UPDATE: Construction of a new Swiss Guard Helmet

Do you remember the ACTION ITEM to make a fitting helmet for a Swiss Guard which you good people fulfilled?   I have news.

First, I was supposed to go to Rome for the swearing in ceremony of the new Guards in May.  Meanwhile, they have postponed the ceremony.  And it looks like we aren’t going anywhere for a while, at least to Ital.  Pray for the Italians.  They are getting clobbered by the coronavirus.

Back the helmet.

I received photos.

Here are some shots of the construction of the new Swiss Guard helmet.





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  1. Do the Swiss guards get to choose the devices that decorate their helmets, or are they all the same?

  2. Dear Sister Anita,

    The coat of arms on the helmet is that of Julius II (Della Rovere), and shows an oak tree (Rovere). It is also the arms of his uncle Sixtus IV. But this would be the nephew under which Michelangelo designed the uniform of the Swiss Guards.

    –Fr. Augustine O.P.

  3. Jacques says:

    In my opinion the pieces of steel sheets on the left look like as if it is stainless steel.
    It is a good idea to replace the old carbon steel subject to rust and less shiny by the stainless steel. So the helmet will last much longer while requiring much less care.
    A big improvement without anybody noticing it.

  4. Spinmamma says:

    I love seeing how things are made. Thanks.

  5. JonPatrick says:

    As a former metallurgist I was also wondering if they used stainless steel. A little trickier to weld but will basically last forever or at least until the Second Coming.

  6. Jacques-Antoine Fierz says:

    Here you can find the history of the uniform of the Swiss Guard:
    Sorry, it is a nice legend, but the uniform was not designed by Michelangelo nor by Raffaello.
    The morions are the same for every Guard.

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