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4 Oct 2020 – LIVE VIDEO – Swearing in ceremony!

The swearing in of the Swiss Guard is going on RIGHT NOW (as I write):

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UPDATE: Construction of a new Swiss Guard Helmet

Do you remember the ACTION ITEM to make a fitting helmet for a Swiss Guard which you good people fulfilled?   I have news. First, I was supposed to go to Rome for the swearing in ceremony of the new Guards … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Helmet for one of the Swiss Guards – UPDATES

We’ve all had the experience at some time of spending time in poorly fitting clothing, perhaps with little opportunity to move about for relief.  We just have to bear it. Now imagine that the ill-fitting clothing is completely unyielding, because … Read More

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VIDEO: Blessing “Combat Rosaries” and Benedict Medals for the Pontifical Swiss Guard

Si vis pacem para bellum! A few years ago, at my prompting, Fr. Richard Heilman, pastor of St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff here in the Diocese of Madison, sent some of his tough, gun-metal hued “Combat” Rosaries to the Pontifical … Read More

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