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Your Good News

Do you have good news to share with the readers?  Let us know. For my part, I admit to having been a little down lately.  Today, I had, in rapid succession, three great consolations.  My spirits are lifted. And, for … Read More

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PROPONITUR: Retired military chaplains – using the Vetus Ordo – form an Oratory.

I have a radical idea.  It keeps popping into my head.  I think that means that I’m being prompted from upstairs to post it. PROPONITUR: Half a dozen retired military chaplains – who want to use the Vetus Ordo 95% of the … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z gives advice to new and to young priests

Congratulations, reverend and dear gentlemen and welcome to the priesthood.  We older guys are all for you, except when we are against you.  That’s going to happen, now and then.  If you are straight and you are faithful, some guys … Read More

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31 July – St. Ignatius of Loyola! Please intercede for your spiritual sons.

Today is the Feast of the founder of the Jesuits. May I say from the onset that I have some spiffy Pope Clement XIV gear? HERE Here is the Martyrologium Romanum entry for this great saint, Ignatius of Loyola. To … Read More

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A new rodentine challenger in Baltimore for that soft spot in our hearts

Remember “Pizza Rat“?   He lives in the imaginations so many of us as an icon of determination. There is a new rodentine challenger for that soft spot in our hearts. A rat runs through a FOX45 Baltimore Reporter’s live shot … Read More

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What’s up at the Fishwrap these days?

Meanwhile, what’s going on at the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter)? As I write, this is the featured piece over there. ‘Queer Eye’ shows how grace works When the U.S. bishops met this past June, Bishop Robert Barron, auxiliary of … Read More

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This is pretty weird.  But… well… not really.  It’s Germany, after all.

This is pretty weird.  But… well… not really.  It’s Germany, after all. This in the Cathedral of Paderborn.  Not sure when.  Perhaps one of you readers will know. What a contrast to their patronal feast in 2017.  HERE  Gregorian … Read More

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UPDATED – IMPORTANT – John Paul Institute 2.0 and the systematic purge of the last remaining “Wojtylians”

UPDATE 30 July 2019 Folks, this is a “big deal”. What’s being done to the John Paul II Institute is emblematic of what is happening – and is going to happen – in Rome and in the rest of the … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes – UPDATED

Was there a good point made in the sermon during your Mass of Sunday obligation? Let us know. UPDATE 29 July Today I read a terrific piece at Crisis by Fr. George Rutler about Notre-Dame in Paris   Do go there and … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen and Tour Talk – #TDF2019 – @Le_Tour Stage 21 – with BIG news!

In a post about the Tour de France, early on, I mentioned that somewhere in storage I had a big corkscrew made by Campagnolo.  I found it. And it’s the last day of the Tour. The Columbian, Egan Bernal has … Read More

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Feb 2020 – Holy Land Pilgrimage – all TLM Masses

Have you been to the Holy Land yet? I haven’t. That’s going to be corrected in February 2020. For more information contact: HERE Some bullet points: -All meals included. -Daily TLM at the holy sites. -Ash Wednesday in Jerusalem. -Pre-dawn … Read More

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New British PM reciting the Iliad in Homeric Greek

Under another entry a commentator posted about new British PM Boris Johnson’s spontaneous recitation during a TV interview of the first 43 lines of the Iliad in Homeric Greek. I must say that I’m impressed. Waaaaay back when, when I was in … Read More

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For the Latinists… amusement opportunity alert!

Those of you who read Latin could find some respite from the heat of the day by stepping with Fr. Hunwicke into the cool of the Ashmolean for a chat with the great Legislator, Pope Lambertini aka Benedict XIV, of … Read More

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Amazing results in the saving of St. Anne’s beautiful shrine in @FRDiocese

Remember the story some time ago about the beautiful Shrine of St. Anne in Fall River, MA, that was scheduled for closure? It looked grim for the magnificent church. A group of lay people got organized, worked something out with … Read More

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Tour Talk – #TDF2019 – @Le_Tour Stage 19 – The WEATHER wins!

High drama in the highest altitudes of this year’s Tour. As they crested the high point of this stage, a hail and snow storm hit the route in the Alps, and the officials called the race.  They also determined to … Read More

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More on the Jesuits’ perennial rejection of women – UPDATED – @JamesMartinSJ is sad

On the feast of St. Mary Magdalene homosexualist Jesuit James Martin said that he is “stupefied” that the Church doesn’t let women preach. Right away I posted HERE that all major orders have female components except the Jesuits.   Martin would … Read More

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Surviving and thriving in the Demographic Disaster we face as a Church. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

The article I read at Crisis, to which I will soon turn my attention below, has the ring of truth. But first, some scene-setting. In these USA, we as a Church are like band of adventurers on the march towards … Read More

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Jesuitical screenshots

Here is something instructive from One Mad Mom.  Moms pay attention to details. A Tale of Two Screen Shots Two screen shots from Fr. Martin say what we all know but I’ll just paraphrase: “I have no say in what … Read More

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VIDEO: Bp. Hying @MadisonDiocese on St. James the Greater

Almost every day, His Excellency Most Reverend Donald Hying, Bishop of Madison, offers a short video on some precise topic or in a short series. Today Bp. Hying speak of St. James the Greater (older, taller), whose Feast it is. … Read More

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“But Father!  But Father!”, some of you pussivanting libs are zeeping,…

I have often commented that the cutters and pasters who glued the Novus Ordo orations together on their scholarly desks systematically excised certain concepts, such as sin, guilt, propitiation, etc. You know, the “scary” stuff that might make people feel … Read More

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