … Read More

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The true “pseudo-schismatic” Church in Germany

Team Francis and the New catholic Red Guards who march and sloganeer for them have been hurling, as anxious chimps do their poo, the word “schism” at Catholics who are worried that Catholic doctrine is being made obscure or even being … Read More

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Idea for the Pan-Amazonian #Synod2019

This, from the Twitter feed of Union Seminary in NYC (non-denominational at Columbia U). This is a GREAT idea for the upcoming Synod! They could bring in all sorts of trees and plants, maybe with some snakes and frogs still … Read More

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Article explains a lot about Bergoglio/Francis, Amazon Synod, connection with Liberation Theology

LifeSite has an important article for understanding more about Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Francis. The article stems from a 47 year old photo which shows a group who attended a conference in 1972, including Bergoglio, Liberation Theologian and now-laicized Leonardo … Read More

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The latest podcast on the upcoming Synod from Damian, Unbound. “@HolySmoke” is right!

Damian is Unbound. Go right away to Damian Thompson’s latest podcast, an interview with Ed Condon. Damn! The synod and the sex scandal: two time bombs threatening Pope Francis’s moral authority His comments and Condon’s comments on the upcoming Synod … Read More

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CNA: “This is not the first low-quality document the Synod secretariate has produced”

Firstly, there is a MUST LISTEN to podcast from Damian Thompson about Card. Pell’s railroading into jail.  HERE  Take the time. Next, at CNA there is a piece in which Card. Pell comments on the Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Pan-Amazonian … Read More

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A Cardinal examines the underlying vision of the upcoming Synod’s Instrumentum Laboris

The Pan-Amazonian Synod is coming up in October.  Expect it to be highly engineered toward the expectations inhering in the Instrumentum Laboris, now available also in English.  HERE Meanwhile, the experts of organization – who put faithful, traditional Catholics to shame … Read More

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