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Something to Cheers you up in the COVID-19 pandemic!

Just watch and laugh. And of course there wasn’t a lab in China… nah… …. !

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MAIL FROM A PRIEST: “We have more time to do PRIESTLY things!” ACTION ITEM!

I want to pass along to my brother priests and bishops this great email.  Dear readers, would you consider printing it out and giving it to your local priests or sending them an email with a link to this post? … Read More

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SPIRITUAL WEAPONRY ALERT! PDF of traditional Prayer In Time of Epidemics – UPDATED

UPDATE: 17 March 2020 The PDF has been updated, improved, and slightly corrected. Feel free to download, print, and give it your your priests. ___ Originally Published on: Mar 16, 2020 I saw that the FSSP put out a PDF with … Read More

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Self-isolating? Relieved from work? LEARN LATIN!

Over at First Things there is a piece by Joseph Epstein about his decision, later in life, to learn Latin.  It’s engaging.   Read it there. However, he mentions some sources for learning Latin, which I will countersign.  For example, when people … Read More

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Remember to “pay it backwards”. Remember our seasoned brethren.

I am not sure where I heard this, in the ongoing scrum of COVID-19 news coverage and discussion.   I often multitask when the news is on.  I don’t even remember if this was the exact phrase that was used, but … Read More

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